Houdini's Daughter

Houdini's DaughterAnna Van Housen is an illusionist who has the ability to feel people s emotions, communicate with the dead, and foretell the future But these are secrets she keeps hidden, especially from her mother, Marguerite Van Housen It s hard for Anna to converse with her mother because Marguerite is a very jealous woman who hates when the spotlight isn t on her Give a small praise to Anna and Marguerite with shoot her a daggering stare Give Anna your undivided attention or maybe a standing ovation and Marguerite will do her best to humiliate her very own daughter in front of everyone A lot of readers will have a problem with this and even hate Marguerite, but I can t help loving her Teri Brown s characters are so convincing and well created that it s hard for me to feel just one emotion Even the unimportant characters holds a special place in my heart Mr Darby, Anna s grouchy neighbour He may put up an I hate everyone front, but when you actually get to know him he s an enigmatic, humorous old man who loves to invent things Cynthia Gaylord, Anna s young hopeless 20 year old friend She has an eye for the supernatural and is very energetic when it comes to it You won t miss her at a s ance which you ll be able to read as well as experience in Born of Illusion.The world building Brown has crafted will leave you breathless and desperate to get your hands on the sequel Born of Illusion takes place in 1920 s New York But this isn t a book based on flappers though they do make their appearances here and there, of course rather, this is about Anna Van Housen coming to terms with her abilities and her past Since the age of thirteen, Anna has been breaking her mother out of jail Now at sixteen, she has to assist her mother in holding fake s ances and magic acts Even though her mother is a sham, it doesn t stop her from trying to be the greatest medium that ever lived All of this is very difficult for Anna due to the fact that these s ances isn t just staged stunts her mother pulls or fake chants she does to call upon the spirits of the dead The dead actually communicates with Anna and she s tired of getting sick to her stomach feeling the emotions of the grieving people attending the s ances with false hope and desperation These aren t the only problems Anna has to face Is Harry Houdini really Anna s illegitimated daughter or is Marguerite lying about this for publicity It s very confusing for Anna and she can t help but feel as though she is because of her abilities Are they really from Houdini the greatest magician that ever lived To add on to her problems, Cole Emerson Archer arrives and, mysteriously, Anna s abilities enhances Usually whenever Anna sees the future, it s usually visions of The Great War, the Spanish Influenza, or the sinking of the Titanic Now these visions are of her and her mother in peril Could these snippets of horror be easily brushed off and passed as nightmares, or is it something that should be taken seriously Born of Illusion was exactly what I ve been craving to read I ve grown tired of reading Dystopian novels, so this book was a breath of fresh air I ve fallen in even in love with Historical Fiction after reading many great new works Out of the Easy, The Diviners, and Born of Illusion This book focuses on the occult during the prohibition era This leaves you thinking do spirits exist are there people who can actually communicate with the dead is all this just a hoax only used for entertainment For me, I grew up interested in the supernatural So reading this was very entertaining You can tell Teri Brown has done a great job with her research and I m really looking forward to reading the sequel There s one thing I m really anxious about Harry Houdini and how this is all going to turn out in the end because Harry Houdini died on October 31, 1926 and this is set in the 1920 s Is it in the early 1920 s or mid 1920 s Is Houdini going die in the next book Questions, questions, questions If you read The Diviners and wondered what book to read next that s similar and would give that feeling of being in the 1920 s surrounded by magic then this book is definitely for you I m floating on hearts Also, I felt that the mystery element who did what was poorly played out I found it extremely obvious and face palmed when Anna had no idea on who the culprit was Oh well, I m not going to hold this little problem against the wonderful story in general It is obvious I simply adore this era, and I love even that authors like Libba Bray and Teri Brown adds a paranormal twist with magic, spirits and horror in their highly praised work You can also find this review on Midnight Reads See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsThank you HarperTeen for sending me this copy No compensation was given or taken to alter this reviewI was thirteen the first time I broke my mother out of jail After that it got easier, though I have to admit, even I had trouble getting the door unlocked whole hanging off the back of a paddy wagon Is not an experience I wish to repeat What a