WinterblazeOnce Blissfully In LovePoppy Lane Is Keeping Secrets Her Powerful Gift Has Earned Her Membership In The Society For The Suppression Of Supernaturals, But She Must Keep Both Her Ability And Her Alliance With The Society From Her Husband, Winston Yet When Winston Is Brutally Attacked By A Werewolf, Poppy S Secrets Are Revealed, Leaving Winston S Trust In Her As Broken As His Body Now Poppy Will Do Anything To Win Back His Affections Their Relationship Is Now Put To The Ultimate TestWinston Lane Soon Regains His Physical Strength But His Face And Heart Still Bear The Scars Of The Vicious Attack Drawn Into The Darkest Depths Of London, Winston Must Fight An Evil Demon That Wants To Take Away The Last Hope Of Reconciliation With His Wife As A Former Police Inspector, Winston Has Intelligence And Logic On His Side But It Will Take The Strength Of Poppy S Love For Him To Defeat The Forces That Threaten To Tear Them Apart

Kristen Callihan is an author because there is nothing else she d rather be She is a RITA winner and three time nominee and winner of two RT Reviewer s Choice awards Her novels have garnered starred reviews from Publisher s Weekly and the Library Journal, as well as being awarded top picks by many reviewers Her debut book FIRELIGHT received RT Magazine s Seal of Excellence, was named a best boo

[Epub] ➛ Winterblaze ➠ Kristen Callihan –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 422 pages
  • Winterblaze
  • Kristen Callihan
  • English
  • 09 July 2019
  • 9781455520794

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    Poppy and Winstone have been married for fourteen years And for fourteen years Poppy has been keeping secrets As a member of The Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals SOS , she and others like her, keep the human world ignorant and safe from the supernatural world When Winstone, a police inspector, is attacked by a werewolf, he finds out that Poppy is not who she appears to be, his wife the bookseller When Poppy receives a message that a demon is out to get Winstone, Poppy will do everything in her considerable power to protect her estranged husband.This is the third book in the Darkest London series where Poppy, the eldest of the three Ellis sisters gets her story Told in flashbacks throughout the book from when Poppy and Win first meet at Victoria Station, their courtship and marriage and into present time in 1883.At the end of book 2 Moonglow, Winstone was viciously attacked and Poppy s other life revealed Now separated for three months, Winstone is taking leave from the CID and is on holiday in France, which is where Poppy catches up with him Accompanying Win is Jack Talent, Ian s valet And accompanying Poppy is Mary Chase Some of the best scenes involve Jack and Mary who are the protagonists in the next title Shadowdance.Though not strictly necessary to read the first two books to understand the plot of this one, you will be missing out on important background and history of the sisters and their respective partners.Some major secrets about the Ellis family and Win s background are revealed With plenty of action and adventure, some steamy love scenes and a reconciliation of Poppy and Win s relationship, this is another wonderful instalment in this historical paranormal romance series.Steam 3.5 ARC courtesy Grand Central Publishing Forever via NetGalley

