Awake Now, Sailor

Awake Now, Sailor Cass Loyola, A Merchant Seaman, Abandons The Ocean Seas To Pursue Literature And Love At A Button Down College In New York City As He Struggles To Adjust To His New Life, He Is Haunted By The Woman He Left Behind In Cardiff A Bookbinder And Practicing WitchAt Once A Seafaring Novel, A New York Novel, And Cuban Novel, Awake Now, Sailor Includes Pirate Fights In The Bay Of Bengal, Gypsy Cab Rides Into The Dark Heart Of Brooklyn, A Drunken Mountain Climb In Wales, Cane Cutting In Oriente De Cuba, And A Smashed A Guitar In A Havana Radio Station That Ends A Musical Career The Book Includes D Cima Campesinas, A Poetic Form Popular In Cuba, And An Original Sea Shanty Translated Into Welsh By British Poet Menna Elfyn

A former merchant seaman, Eddie Vega is a Cuban born writer and journalist whose work has appeared in numerous news and literary venues, among them The Washington Post, The New York Law Journal, Parnassus, Little Havana Blues, and Cool Salsa His poem Translating My Grandfather s House has become a standard reading assignment in many primary schools across the U.S and is showcased on the Web si

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    A terrifically moving and poetic novel about a young man struggling to find himself a life Castillo Loyola is the son of a hard working Cuban immigrant, whose guilty pleasure is music His father crafts guitars from scrap, which he plays in the few hours of leisure Castillo longs to become a poet, and secretly applies to several writing poems When his father finds out about this he is enraged His father considers this a waste of time and money his son should stop this nonsense, and not only tears up his applications but also snaps all his pencils Cass then stomps down to the cellar and destroys his father s guitar you destroy the tools I need to make my art and I have destroyed yours.After a stint at sea, Cass lands in a small Irish village, where he finds the potential of love and a home However, he is accepted at Columbia University to get his masters in Poetry He returns to New York For awhile it seems as though things are going well He has a group of friends also in the writing program Things go awry as he discovers that his friends think he s a joke, his poetry is a joke, and, since he s nothing than the son of a poor immigrant, that he is putting on airs, trying to be like them upper class He enters into a relationship with an older wealthy woman, who is soon paying his rent, and parading him around.These are the elements of a true poets life, I find the parallels between the life Cass is living and that of Lord Bryon, and indeed many poets of that age thought provoking Then, it was considered respectable to find a wealthy patron to continue your art, but now it seems like prostitution Then poets wrote stories of people and battles and love, now the poet who is honored and revered, writes his poems by stringing together sentences taken from newspapers and websites.The characters are richly drawn, we are rooting for Cass to succeed He knows this is a lost cause financially That s not his goal His goal is to hone his art, and to bring us back to a time when the words counted.At the end I found myself thinking wistfully, Where HAVE all the Tennysons gone

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    Eddie Vega can write There are some excellent passages and scenes in this book that made me eager to read from him While some of the lamentations about modern poetry felt overwrought and a few of the plot progressions came across as underdeveloped, neither was enough to undermine the high quality of this novel I will be first in line for the next Eddie Vega novel.

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    loved it

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    I particularly appreciated a scene setting in the Hungarian Pastry shop, across from the Cathedral I remember that UWS treasure

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