pleasant surprise historical fiction can be when executed beautifully After the disappointments I ve had lately in this genre, I was delighted to be once welcomed into an olden day New York world which reminded me greatly of Libba Bray s The Diviners Born of Illusion was a strategically drawn novel with elements of suspense, magic and romance Anna Van Housen has been breaking her mother out of jail ever since the age of thirteen Three years later, she travels along with her mother reclaimed medium of the 1920 s performing s ances and stage shows in front of all types of audiences alike However, there are a few issues up Anna s sleeve Especially now that something strange has stirred up in her ever since she met a young man As Anna tries to hide her gift from her defiant mother, who holds a coldness between them, Anna comes to question everything she has ever been told Was that young man Cole to have something to do with it Someone is trying to catch Anna and her mother, but who Brown effortlessly creates loveable characters and unforgettable relationships throughout the entire story I admired Anna s voice the most Without a proper mother to aid her in coming of age issues and basic skills, Anna comes out as understandable, confused and shaky While this whole mystery suspense beats through the novel, this is also about a girl adjusting in the adult world, growing and slowly covering up those blemishes Additionally, her personality stands out in the 1920 s as it had touches of humour, fieriness and adventurousness It s outlandish and subtle at the same time Our mother and daughter relationship is like no other It s deep meaning and messed up past is a contributing factor to this tension that spreads between the two of them But there s also the jealousy from Anna s mother This jealously is because of Anna s great magician abilities which are much extensive Nonetheless, as the story unravels by, we delve further in and soon become to comprehend this distance that begins to cure itself slowly near the end Entrancingly written, this is one you ll never want to miss out on Our romance here is a bit like a contrast of MG and YA, or also could be marked as a subplot where I used to believe it belonged, NOT the main drive of the novel I loved the realism, cuteness and pace of this aspect which flourished and hoped along, brightening the dark suspense that trembles here What I was disappointed about where two minor things Firstly, if the romance was the best paced aspect, the pace of the beginning was the worst as in relatively slow Soon enough, it got redeemed as our mystery was thrown in Secondly, the ending was rather predictable It s another one of those who was the culprit issues Knowing its a difficult topic to accomplish with shining stars, Brown did a decent job All in all, Born of Illusion was ideally a novel entwined with atmospheric magic, romance and a girl living in a new world trying to understand fresh topics But ultimately, this also contains a lovely connection between a mother and daughter that may not be so perfect as it seems on stage Highly recommended to lovers of The Diviners or other historical fictions. Anna Van Housen Has A Secret A Gifted Illusionist, Anna Assists Her Mother, The Renowned Medium Marguerite Van Housen, In Her Stage Show And S Ances, Easily Navigating The Underground World Of Magicians, Mediums, And Mentalists In s New York As The Illegitimate Daughter Of Harry Houdini Or So Marguerite Claims Sleight Of Hand Illusions Have Never Been A Challenge For Anna The Real Trick Is Keeping Her Own Gifts Secret From Her Opportunistic Mother Because While Marguerite S Own Powers May Be A Sham, Anna Possesses A True Ability To Sense People S Feelings And Foretell The FutureBut As Anna S Powers Intensify, She Begins To Experience Frightening Visions Of Her Mother In Peril, Which Leads Her To Explore The Powers She S Tried So Long To Hide And When A Mysterious Young Man Named Cole Moves Into The Flat Downstairs, Introducing Anna To A Secret Society That Studies People With Gifts Like Hers, She Is Forced To Confront Her Past And Rethink Everything She S Ever Known Is Her Mother Truly In Danger, Or Are Anna S Visions Merely Illusion And Could The Great Houdini Really Be Her Father, Or Is It Just Another Of Marguerite S Tricks From Teri Brown Comes A World Bursting With Magic, With Romance, And The Temptations Of Jazz Age New York And The Story Of A Girl About To Become The Mistress Of Her Own Destiny 4.5 startStories about the sudden popularity of spiritualism during and right after World War I seem to be all the rage these days First there were The Diviners by Libba Bray, then came In the Shadow of Blackbirds by CatWinters, and now there s Born of Illusion, their equal in both quality and entertainment value Even though this is only her second young adult novel, it is already quite clear that Teri Brown deserves her place among the best Have I told you lately how much I love a good ghost story No Well, Born of Illusion is not a ghost story per se but it s close enough to make your heart