At His Throat, A Promise

At His Throat, A Promise First I love slave fic Second I love sweet slave boys.Third I love a master who tends to his slave boys.So, this book and I I don t know what it is about these slave stories but, gawd, they get to me They make me have all sorts of feels The idea of having to rely on someone so completely, having no choices be your own is fascinating to me On the other hand, being in such control over someone else s well being is equally as fascinating There s always such a complex relationship and I just wanna get all up in the angst Dip it in chocolate and rub it all over myself.Ellis Sweet Ellis His master has just died and is now looking for a new one If he can t find someone to take him in he gets sent back to the Facility where unowned slaves are kept Ellis finds Harte another slave and they hit it off pretty quickly Harte convinces his Master, William, to sponsor Ellis and to help him find a permanent master William, who can t deny Harte anything, sponsors Ellis and takes him home But, William never intends to have a second slave so the plan is to find someone for Ellis Harte is enough for William and is all he wants He is a submissive to the core Yeah, he can be a pain, speaks out of turn, can throw a little fit, but he thrives in submitting to his Master It s obvious to Ellis from the beginning that Harte and William have a deep connection with one another and don t have the typical master slave relationship Unlike Harte, Ellis isn t a natural at this and really has to work at it, but he desperately wants to He wants so badly to be wanted.I loved these three Ellis was so stubborn He was obviously wanted by both William and Harte If he just spoke up when asked he could have avoided a lot of his struggles Ah well, that s just who he was He would do anything to just be a good boy, even if it meant leaving William and Harte.I especially loved Harte He was such an adorable, slutty little thing He was very open with his emotions and just a sweet character Oh, William Their Master What slave boy wouldn t love William He is basically the most perfectest master ever There was so much chemistry between all of them Whether it was all three of them or just two of them, their relationship felt real.This pushed all the right buttons for me loving master, slave boys , complex characters with an equally complex relationship, angst and some of my favorite kinks. The rating is based on the first 30% of the book I couldn t finish it This one was not for me And not because I don t like slave stories, I do But I don t like sappy slave stories It s hard for me to understand the rules of the world if slaves are treated the way they were in the book It gets even harder if the rules don t make sense Slaves becoming masters Really How would that work, when they are programmed and conditioned to obey How would that society function Also I have trouble with mc s who are meant to be depicted as vulnerable, but come off as naive and childlike And then fuck and get fucked non stopSlave stories are a difficult mix of drama, erotica and angst Texas and That s What Brothers Do worked for me This one didn t. I loved this book, and based on the huge similarity in motifs, plot, and writing style, I propose that Lilith Grey is maculategiraffe, author of the insanely amazing Slavebreakers series.Think about it view spoiler bordering country does not have slavery, but does have high levels of unemployment and poverty because of this lack new owner sits slave down and tells him kindly he knows he s a bright boy who wants to obey the rules slave runs away to forest, is discovered, and discussion ensues that slavery under another master will make him lose the essential things that make him good and sweet simple, mid thigh length slave tunic uniforms alcohol as forbidden reward slave system that should theroretically work OK is shown to have inherent flaws that endanger slaves and no one cares about character learning to be a lawyer to work on pro slave legal rights Master who loves his slaves and knows that s not socially acceptable slaves live life of happiness and fulfuillment with ex Master after freedom from slavery The whole vibe between Harte, Ellis, and William is exactly like the scenes between Holden, Yves, Jer, and Bran Gabriel is Lee, but it doesn t end so happily If it s not maculategiraffe, then it s someone who read and loved those stories, and was inspired to do their own homage hide spoiler Those of you who follow my reviews here and elsewhere will know that I have a fondness for master slave romance books I love the dynamic, especially when we can really get inside the head of the slave to see what drives him to fall in love with his master At first the length of this book was a little daunting it shows up as about 571 pages on my book reader , but I was quickly drawn into the story, and in particular the character of Ellis So much so that the pages flew by and I finished it in a couple of days.The story is set in the fictional city of Spire where there is a system of slavery Children who show intellectual promise are bound as slaves between the ages of 16 20 and taken on by a Master Mistress who in return for complete obedience and sexual favours will train a slave s in their job in the case of this book William is a prosecuting lawyer After 20, the slave is free to be employed in that career and as they mature they can have their own slave to train It s a system that works on the whole, except for those occasions where the master is abusive or when the slave is unable to conform to the submission As the book begins we meet Ellis who is 17 His master has recently died and failed to provide any security for Ellis He s in danger of being sent to the Facility where unclaimed slaves are held, so he attends an exclusive club in the hope that a master will claim him It s there he meets another slave, Harte, who convinces his master to sponsor Ellis until another master can be found for him The three work well together and Ellis would like nothing than to stay with William and Harte However, he also longs for a master of his own.What I ve described above barely touches the surface of this complex novel Ellis is an absolutely fascinating character He s a submissive who likes being dominated, but he s also got a dominant streak He s a