Soul DNA

Soul DNASoul DNA talks about how we are all essentially spiritual beings here to learn certain lessons or have certain experiences as part of our physical existence on earth before returning to the spiritual realm In a concise, easy to read format, Jennifer O Neill describes for us all of the potential and resources we have at our disposal if we make a conscious effort to access them Doing so, she assures us, will result in a big change in our lives for the positive Much of what O Neill says makes so much sense and there were parts that resonated strongly with my own experiences however, as others have noted, the author s writing style can be somewhat judgmental and preachy at times This grated for me and seemed incongruous with the ideology behind the book.A quick read, perfect for those who are new to spirituality or anyone who has ever questioned why we are really here I would have liked to see a little depth to the ideas in the book personally and am keen to check out other works by this author. Not the book for me I am a mortal being, not immortal The soul that sinneth, it shall die Sorry, just do not believe my soul goes on to become someone else s soul, it hasn t been through multiple past lives Early on in the book, I realized this was not a book for me, but I was reading it to satisfy a couple reading challenges so I stuck with it Unfortunately, that translates as a one star rating and that is really being generous but since there isn t an incremental star rating system on Goodreads, I m forced to give it a full star I guess that doesn t make me generous after all. This book delves into the esoteric side of life The author, a self proclaimed psychic and spiritual teacher, takes readers though a series of chapters that explain how life as a physical and spiritual person can be improved.I truly enjoyed the message throughout this book The nod in the direction beyond meditation and Law of Attraction sincerely spoke to me I love how stories are sprinkled throughout the text, and the author even shares some personal experiences I am always in pursuit of information, and this book gave me some excellent exercises to try.I would recommend this book to those who question life beyond the physical or who need the assurance that psychic abilities are at everyone s beckon. The author wasn t telling me anything new that I haven t heard already. This is a collection of four Best Sellers First there was Soul DNA Your Spiritual Genetic Code Defines Your Purpose, then by expanding on two of the chapters in the book, Keys to the Spirit World and The Pursuit of Happiness 21 Spiritual Rules to Success were both created.Keys to the Spirit World An Easy To Use Handbook for Contacting Your Spirit GuideThe Pursuit of Happiness 21 Spiritual Rules to Success.Inspirational Quotes If you like to receive daily inspirational messages, or like to have angel card readings, or spiritual card readings to receive spiritual messages, you are going to love this book I found this a very interesting book and was particularly taken with the idea of spirit guides and the possibility of tuning in to them I am quite an intuitive person and often follow my gut feeling It doesn t often let me down Learning that this intuition may well be my spirit guide leading me was very thought provoking. I have an interest in discovering about ourselves, so I do love a book like this where you can ponder on your own make up in life and your own destination What makes you tick and what can make you tick better It s all part of a journey we are all on This book looks at life paths, money flow, energy flows, laws of attraction and plenty to wet your appetite I found it a good source of inspiration. The author of this book asserts unsupportable positions with no greater authority than the claim that she was taught these things by her spirit guide who stayed behind in the spirit world when she decided to reincarnate into this world to learn a little It is amusing that she thinks she comes here to learn for the spirit world, but needs to be guided by the unlimited resources of the spirit world she claims to have come from to this world The entire book is silly and fantasy. Reading this book reminded me to listen to my gut feeling closely Very deep but easy book to read and understand Very calming, rejuvenates your sense of being. What If You Were Never Taught Limitations As A Child, What Would Your Life Be Like Now Would It Be Different What If You Grew Up Knowing Whatever You Wanted To Accomplish In Life Would Just Happen Simply By Putting The Intention Out Into The Universe It Would Manifest Itself Into Your Life Would You Be In A Different Career Would You Be Happier Sounds Almost Too Good To Be True Doesn T It I Would Like To Introduce You To Soul DNA Built Into Your Soul DNA Is The Knowledge Of How To Bring Into Your Life Everything That You Desire In Your Natural State Of Existence It Is Common Knowledge When You Read Soul DNA It Will Open Your Mind, Helping You To Understand Endless Possibilities or

[Epub] ❧ Soul DNA By Jennifer O'Neill –
  • Paperback
  • 154 pages
  • Soul DNA
  • Jennifer O'Neill
  • English
  • 04 April 2019
  • 9781475213416

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