race on several occasions Brown s writing is my very favorite kind elegant and unobtrusive, the author s voice completely transparent With a voice like Anna s, another strong presence was wholly unnecessary, and Brown did an excellent job of making herself disappear behind her words Anna was raised by a mother who routinely cheats people out of their livelihood by holding fake s ances and pretending to communicate with the departed But unlike her mother, Anna is the real deal, a Sensate, a psychic, and very determined to hide it Nothing good could come out of revealing the truth, especially to her self centered, opportunistic mother But at the same time, Anna must find a way to uncover truths about herself and control her talents, before they end up controlling her.Complicated mother daughter relationships are among my very favorite things to read about, and Anna s mother turns passive aggressive behavior into an art form She is a performer on and off the stage and a master manipulator to boot She s never much cared for Anna, aside from the benefits of having a talented magician for a daughter, and she s ready to do just about anything to control her so when she says Harry Houdini is Anna s father, Anna isn t sure she can trust her Attack and counterattack Strategy and schemes Why is my relationship with my mother like a chess game than a family bondAnna is so passionate about her work as a magician, a competent young lady with firm opinions and a strong attitude But Brown didn t make her seem too old, her naivet shone through at just the right moments, and it served to remind the reader that she is indeed 16, and not 36, as it sometimes seemed At this moment, I m not a girl with an overbearing mother I m not a girl who likes a boy who s only interested in her strange abilities At this moment, I am a magician. Most of Anna s naivet and inexperience shone through in dealings with her romantic interests She had no idea how to behave around Cole or Owen and yes, there are two boys fighting for her attention , and she often handled things poorly But in this context, her innocence and immaturity weren t frustrating, they were somehow endearing As far as love triangles go oh, the dreaded words this is a mild one, but there nevertheless I know many readers have issues with them and I do too, but be patient with our Anna, she s only now learning to navigate the complicated world of romantic relationships.Despite there being a sequel in the works, Born of Illusion wraps up quite nicely, which is yet another point in favor of this gorgeous book A nice, clean ending doesn t mean I m not looking forward to the next book as far as I m concerned, it can t come soon enough Teri Brown truly is a force to be reckoned with. One of the recent trends seems to be historical fiction set in the 1920s Born of Illusion is the third one I ve read in the last year with a focus on the occult during the prohibition era The fact that Born of Illusion follows on the heels of The Diviners and In the Shadow of Blackbirds does not really diminish it for me, and, likely, it was already in the editing process before the first of those was released It s a funny coincidence, though Well, three books in and I am definitely a fan of this possible new trend, though I wouldn t mind seeing something set in the 1920s a bit about prohibition or gangsters or crossdressing musicians, rather than seances and spiritualism.Anna Van Housen joins the ranks of YA heroines with mother issues and missing fathers, also known as roughly a third of YA heroines Her mother is a well known medium, though Anna knows that s all just illusion Anna s the one who creates much of the illusion in fact, and is a talented musician herself Her mother claims that Anna s father is the illustrious Harry Houdini, but Anna s not sure, and really does not like having her talent explained away by inheritance, because she has worked hard I love the way Anna refuses to fall into gender norms or allow anyone to diminish her based on her gender.On top of her magician skills, Anna has a host of other abilities about which her mother knows nothing, because Anna doesn t trust her mother enough to tell her When she touches people, Anna can sense their emotions She also experiences visions of the future, usually of catastrophic events like the sinking of the Titanic, but now of her mom afraid and herself drowning Her powers have been getting stronger and she doesn t know why Both the spiritualism and magic tricks were well handled and described.Anna s relationship with her mother plays a crucial role, as do her relationships with others Since Anna and her mom have moved a lot, she s rarely had any friends, and Anna generally avoids contact so as not to read people s feelings Now that they ve moved to New York City, they re trying to build a home for themselves for once At first, Anna s mother seems irredeemable, but I love that her character rounds out as the book progresses.So, too, do the rest of the supporting cast members Everyone initially is quite one note, but they become robust as