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    Update 03 18 b r with Joanna, Sam and Isabella.There are no additional words for the perfection this book is Original review 05 16It was only when I read The Hook Up that I noticed that Kristen Callihan was also the author of the Darkest London series of which I had read Firelight It was an enjoyable story and judging by my GR friends, I knew that the series would get better Oh dear, getting better doesn t really come anywhere close to describing Winterblaze.Whilst Firelight was too much into world building and two main characters who kept their secrets hidden for too long, and Moonglow, although an absolutely lovely book, had a paranormal creature I ve seen done to death, both in literature as well as in film tv Lycans Werewolves , Winterblaze took me by surprise We see Poppy and Winston already in the first book, with the second book revealing the secret that she s hidden from Winston ever since they ve known each other, and Winston s shock that Poppy is anything but the sweet wife of 14 years who apparently runs a book store.The book picks up three months after this revelation Winston, feeling betrayed, has not returned to his wife after suffering a vicious attack by a supposed werewolf He can t believe that the woman he s loved from the moment he set eyes on, the woman he trusted the most, the only person whom he assumed never lied, would deceive him so Now, faced with a new threat to Winston s life, Poppy needs to use her supernatural powers as well as her positon as head of the SOS The Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals to save Winston, which obviously throws them together, with a lot of hurt on both sides Winston, because he s been lied to for 14 years Poppy, because Winston never gave her a chance to explain and up and left.It s rather rare to see a book written about a couple that has already been married for 14 years in the romance genre Their appearances in the previous two books showed a happily married couple, staid and rather unassuming By the end of Moonglow though the reader knows that their story will be a battle of wills The question is How is Ms Callihan going to pull it off And she pulled it off with verve There are quite a few things Ms Callihan does extremely well For one, she can tell one hell of a story The writing, the characterisation, the atmosphere are compelling Victorian London never felt dirtier and darker, never menacing and the paranormal aspect is, with Firelight setting the groundworks, gripping but never overwhelming The supernaturals and their abilities are explained in detail, giving the necessary background, but introducing them slowly and in small doses.Another thing the author does very, very well is creating intimacy, showing intimacy, in small flashbacks, gestures, dialogues, Things that couples develop over the course of their relationship, making them relatable, leaving a sense of I know what that s like Very often romance novels fail to show these quirks that couples develop or already have and that are unique in their own right, but that can bring a smile on your face, like this one where Winston muses about their routine in the bathroom Half the time, she left tooth powder all over the sink, and he had to clean up after her But this is only the smallest portion of intimacy that Ms Callihan shows When Winston and Poppy meet again after a three months separation, they feel the familiarity between them They do know each other s quirks inside out, after all And yet, with the new revelations of Poppy s background and abilities, it s two people who have to redefine their relationship A lot of mistrust, especially from Winston, builds walls that seem insurmountable Poppy s betrayal almost irredeemable And yet, Ms Callihan shows these two people who are deeply connected to each other the loving, yearning, wanting, laughing, needing, hurting The touching of each other s pinkies in a carriage And it s utter beauty Winterblaze is very steamy without stringing one sex scene after another Poppy and Winston s first sexual encounter comes very early in the book Well they have been married for 14 years, and to be clear here, it s angry sex And then.over 200 pages of sexual tension with no sex But with an intimacy that is rarely to be found in romance novels.Anyway, what happens when your life has been turned upside down when everything you believed in, trusted in was based on a lie Let me talk about Poppy and Winston Poppy is a unique heroine Not likeable at first sight, not even in the first two books, she s too stand offish, too reserved, almost cold But with an inner strength that defies her age and the expectations of society toward women Pragmatic, almost stoic, she is unbowed in the face of events that life throws at her She preferred simple feelings Anger, sadness, joy they could run their course through her system She could shout, cry, laugh, and it d be done In Winterblaze we see her passion for life, the will to take what makes her happy, although life itself wouldn t have her happy And make no mistake, she will rip anyone apart who threatens her loved ones She s confident without being TSTL Her worth is not measured by a man s appreciation She knows what she s capable of by the way, this is a declaration of love to my mum and takes pride in the work she does for SOS She is the kind of heroine I love and the kind of woman I d love to have as a friend As for Winston Sigh Is there anything sexier in a romance novel than a Hero who truly loves the woman for her strength and her confidence and who isn t being intimated That said, mind you, Winston s perspective of Poppy undergoes a monumental shift Not that he didn t appreciate her before knowing who she really is But seeing her as the head of an organisiation that deals with all kinds of supernatural creatures and the way she deals with danger, comes as a shock which is only natural after 14 years He is a man of his time, after all, and the need to protect his wife is overwhelming After a short period of resistance on his part however, Winston is in awe of his wife, quickly reaching a point where he fully accepts and supports her The best thing is, he doesn t feel intimidated by his wife He wants to protect her, yes, but who wouldn t want to protect the person she he loves And how beautifully done is that He admires her and calls her Boudicea and his warrior woman with a Machiavellian mind without being derogatory Winston is a hero to die for Utterly devoted to his wife, witty, intelligent and so, so, so yummy Nonetheless, the trust issues both have are not being glossed over Both feel the hurt and the despair at what s happened to them And however much they may love each other, the fact remains that their marriage was based on lies, and, as I said before, Winston struggles the most It isn t real What we had was never real It was an illusion Our life Our love But Callihan wouldn t be such a good writer if she didn t come up with a twist that leaves them both shattered, and me quite devastated But never fear, we re reading a romance novel, right This is not an angsty book at all It s powerfully emotional, adventurous and entertaining with a lead couple I rooted for right from the beginning It could probably be read as a stand alone, though I d say you d miss out on the intriguing world Callihan created, apart from the insights the reader gets from Poppy and Winston s story Additionally, the new couple for the next book Shadowdance is setup and my fingers are already itching and I have to be careful not to go into a binge reading fest of the Darkest London series Nope, I think it s time to read some really crappy books again.And to those who are not into PNR I m not into PNR either, I ve tried here and there but this one is worth a go Who said Mystery PNR could not have strong character driven elements Well, Ms Callihan does prove otherwise And, for whatever reason, shoot me, I have no clue, I kept on thinking of Walnut ice cream throughout the book So here s to Walnut ice cream On that note, I really, really should invite Winston to some Walnut ice cream All innocent, of course Just a little chatyou know