perfectionist whose previous training makes him want to be the perfect sub something which eventually causes Ellis a lot of problems He sees the forbidden love between Harte and William forbidden because Masters and slaves are not supposed to form emotional connections and wants what they have, but can t allow himself to open up to them Ellis is our narrator and I liked him almost from the start That didn t mean he wasn t frustrating at times, because he definitely was, but he had my sympathy throughout Ellis was the reason I could barely put this book down.I also thought the three way relationship Ellis has with Harte and William worked very well You could tell that they were perfect for each other balanced in their relationship and I read eagerly on to find that point when all three could be together The story is made up of a lot of sex scenes between these characters and with others Usually this isn t something I like, but each sex scene was constructed in a way that it showed us something about the characters, their relationship and how their roles are defined within the household and so I never got bored of the sex, finding it informative as well as very hot.Although the main thrust of the story involves the romance between Ellis, Harte and William, there is a strong sub plot involving the abuse of slaves There are several secondary characters who are used to show how the system is skewered in favour of the masters and how helpless slaves really are when they are chosen by the wrong person Ellis and Harte too are victims of poor judgments in the system and the way that this affects Ellis is a poignant part of the book I liked that the author hadn t shown the slavery system to be all fun and games and this serious side to the book added some bite to the story It also meant that there are scenes showing physical and sexual abuse which some readers may find upsetting The warning on the publisher s page is not to be taken lightly.There were a couple of things that bothered me a little Firstly, whilst I could get behind a system where 16 year olds are taken into sexual slavery, the suggestion and actualisation later that some slaves are taken on as young as 14 or younger left a sour taste in my mouth We meet one character who is a few weeks shy of his 14th birthday and even though I m fairly broad minded that was too young for me I would also have liked to have known a little about this fantasy world created by the author It s almost like an Alternative Universe, with lots similar to our world, but the fact that the story is so tightly focused on the three main characters meant that the book was missing out on some of the world building We are still fed information about the society and in particular how the slavery side of things work but I would have liked.The complexity of this story and the range of emotional content means that I feel like I ve not managed to do it justice in this review It contains a strong romance in the setting of a master slave relationship, yes, but it also effectively reveals the thoughts of a sometimes confused Ellis who craves and needs physical and emotional comfort Despite the niggles I had, I really enjoyed this book and I m likely to read it again in the future For those who like master slave books and don t mind non con and dub con sex, then this is a book I can highly recommend. In The Slave City Of Spire, Ellis Has Been Discarded His Former Master, A Man Who Was Supposed To Teach Him And Take Care Of Him, Passed Away, Leaving Ellis Alone And In Danger Of Being Taken To The Facility Ellis Is Desperate To Avoid That Fate He Seeks A Master To Take Him On, Guiding Him Into Adulthood As Well As A Profession Ellis Has Had Desire Stolen From Him He S Been Trained To Blush, To Submit, To Give In He Doesn T Know How To Cope With William, A Man Who Wants The Real EllisWilliam Is A Master, A Man Born In A Neighbour City That Does Not Deal In Slavery He Has Had Bad Experiences With Slaves In The Past, But All That Changes When He Rescues Harte, A Young Slave Whose Abusive Master Had All But Destroyed Him Together, They Are Content In Their Mutual Roles, Not Looking For Anything But When Ellis Catches The Eye Of Harte, And By Extension, William, Their Relationship Changes In Ways For Which They Are UnpreparedHarte Is A Born Submissive, A Young Man Who Lives For His Role He S Bratty But Genuine William, His Master, Is His Entire Life Harte Never Expected To Have Room In His Heart For Another, But Ellis Is Beautiful And Different And Fills A Place In His Life That He Hadn T Known Was EmptyIf Only Ellis Could Learn To Ask For What He Desired, What He Needed, Then Maybe William And Harte Could Help Him But Ellis Is Trapped Inside Himself, Insecure And Afraid To Stay With William, He Only Has To Askbut That S The One Thing Ellis Cannot Do Advisory This Book Contains Some Non Consensual Sex, Hardcore Bondage And Punishment, Torture And Abuse May Not Be Suitable For The Sensitive Reader Spoilers.This book should have bugged the shit out of me The three main characters, specifically the two slaves, have sex with others than those in the triangle relationship A few times, even And they enjoy it.That is my biggest fucking pet peeve.But, for some reason, it didn t bother me here Not TO much, anyway.Why Because there is so much love between the three, Ellis, Harte, and William, that it s almost impossible to ignore And there are specific reasons that these outside the relationship activities had to occur.I ve made no secret about my fondness for menages, especially when a newbie comes into an established relationship and experiences jealousy hurt of the two partners who ve been together and what they already share It s a delicious ache that I can t seem to get over.The BDSM is surprisingly mild, which is why I subtracted a star From the blurb, and the way it was set up, I expected the scenes to be hardcore And yes, HEA fans, there is one. As always when reading slave fiction I read it with the feeling that something is utterly wrong with the concept of a world where slavery is common and or required.Give me a slave character who welcomes this concept even craves it and I m in deep troublecan t help it.That should explain my rating because this piece of slave fiction is truly outstanding and disturbing.With some interesting twists in