Anna opens herself up to the idea of being close to people Her sketchy manager turns out to be surprisingly dependable The crotchety old man downstairs becomes someone who always cares and helps out The vapid blonde with an interest in seances and the much older, bored husband ends up a dear friend Watching Anna overcome her first impressions of people is delightful, and such a great message in my own life, I ve often found that people are not what they seem at first glance.Then, of course, there is romance Anna has two options on her romantic horizons party boy and wannabe Magician Owen or controlled, polite British Cole What s great about this love triangle of sorts is that it s very low key Anna basically has two very different sorts of crushes on two very different boys, and is trying to figure out which one she actually likes She doesn t make lifelong plans or commitments, and thinks in terms of the present moment, which is great.The weak point of the novel was definitely the mystery element Anna s trying to figure out who means her harm, and the culprit is obvious Or, at least, was to me The evil dude is also rather generically evil, too, lacking in motivation, though perhaps this will be developed in later books On top of that, the ending felt quite rushed, with the climactic scene cut off in the middle, the rest of the happenings explained to Anna after the fact While this did make sense in context, it was still confusing and anticlimactic for the reader.Though I initially thought Born of Illusion was a standalone, I m okay with there being books about Anna and will be eagerly awaiting Born of Deception With a vibrant heroine, a cute romance, daring escapes and ghostly visitations, Born of Illusion is a fun and exciting read. Born of Illusion falls into that inevitably irritating category of novels which have received a mixed bag of reviews A handful of my trusted reviewers loved this, another handful really enjoyed this, and still another group of them just couldn t connect with this one Thus, I did what any reader would do sit tight, wait, and make a decision concerning this novel after reviews of its sequel trickled in Well, guess who was well and truly hypnotized upon seeing the breathtaking cover of this at the library So thoroughly hypnotized that I check it out and proceeded to start reading it that very night with deliberate sneaks at the cover from time to time, of course Needless to say, I haven t regretted my love affair with the cover of this book An affair that quickly disintegrated as my heart turned its attentions to Cole Yes, yes, I know my heart is fickle Set in the 1920s, Born of Illusion follows the tale of Anna, the reputed illegitimate daughter of Houdini A talented magician, Anna and her mother have traveled all their life, performing shows to earn their wages When they move to New York, however, a string of strange occurrences begin, from Anna s visions about her mother in danger to a mysterious follower If Anna isn t careful, someone could be about to trick herFrom the beginning itself, I absolutely loved Anna s narration Anna isn t afraid to have a fair bit of fun in her life and on stage she s spectacular, capturing the audience and stealing the show with her genuine magical abilities Yet, behind that exterior, she is also deeply vulnerable, unsettled by her past and her tumultuous relationship with her mother Although Anna can read people s emotions with a single touch, she still struggles to connect with others, having only her mother to rely on in life And that, my dear readers, is where Born of Illusion not only excels, but stuns Anna s relationship with her mother is complicated and sticky, a mix of natural jealousy between two talented performers and affection One of my favorite aspects of this tale is that Anna not only comes to understand her mother better, but along the way she also understands herself better Further, she comes to accept that her mother s dreams and her own dreams don t necessarily align and that is okay. For me, this is such an integral and important message that s it s okay to break away from the life you ve always known and want something different, no matter what age you are We see this both with Anna and her mother, which I really loved It s so rare to see such realistic and well portrayed mother daughter relationships, so this is a definite keeper Nevertheless, it should be noted that the plot of Born of Illusion is a bit of after thought It isn t a central aspect of the novel, though it is interesting If anything, Anna herself drives this novel forward, which I loved Although the story line is intriguing filled with strange happenings, kidnappings, and ransom notes it did become slightly predictable at the end And yet, despite that, it is thoroughly enjoyable It is impossible to really tear away from this book or become detached from the plot because Anna s tale is simply so engrossing At every turn I was always eager to read how Anna would react, feel her rush of feelings, and learn about her world Brown writes captivating seances and