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    Buddy read with Bubu, Joanna and Sam from Romance Book Buddy Reading This book floored me Very high in my favorites list This is exactly why I read I am a sucker for married couples in romance books I have no idea why, since I am not married and don t plan to, since I find the whole idea useless and confining in real life But well, the book heart wants, what the book heart wants This series catapulted itself in my top five in a very short time while the first book was great, but had some flaws, the second book already had me dancing in my chair The third book had me in book heaven Poppy and Win are such a great couple They have been married for 14 years and now due to the recent attack on Win and the realization that his wife didn t tell him the whole truth about her, they are facing some obstacles on their way to finding each other again Kristen Callihan s speciality for me is writing great, strong and complex characters And she has outdone herself on these two While I am sure, that some people will have their problems with Poppys straightforward, distanced and aloof personality I frigging loved her She is unbelievable badass in her own way She carries her mask very carefully and is always controlled, always thinking and planning ahead She even controlls herself up to a point, where there is a part of her, that she can t show even to her husband When Winston realizes this, of course he starts to question their whole marriage Winston was a real gem While I have the feeling, that authors who tend to write great female leads, often lack on the H part Winston was the perfect match for my icy and whip like Poppy With the attack he suffered also came his development into the man he always should have been But it was simply his strength unfettered by civilization He d been torn apart and reformed into something Strange as it was, Poppy could not shake the feeling that part of him had been found rather than lost That Winston Lane had finally become wholly what he was meant to be And while from the beginning on, he was one of my favourite characters, simply because he adored and loved his wife despite her unladylike behaviour, he loved her for her brains, her spine of steel, her mind and self dependence it is only now, that I have the feeling he is her equal, he has grown into the man that can stand by her side and be strong enough to support her The journey in this book is not only about a couple overcoming the obstacles in their path, but also a journey of two grown adults becoming the best version of themselves They go this path not only for each other, but also for themselves they grow as individual beings to finally form an alliance no other can break Apart they are strong, but together they are a forced to be reckoned with and that is such a beautiful thing Their path was never an easy one and Kristen Callihan throws them one hurdle after another But they finally realize that they are not only than they ever thought they could be they complement each other in a way, that surprises them both Poppy could not fault his methods, but while Win was a man of of planning and precision, she was a woman of action Like two parts of the same weapon, she thought bemusedly.The thing about Kristen Callihan s writing is it doesn t stop here While I am perfectly fine with a great character development and a well done love story, KC gives us even She also presents a greatly built plot and story line, with some twists I couldn t see coming not for the life of me And as a well reversed romance reader I noticed this with quite an amount of shock and exhilaration From page one till the end, this was simply a joy for me and I am not one that doles out five stars like candy Five star reads are rare and I treasure them, because they were perfect for me in every single way They gripped my emotions, impressed me with the writing style and world building and had so few flaws, I can t even strip them of one star.

