Unacceptable Risk

Unacceptable Risk Simon Conley Was Born A Werewolf, Making Him One Of A Tiny Minority In A Sea Of Vanilla Humans The Safety Of The Pack Lies In Absolute Secrecy, Sometimes Violently Enforced In A Species Where Pack Members Are Born And Not Made, Being Gay Is Considered A Perversion So When Simon Falls In Love With A Human Man, He S Twice Damned Even His Alpha S Grudging Tolerance May Not Be Enough To Shield Him From The Hatred Of The Other Top Wolves Then His Lover Paul Stumbles Across Pack Secrets Simon Was Sworn To Keep, And If The Pack Finds Out, They May Both End Up Dead

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  • ebook
  • 330 pages
  • Unacceptable Risk
  • Kaje Harper
  • English
  • 04 March 2017
  • 9781608204656

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    This is the MLR Press blind date with shifters book right now 1 9 16 for 0.99 5 stars Holy F balls, Kaje Harper just knocked it out of the park Best shifter book that I have read this year and best M M shifter book that I have ever read Period This book was amazing Now, it isn t a flashy, insta love, rapey kind of shifter book, if that is what you are into It is a beautifully, perfectly crafted love story that manages to make werewolves seem realistic and not cheese tastic.Can we just take a moment and appreciate the awesomeness that is Kaje Harper I mean, this woman can write anything Throw a paranormal a contemporary a sci fi at her and she handles it like a pro hint, that is because she IS a pro I am so throughly impressed with her versatility I honestly have very few complaints The sex was sweet and sexy and gay first timers is my favorite theme , the romance was natural and believable, and the pack shifter aspect was world builded to perfection Some may complain about the slower pace, but I think it is that leisurely style that makes the build up to the romance seem organic to me And I thought that the pacing was spot on, for the record How happy am I that this was the book that I chose to get in paperback so Kaje Harper could sign it for me I hadn t even read it but I was gambling on it being amazing that gamble paid off

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    I don t read that many shifter books most don t appeal or hold my interest for long so imagine my surprise when I finally stumbled gently encouraged upon Unacceptable Risk I am delighted to say this was a fabulous and interesting story with a nice bit of intrigue and suspense, especially the politics and hierarchy of the pack Paul was an adorable geek and thankfully devoid of the sulky hold a grudge attitude and major angst His relationship with Simon wasn t perfect and they had to work at it which was stressful and tense at times They were cute I loved how they did not jump into bed straight away and have sex and were not instantly mated.You actually feel them slowly falling in love and getting to know each other with kisses and tender embraces a nice lovely romantic connection Yeah I am a hopeless romantic but this worked out so much better for me than the instant sex scenario.Now to Aaron wow what an alpha he is going to be strong, fair and sexy the fight for control of the pack was both exciting and tense So I am eagerly awaiting to see how his story unfolds and who his mate is going to be

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    4 Lemon Cream Donut Stars Simon is a werewolf Unluckily for him he is also gay, something that not only is unusual for his kind but it is also punishable by death usually Although he has long ago skipped the bullet of an authorised execution, some of his pack mates aren t happy with that decision and after several beatings over the years it seems like the time has come when he is left almost dead in the middle of the road.But as luck would have it the incoming truck sees him on time to stop from hitting him and the man jumping to help him is also a veterinarian who will help him heal his wounds Too bad Simon can t tell him what he is because if there is one law in the pack that no one is allowed to break it is that the safety and secrecy of the pack is above all and anyone threatening their exposure is killed Can Simon start something meaningful with Paul without exposing himself and without putting the man who saved his life in danger just for knowing him I picked up this book because I want to explore the M M genre a little without going out of what I like, which is relatively light romance with a heavy dose of paranormal So after searching around for a bit I saw this months old recommendation and thought why not start there I liked this book It was sweet and fun and the drama never reached critical levels Simon, despite the abuse he has suffered in his pack, is a quite light hearted guy that never lost his sense of humor or his determination to defend his choices I liked how he never once wavered from what he wanted and went at it with relentless focus.Paul was a sweetheart Dedicated to his work, with a genuine love for what he did and a heart a mile long Learning you like guys for the first time can t be easy but he took it well although he did need some time to fully accept it I liked how he didn t jump in happiness at the idea because it gave a realistic feeling to the book He still accepted his sexuality pretty easily though but the fact that he already was so socially awkward but with a very open mind made it believable.I also liked the paranormal aspect of the book The werewolves don t have any freaky superpowers, they aren t super strong or super fast and they can t talk into each other s minds They are just a bunch of guys with a genetic mutation that allows them to turn into wolves The pack structure and rules are quite rigid and old fashioned but it seems like things are changing.I did think the book was kind of slow at some points Not enough for me to lose interest but definitely enough to notice and reduce a star The writing was very good though and the story compelling I m definitely reading the rest of the books.