magic shows, truly building up the suspense and allowing us to glimpse another facet of Anna s personality Further, I adored the world Brown has created As a historical fiction tale, Born of Illusion works well, though, I must admit, not as thoroughly as Libba Bray s The Diviners. I wish this novel was a touch atmospheric, but the depth of the research done really showed Another thing to love about Born of IllusionIt takes the love triangle trope and makes it work. For one thing, the two love interests at hand Cole and Owen are never truly vying for Anna s attentions I even hesitate to call them love interests because it s obvious where Anna s heart lies Nevertheless, what I liked about the romance was that it was a bit of a slow burn and very sweet I don t know about you, but I m a little okay, VERY tired of bad boys I mean, please, find some new cliched phrases I love a shy guy than anything else, so that was a pleasant change Further, the love triangle was revealed to be an important plot necessity and even when Anna was with the other boy, those scenes were integral to the story line and world Considering I was never frustrated by this love story only because I knew who Anna liked I was able to sit back and really enjoy the way the romance played out in this Ultimately, Born of Illusion isn t one to pass up If you re like me, you probably can t pass it up because you ve been hypnotized by the cover, but if somehow you ve resisted the allure of that gorgeous hardback, then you should definitely check this out if you re a fan of historical fiction, the 1920s, or just Houdini Although the novel doesn t focus on the man himself, there are plenty of mentions, not to mention thrilling tricks, within these pages Born of Illusion isn t a thought provoking or ground breaking read, but it s engaging and just so much fun And sometimes, that s all you need on a rainy summer night a smile on your face and pretty book to curl up with. Anna Van Housen is thirteen the first time she breaks her mother out of jail By sixteen she s street smart and savvy, assisting her mother, the renowned medium Marguerite Van Housen, in her stage show and s ances, and easily navigating the underground world of magicians, mediums and mentalists in 1920 s New York City Handcuffs and sleight of hand illusions have never been much of a challenge for Anna The real trick is keeping her true gifts secret from her opportunistic mother, who will stop at nothing to gain her ambition of becoming the most famous medium who ever lived But when a strange, serious young man moves into the flat downstairs, introducing her to a secret society that studies people with gifts like hers, he threatens to reveal the secrets Anna has fought so hard to keep, forcing her to face the truth about her past.The synopsis is perfectly written and there s nothing I need to add to it amazing that I liked the way that the story was written, and told, even though it was very predictable I think that Teri Brown did something I usually have trouble with, and that s keeping my interest with a period piece It s not that I dislike them exactly, but I don t go out of my way to read them, and if they re anything like what I just read I ve been missing out I liked Anna right away, and ended up enjoying this book than I thought I would I didn t expect it to be bad mind you, but I wasn t expecting to stay up past 2 in the morning to read the end either I ve been spoiled with my recent book choices because every one of them have actual strong heroines, and none of them annoyed me at allMy mother says I m a show off, but I prefer to think of myself as a performer You re quite good for a girl Thank you, I tell him, ignoring the girl remark If I argued with every male magician who made a snide comment about my gender, I d never have the time to do magic I prefer to outperform them on stage, where it really matters That s three times in the past week I ve felt someone watching me, and I m pretty sure it s not because I m irresistible The day when I show her once and for all that I m not hers that I don t belong to her I love her and would do anything to protect her, but I won t allow her to play me like she does her clients If she wants a relationship with me, it s going to have to be one of equalityThroughout the book Anna impressed me, and coupled with Cole drools , and everyone else actually, made this a really enjoyable book Anna s mom was horrible, and told with perfect precision to make me hate her, but also want Anna to save her, and it was refreshing to read about a parent who deserved scorn even though Anna wasn t horrible to her I would have liked to have an epilogue though since the rest of the series seems to be planned with other characters in mind unless I read that wrong, and feel free to correct me.I wouldn t hesitate to recommend this book to anyone, and plan on reading the rest in the series as it comes available. 