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    These books have the best freaking covers EVER But I m sorry to say the cover here is so much better than the actual book The two MC s were extremely irritating, I basically wanted to bitch slap them both throughout the book The constant flashbacks did not help.Though one good thing, I m dying to read Jack and Mary now 3

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    3 2018 reread with Bubu, Isabella, and Joanna I am always thinking I ll be able to do better on review on rereads I can t Sigh I could barely read this book it was so perfect How am I supposed to write a review This couple is so beautifully balanced and I couldn t decide who I liked A romance about married people of 14 years that fills your soul and makes you swoon I believe I m near speechless This is straight up romantic Will add when I find words.

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    5 starsIt s a toss up, but Winterblaze may just top Firelight as my favorite in this awesome series which really means I think I love Winston even than Archer Callihan has once again crafted a superb story set in a dark and gloomy 19th century London In the aftermath of events from the last book a ravaged Winston has left Poppy, his indomitable wife of 14 years, after learning that who and what he believed her to be was a mere facade But an evil force from both of their pasts has re emerged and Poppy and Winston must swallow their pride to defeat it or risk losing everything, including the only thing they ve always wanted.I loved how Callihan intertwined the story of Poppy and Winston s past with the events of their present They both seemed such cold and detached individuals in previous books, but their passion for each other really shone through and the sexual tension was off the charts To find that Winston was such a dominating force in the bedroom was beyond a pleasant surprise and really underscored how perfect he was for Poppy a woman who want and needs to feel feminine Winterblaze was action packed and filled with surprises both neat and jaw dropping and I can t wait to read the next in this series Mary and Jack s story promises to be just as exhilarating if their chemistry to date is anything to go by.

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    Loved the first two books in this series Was so looking forward to this one It started off beautifully, and I was almost giddy Callihan is a superb writer her narrative is tight, her dialogue flows And the cover is simply gorgeous Unfortunately, the story structure did not work for me I found it than a little frustrating The setting jumped from the present to 14 years in the past It seemed that every time the tension in 1881 grew tight bam I d be back in 1867 And that peaceful visit to the past bugged me, because in the present, Poppy and Winston have only four days to find something, or else Four days So I m feeling urgent, but the text takes me into the past But there are no clues there, and I wasn t all that interested in their life back then but I loved the prologue when they first met at Victoria Station.Moreover, the POV shifted at irritating times I d be reading an emotional scene with Poppy and Win, and bam I d be elsewhere, in Jack s head, for example.On top of that, whenever Winston and Poppy were about to make love bam an interruption a knock at the door, a terrified scream, a cough, etc Please So, on many levels the leapfrogging structure of the narrative was irritating I felt like the author was yanking at my chain The pacing began to drag for me Gradually I lost interest in this couple.Too often the characters were stupid They know the strongest demon is after them, and they do not take appropriate safety measures or preventions especially the scenes on the ship I questioned Winston s intelligence signing that contract Not the first time, under the influence The second time, on the ship He didn t read the fine print Oops And the stupidity of wrestling with a demon when view spoiler in her condition Hello I thought you wanted the baby to live hide spoiler

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    Oh well, I am clearly hooked on this series It was action packed and filled with mystery and passion What I liked in this series so far Each installment was unique None of MCs bugged me.No BS Fingers crossed it will stay this way Excellent pace.Even though the world building lacked complexity, bits of surprises and new information added layers to the story.