the slave department some of them called into question thanks for that it went from being cuddly sweet to hard and tough and back again with many sex scenes of all variations,feelings like love,hope,desperation all over the place at times very bleak thanks for the word,Td and depressing500 pages long this shouldn t be read in one piece for the above mentioned reasonsIMO.I m glad that it s overand that I ve read it Blurb and publisher warnings are accurate even when it doesn t seem so at first I me some slavefic Especially of the M M variety I read a review on GR that proposed this author was also Maculategiraffe of The Slave Breakers fame I would like to second that proposal If they are not one in the same, then Ms Gray was certainly influenced by Maculategiraffe I will say as much as I enjoyed this as sweet as Ellis is, I still have to rank The Slave Breakers TSB higher on the lovefest list Ellis finds himself adrift after his Master dies In a last ditch effort to avoid being sent to The Facility he goes to The Lounge runs into Harte Harte is Williams slave He s also a slutty, pervy, bratty, adorable mess Did I mention he s a handful who also happens to have William wrapped around his little finger Naturally, when he begs him to bring Ellis home, he relents Here s where I started to notice many similarities to TSB Slaves in Spire become slaves to learn a profession from his her Master Parents can put their children up for servitude or if the parents should die then the child would become a slave Again, masters are for all intents purposes within their rights to kill a slave, maybe not outright, but there s a lot of latitude given However, if a slave isn t owned then his her chances of becoming successful in a profession diminish greatly It s against the law for masters to express even an inkling of amorous feelings towards their slaves If caught doing so, their slaves are removed from them their rights to own slaves become forfeit Further, Spire is basically a caste system in that if you don t become a slave you can never progress to becoming a Master which is also inextricably linked to white collar professions So, those parents that choose to keep their children are relegated to blue collar status So, it s doubly important to Ellis to be an owned slave rather than a sponsored slave which is what s offered by William I have to honest, I never really understood why William didn t just collar Ellis It s abundantly clear that all of them are fond if not outright in love with one another so I had difficulty understanding why he need be sent to Master Jude in the first place Who, it turns out, is abusive cruel There are a few other bumps along the way for this trio that keep the reading experience lively All told I enjoyed it The boys are sweet in their submission to William William is loving, doting, reassuring while simultaneously being strict, possessive dominating I very much enjoyed the triad dynamics the angst It s told exclusively from Ellis s POV His journey is at times heart wrenching, at times bittersweet, at times horrid at times uplifting but always insightful Truly a well written book by Maculategiraffe erm I mean Ms Gray. This is the best slave fiction I ve read since Andrew Ashling s A Dish Served Cold and the Slave Breakers series Both of which set the bar for me What sets them apart is that they are all character driven This story takes place in an alternate reality or perhaps in the future It s an interesting premise, highly intelligent kids get turned over to masters at the age of 15 for 5 years of servitude They become slaves who s primary focus is to learn their masters profession doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc while serving them sexually Less intelligent children remain with their parents and learn a trade Once a slave has reached the age of 20 they enter the profession they ve been trained for and can then take a slave of their own I loved the characters in this book and the relationship that develops over time From the opening chapter I was invested in them and couldn t wait to see what was going to happen next Because something always does You can never breathe a sigh of relief while reading this book but it s never exhausting either The author did a great job of ramping up the drama while giving you periods of rest so I never got that enough already feeling The epilogue was wonderful and left the door open for a sequel which this book just begs for I hope it s something she s working on I really hope that my friends and fellow M M Romance readers will not discount this book because it s been tagged as BDSM It s not about that at all Given the fact that it s about a slave society, of course there is dominance, submission and some discipline, some of it severe but never very graphic What drives this story is the relationships which are broad and encompass than just the main characters Don t let that put you off either There is no real concept of monogamy in this story but it s not set in our reality so you have to put aside your own ideals of what a relationship is or should be There is a strong triad in this book and you quickly realize that they must each be present in the relationship for it to function as a whole Sex outside the triad is just sex and doesn t touch what the three have with each other Take a chance Step outside your comfort zone You might like it. Just a quick note there is lace in this book there is abuse and rape of a minor, however, behind the scenes.there is abuse all over the place, as a matter of fact Cause slaves there is death of minor characters.there is an ending, that seems rushed, for the lack of better word outside of spoiler tags, but I don t see how it could have been done differently without adding another 100 150 pages to the already long read.and thenthere is formatting UGH I can easily take a star down just for that, because even at the end of the book multiple IE s meant to be I never failed to make me think of Microsoft and Internet Explorer, and that s just one tiny example of the wide variety of formatting problems within a book Ellis s point of view as a slave, his thoughts about being a slave and enjoying his servitude, feeling fulfilled, was amazing, imho, and redeemed many a flaw In the end, 4 stars.

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