4.5 LOVED this book The 1920s setting is fantastic, the magic captivating, and the plot intriguing This is such a fun book I loved the characters, especially the main character, Anna, and her relationship with her mother There s also a lovely romance The historical element really made the story and I really felt like I was transported back in time There re some familiar names and I loved reading about the speakeasies and all of the clothing The magic aspect gave this book a real kick It s fun reading about the trickery of the magicians of the time, but I love how Anna actually does have some powers, so there s a dash of supernatural Overall, if you are interested in 1920s historical fiction, this one is great I found the plot slightly predictable and it didn t keep me on the edge of my seat, but it did keep me reading Magicians, mediums, old school theatre entertainment, and a historical New York setting I absolutely loved the atmosphere in every aspect of this novel Anna Van Housen, the opening act of her mother s magic show, is the real deal she s a medium, she has visions of the future, and she can feel others emotions Plus, she s rud to be Houdini s illegitimate daughter With a premise like that, how can I not be intrigued Plus, just look at this amazing cover I was excited to finally sink my teeth into this one and it was definitely worth it Not only is our protagonist a wonderfully compelling character with a great personality, the book is set in 1920 s New York City which is utterly fantastic in and of itself I ve always loved a New York City setting, but historical NYC is just so chic and luxurious, I felt transported to a time where everything seems exotic It was perfect for a story like this Image Source Wikimedia Commons For on the characters, like I said, Teri created a great character in Anna one who is ambitious with flaws and weaknesses that make her real and relatable We see her transform from a girl unsure of her identity, into a confident young woman who believes in her potential What I loved even are the relationships she s fostered with the supporting characters She and her mom have a peculiar bond that becomes the backbone of the novel It s an intricate mother daughter relationship with hidden meanings and emotions you think her mother just wants the spotlight all to herself but it s much than that Another relationship to note is between Anna and her cranky neighbor, Mr Darby How Anna stubbornly befriends him despite his grumpiness made me like her even She s just the kind of girl who everyone adores Mr Darby also surprises by how fun of a character he is.As for the boys in this book, there are two of them and I enjoyed them both for different reasons One is sweet and obviously the love interest of choice, the other is mysterious with obvious secrets I don t know if it s the 1920s setting, or the fact that a lot of it is her mother s doing, but I actually liked the triangle esque romance It s about Anna deciding who is a better match for her She doesn t fall in love with both it eventually becomes clear which boy she s meant to be with, and which one will never be than a friend While triangles normally irritate me, this one was done with finesse and realism What surrounds almost every aspect of this book is mystery Is Houdini really her father What is Owen hiding And there s the fact of Anna s terrifying recurring vision Some of it is pretty predictable, some I didn t see coming although I was made to suspect everyone eventually, one part even surprised me by having no concrete conclusion but leaving me satisfied nonetheless It s safe to say that there is no time to become bored in this novel From the busy plot to the vibrant atmosphere to the charismatic cast, Born of Illusion is wonderfully and endlessly entertaining An advance copy was provided by the publisher for review.For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads Read this and my other reviews at The Social Potato A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review This did not influence my thoughts in any way. Final Verdict 2.5 5 YeahNot really sure how to put my utter disappointment and headache into words It is not often that I get a migraine from reading a book those are usually for the really bad ones like Wasteland and even The 5th Wave, although that s a story for another day I really wanted to love Born of Illusion, especially after reading In the Shadow of Blackbirds, a book that made me interested in early 20th century settings and the mentality and attitude towards the paranormal back then I was expecting a lot from this one, and although the novelty of magic, spiritualism, and psychic powers in the beginning was very delightful to read at first, it wore off after a while and went downhill right after that.This is not to say this book was bad I enjoyed it, but unfortunately, the negatives far outweighed the positives I could only salvage very little from the disaster that happened Sigh Let me start off with the good stuff first, shall we THE POSITIVE Despite the lack of description of the surroundings, the writing somehow gave me that 1920s vibe I m guessing it s from the abundance of formality in the dialogue and words exchanged between and