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    I had to restrain myself from picking up this book as soon as I d finished the previous one, Moonglow I ve become a big fan of this series, but as there are only six books in it so far, I m trying to ration myself Clearly, however I m not doing very well at that, as I only managed to hold out for about two weeks before I gave in and started Winterblaze.The storyline actually begins in Moonglow when Inspector Winston Lane of Scotland Yard CID is brutally attacked by a werewolf, and would have been killed were it not for the timely intervention of a mysterious, winged figure who saved him in the nick of time Between the events of books two and three, Winston has recovered, but has also made a number of alarming discoveries, not the least of which is that his wife of fourteen years Poppy, the eldest of the three Ellis sisters has been living a double life for the entirety of the time they have known each other Thanks to his brothers in law, Ian Ranulf, Marquis of Northrop and Lord Benjamin Archer, Winston has learned about the existence of the SOS the Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals an organisation dedicated to preventing humans from finding out about the existence of demons, werewolves, shape shifters and the other supernatural beings in their midst , and also, thanks to them, has learned how to fight and otherwise defend himself from attack.Dreadfully scarred and considerably bulked up, Winston has left England and Poppy deeply wounded by her betrayal, and, having left his job, is angry, bereft and aimless Poppy is devastated by Winston s abandonment, but her work at the SOS is important and she tries to focus on that exclusively to block out the hurt she is feeling In fact, that s or less been the pattern of her life secrets she was charged with keeping after her mother s death have weighed heavily on her, but she has to carry them alone and her dedication to her work has led her to deceive not only her husband, but her sisters, too Winston has been away for three months when Poppy receives an anonymous note threatening his life He might not want to be around her, but she is not prepared to see him come to harm, so she boards the ship on which he is due to travel from Calais, determined to keep him safe Their reunion is filled with angry words and bitterness Yet there is worse to come, a betrayal years in the making which threatens not just their happiness, but their very lives.I m not going to say much about the plot other than that it s gripping and superbly executed, with plenty of action and OMGNOOOOOOOOOOOOO moments along the way But as with the other books in the series I ve read so far, what turns a well plotted, exciting story into a fantastic all round read is the strong characterisation and the depth Ms Callihan gives to the central relationship between Winston and Poppy We get to see their life together unfold in a series of flashbacks from their first meeting up until their marriage and the strength of their attraction and love for each other just leaps off the page In their present, when it seems their marriage is in tatters, that attraction and love is still there, burning even brightly if that is possible, yet they are both going to have to come to terms with the lies and the betrayals if they are going to have a chance of a future at all, let alone a future together In the earlier books, Poppy and Winston are presented as the epitome of a happy albeit rather staid marriage, but as Winterblaze progresses, we are shown that both of them have fooled themselves to an extent, and that while their love for each other has never been in doubt, their marriage has perhaps not been all they had believed it to be Over the course of this story, we see them rediscovering each other sometimes it s two steps forward and one step back, as these are two proud people who have an intense dislike of showing weakness or vulnerability and coming to a new understanding and appreciation of each other It s not easy, and there are moments of recrimination and many harsh words, but when push comes to shove, these are two people who mean the world to each other and who will do what they must to ensure the happiness and well being of the other, no matter the cost to themselves I love the way we see both characters start to adjust to the newly revealed realities they are discovering about each other Winston has to admit that his wife is than capable of kicking his arse without lifting a finger not an especially pleasant thought for a man who has been brought up to believe women are to be protected at all costs Wonderfully, however, while Winston s protective instincts may be screaming at him to pull her out of danger, he is also completely turned on by his warrior queen of a wife he s always dubbed her Boadicea and finds an unexpected delight in knowing what she s capable of And while Poppy has always known that her husband had a very keen mind, she now comes to truly value his methodical approach and his ability to see the bigger picture All the newly acquired muscle and his way with a swordstick don t hurt either Together, they re a force to be reckoned with, something which is showcased brilliantly in a fight scene which had me thinking of them as a Victorian Mr Mrs Smith Which brings me to once again admire this author s ability to create the most incredibly scorching sexual tension between her protagonists Winston and Poppy might have been regarded as staid by others, yet they were clearly anything BUT staid in the bedroom, as it seems the methodical, upright Lane of the Yard was a bit of a devil between the sheets Lucky for Poppy, he still is Winterblaze is a superb read, and one I m sure I ll return to The balance between the romance and the action is just about perfect, the storytelling is wonderful and the plot is exciting and well paced but the biggest draw for me is the way in which Ms Callihan so clearly shows the depth of the love between Winston and Poppy and how they have forged a new partnership from the ashes of the old one The set up for the next book, Shadowdance is very intriguing I love an adversarial couple falling for each other, and Mary Chase and Jack Talent appear to hate each others guts But what happens to Jack in Winterblaze is clearly going to change him, and I can t wait to see where the story is going to go.

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    There was no other option than 5 Stars for this one Seriously, seriously loved it Loved Win Loved Poppy Loved WinPoppy together And the story was compelling and interesting.Thanks for the buddy read Sam, Bubu Isabella

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