For the Birds

For the BirdsWhat Happens When A Parakeet Named Ruby Gets An Unexpected Mind Meld With Marcella Hollister S Quarrelsome Mother, Thelma After Thelma Is Kidnapped From Her Hospital Bed, Marcella Must Find Her Somewhere In The Tall Pines Of The Six Million Acre Adirondack Park With The Help Of Her Native American Husband Quinn And Bizarre Tips From Ruby, Marcella Butts Heads With Quirky Bird Psychic Earl Tiramisu, Much To The Chagrin Of The FBI, Who Wants Her To Stay Out Of The InvestigationWhy Is Tiramisu Asking Questions About Thelma S Past And The Money She S Been Spending The FBI Agents Hint That It May Be Related To An Unsolved Fifty Year Old Bank Heist, But Marcella Can T Believe Her Annoying, But Honest To A Fault Mother Could Be InvolvedAcross The Rugged Adirondack Park Landscape, A Brutal Scenario Evolves, Where The Good Guys Aren T What They Seem, And Only Ruby S Newly Acquired Talents Provide Slim Hope For Survival I Had The Privilege To Read The Most Delightful Mystery, For The Birds, By Aaron Paul Lazar If I Had To Categorize It, I D Call It A Cozy With An Unusual Supernatural Touch, But In All Honestly, It Was One Of The Most Unique And Refreshing Mysteries I Ve Read In A Long Time With A Huge Surprise Ending Marilyn Meredith, As F M Meredith Author Of Angel Lost This is the second book I have read by this author Aaron Lazar weaves an intriguing tale that captivated me from the opening pages The story begins with Quinn, Marcella and Marcella s mother They are driving through the Adirondacks, Northern New York They are on there way to a bird show and have booked a hotel In the van is also a Parakeet called Ruby who they are hoping will steal the show What unfolds is a surprising and clever story, one that involves the FBI, a car accident and of course the love and strength of this complex family that pulls through for each other Quinn suffers with a compulsive disorder, but remains the glue that holds everyone together This is a lovely warm mystery that really does take hold of the reader and won t let go I really like the authors style of writing, somehow he got his descriptions just right, not too much and not too little which can often be the case when reading books The characters were well developed and I found myself smiling at times as we all know people like these characters in our own livesThe author is a delight to read and I will be reading of his work in the future A highly recommended read A great book I simply could not put down once I had started. Looking for a mystery that seems perfect for a Christmas present This is the book for you As unusual as it sounds, this book was not one of those dark, depressing, overly suspenseful mysteriesinstead, this book was a little touching The characters, for the most part, were fun to get to know and likable Of course, this book does have plenty of exciting parts There is murder, kidnapping, and evil characters The reader will learn to hate these antagonists that are causing so much trouble However, the characters who are antagonists are not as clear cut as they may seem The reader will have to see through the fog and pick out who he she believes are the antagonists and who are the protagonists This book has plenty of twists and surprises It will be hard for the reader to be bored This book was mixed with action and serenity It is hard to imagine a mystery taking place anywhere other than a big city or foreign country however, the combination of a quiet, benign woods and mountains with the gruesome murder actually makes for an exciting setting The reader will be able to enjoy the author s attention to detail as well as the fast paced mystery This book is recommended to young adult adult readers. As I get older, I find that I m less and less willing to work hard for a read That isn t to say that I don t like rich, deep characterisation, complex plots, or intriguing, well crafted settings I just don t want to have to take a lot of time or energy to become absorbed into them That s why Aaron Paul Lazar s mysteries are always such a pleasurable reading experience for me They re easy without being facile They re lighthearted and fun without being silly, and they re warm without sentimentality You can t help liking the characters, and admiring the way in which they use brains and integrity rather than brawns to outsmart the bad guys The newest series is the Tall Pines Mysteries, of which For the Birds is the first book Like all of Lazar s books, the settings are based on places Lazar himself knows well, and are beautifully depicted, showing a respect for the unique beauty of nature The Tall Pines are all set in the Finger Lakes and Adirondacks regions of New York, with their white water lakes, tall trees of course and blue mountains For the Birds is set primarily in a large, fancy hotel of the same name, designed specifically for bird lovers, with a two story glass aviary centre piece surrounded by star shaped rooms radiating outward.The narrator of the story is the gutsy Marcella Hollister, married to the attentive and handsome Quinn, who has a propensity to walk around shirtless, showing off his toned physique Lazar does a superb job with Marcella it s hard to believe that this novel is written by a man, as Marcella admires her husband, removes makeup, and ponders her relationship with her mother in a way that s authentically female Quinn is a good foil for her with his obsessive compulsive tidiness and fear of germs coupled with a tender protectiveness, while Marcella s mother Thelma provides a strong comic element with her sharp opinions, and generous bankrolling of the holiday The star of the book however is without doubt, Ruby, their colourful parakeet The vet stepped back with a smile when Ruby raised her little beak in the air and wobbled to her feet She took one false step, then trotted across the table to the edge toward Quinn and me You da man Her weak voice cackled She jumped back into her cage and swung from her wooden perch You da man Feed Ruby What da heck Gimme cookies Ruby is not only clever, she s the paranormal element, as a bolt of electricity causes her to share portions of her personality with Thelma, providing much needed clues to the mystery that unfolds when Thelma suddenly disappears Despite the supernatural elements, Ruby is utterly believable, and by the end of the novel, the reader becomes thoroughly enad of her For the Birds is a charming, engrossing story that keeps the reader guessing throughout, combining fast paced plotting, and high quality thematics, with fun, easy to follow narration and a rich, enticing setting It s hard to read this without being charmed by the real affection that the characters have or develop towards one another There s much to be excited about in this new series and I hope we ll be seeing of Ruby and Marcella in future books Article first published as Book Review For the Birds by Aaron Paul Lazar on Blogcritics. Review I agree with other reviewers, For the Birds by Aaron Paul Lazar is what I would call a sit back and relax comfy cozy mystery Plenty of action, humor, and of course, murder, but the author s writing style is fun and lighthearted than the typical run of the mill murder mystery It is one of those rare multi genre novels that manages to pull off a seemingly intricate plot line without having the reader burst into a sweat At first, the book lulled about, I enjoyed reading about Quinn, Marcella, Thelma, and Ruby, although, like the family van, the story seemed to be going nowhere Fortunately, the story jerked back into motion almost as soon as the characters were back on the road, and it kept at a decent pace until the end I loved the characters, even Earl, and was very surprised that Aaron Paul Lazar managed to capture the actions and emotions of several females in a sensitive but realistic way even better than some female authors Personality wise, I found most characters to be well developed and diverse, however, Quinn annoyed me I felt that his character was almost too good to be true , and I wished that I could have seen into his thoughts like I did with other characters but overall, I felt that every role and relationship played into the plot I actually did not see the ending coming, except for a few minor details, and I enjoyed the comical true to life and down to earth dialogue throughout I also loved reading about the Adirondacks of New York beautifully detailed and a great setting for the Tall Pines Mystery series I will definitely be reading the next book in the series, Essentially Yours For the Birds is a wonderful mystery recommended for readers young adult and above.Rating On the Run 4 5 I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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