among the characters I really liked how I could picture the place, the faces, the clothes, the grumpiness and the smiles of each and every individual, which is quite surprising given the narration style, which I ll get to later I probably just have a big imagination, but yeah, the feels were there I also really liked how it showcased the strained relationship between the mother and daughter I really appreciate it when YA novels at least try to include a parent and their connection to their kids in the storyline, especially since it s so lacking in this demographic nowadays Anna and her mom s bond isn t perfect they always misunderstand one another, with the former oftentimes feeling her mother loves her career than her I really felt for the heroine whenever she thought she was left out, and valued the development of their relationship as they learned about each other Hopefully, there will be of this in YA books, as I strongly believe moms and dads are still vital factors in a teenager s life.THE NEGATIVE Anna, the main character, infuriated the hell out of me, which makes it like adding insult to injury as she was already bland, boring, and as interesting as watching wet paint dry Seriously The story was narrated in her 1st person POV, and the narration was just so dull that when I was reading it, it felt like listening to someone speak in a monotonous, robotic voice It also didn t help that the sentences were oftentimes a subject verb thing, which, I thought, was tedious to take in From page 267 of my copy I agree I don t want my mother to hear about it either.I pace my bedroom after dressing for the day Mrs Lindsay is insane Why do I keep running into her Could she have been invovled in my abduction I have to find out about that vision I know it s the key to everything.I shiver Owen is taking me to the Metropolitan Museum ofArt tomorrow, but last night s fiasco has cast a pall over everything I viciously jab a pin into my plack cloche to hold it in place Cole isn t exactly a barrel of laughs he s I sigh Wonderful Cole is wonderful. It s probably just me, but the left side of my brain hurt from that.And oh, did I mention she was very wishy washy As in super indecisive There was a love triangle here, which I felt wasn t really necessary, and it really annoyed me how she was leaning to both of them at different times Her cheeks would warm every time she sees them, she would swallow every time both of them touch her, and she would always expect a kiss from both ugh. When she s with love interest A, she would think of love interest B and vice versa, and it drove me insane The love interests weren t even that interesting, either One s overly mysterious, which I couldn t really fully understand why, as it led to harm than good I mean, yeah, I understand that confidentiality was an issue, but it really irritated me why he didn t want to tell everything to Anna and had to wait nearly at the end for it when we all bloody know well that her knowing was vital and important I couldn t appreciate the stalling and withholding of important information The other love interest was such an eager beaver that it was so obvious something wasn t right with him, but the main character didn t even notice until the end and she was supposed to be really good at reading the emotions of other people Geezus, what a fail.I also found Anna very stupid and gullible, which was quite ironic because she prided herself as very street smart Yeah, right So she followed this dude in her thirst for knowledge, and she found out he was a freaking fraud A con man And he even admitted this But despite already knowing he was suspicious and dishonest as hell, she still agreed to meet with him, considered his offers to join him, even took his word than the other honest dude s which truly baffled me Girl You know he s an asshole and a con Why the fuck would you even want to continue meeting with him She made some questionable decisions, too, which I, for the life of me, couldn t understand why view spoiler There was this scene in the middle of the book where she got kidnapped Thankfully, she escaped and found help from some shopkeepers When they asked her what happened, she thought to herself she couldn t tell them she was taken against her will and even tied up WTF Her justificationwhat can I tell them That I was taken by unknown people for reasons equally unknownTT UM, YES HELLO KNOCK KNOCK DOES YOUR SKULL HOUSE A BRAIN When people get kidnapped in real life, they also don t know why, but that doesn t stop them from reporting and telling others about it, especially when it could help them RAWR hide spoiler

Well behaved women rarely make history Teri Brown lived that quote way before she ever even heard it The two things she is most proud of, besides her children , is that she jumped out of an airplane once and she beat the original Legend of Zelda video game She is a novel writer, head banger, pet keeper, math hater, cocktail drinker, booty shaker, book reader, city slicker, food fixer, French

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