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    4.3 stars for a well written really good shifter story another great read Ms Harper is a writer to always trust Please, ignore the bland cover Unacceptable Risk is one of the down to earth, trustworthy PNR romances I read This is not fluff sparkly cute , but about two realistic characters with their feet firmly on the ground Both are struggling with feelings, the thought of being with another man new for Paul , secrets about yourself a wolf shifter in Simon s case and not always so very understanding Pack members an understatement Again, I m impressed by a Kaje Harper novel Do you just want a soft and fuzzy read Don t read this one because this is so much But, so very lovely and gripping romantic too One evening when Paul is on his way home from his veterinary clinic, he sees a large bundle on the way A pair of green eyes reflected in the headlights There is a damaged very large wolf like dog Paul manages to get Wolf, which he names the dog, to get in the car and take him to the clinic to get some medical attention After a few days flees Wolf and Paul makes inquiry pics to paste up around the neighborhood Almost immediately arrives a green eyed very handsome man to tell the vet that he, Simon, is the owner of the lost dog Or what he is not saying to Paul, Simon is the wolfSimon makes no secret that he is gay and starts pretty soon flirting with the shy so far straight Paul Slowly, slowly, with the help of sweet donuts, china food, bowling etc get Simon his new friend and hopefully future lover. to begin to let go and enjoy a bit of life when he is not the always hard working Vet Paul You kissed me I did I m not going to apalogize You are extremely kissable I wasn tI didn t expect you to apologize I just, Paul stared down into the mug I just wondering why If I have to explain that to you, you re even less experienced than I think you are Simon teased.Paul s fair skin flushed red No, Jesus, I meant why me I enjoyed this slightly innovatory wolf shifter story a lot It s a nice, soft hearted, but also to start with, quite anxiety charged love story begins There is much back and forth Paul is anxious and indecisive Which I actually think is good for it gave the story extra weight and feel of authenticity We also get a lot of Pack and werewolf politics Simon must every day be sure to keep his back free from evil, so called, pack friends Being gay is a shame and very controversial So far, he is partially protected by the Pack Alpha, but it is on a thin brittle edge all the time Unlike in many other werewolf s stories, only men can become shifters here That fact doing it extra tricky with all the secrets.The light this is mostly a love story. suspense part was thrilling in the end There are some guys to hate and fear like the evil Karl Not unexpectedly becomes of course also Paul s life and safety threatened I got some really well made surprises and everything wasn t to simply solved Simon s eyes glowe with that odd green light as he kissed Paul firmly Sugar, when you ve had sex with me, I ll be damned if you call it nice There is of course also heat, lust and a slowly growing beautiful love story I must admit that it was a slow burning story but in the end, so good I am now a big fan of Kaje Harper s writing Her books have something magical and different from many other M M romances They are everyday even in a paranormal romance and gives, in each case me, a sense of authenticity and good taste Completely in my romantic taste every now and then I just want to read of them.I LIKE very much big applause for a well made shifter story If I have to complain about one thing, it must be that boring gray book cover Why has this amazing author s books so dreary and bland covers It must, of course not, be some naked muscular guys, sexy or very sophisticated, but it may perhaps be a little enticing So don t worry about the cover Unacceptable Risk is NOT a gray beige colorless story On the contrary

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    I have only discovered Kaje Harper in August 2011 and in that short span of time, she has bursted into my list of favorite authors You might want to check another review from MandyM, whom I share a similar opinion with regarding this bookUnacceptable Risk is definitely a breath of fresh air, in a clutter of M M shifter books that I have read and yes, I love me shifter books p One, there is no story of those You re my mate, so let s go have sex and seal the deal theme Simon the werewolf doesn t immediately think of Paul the vet as his mate The two guys actually take time to explore what can happen between them, and what mate bond entails Even if they arrive in that finish line under forced circumstance, I still find it believable.It s also a gay for you story, since Paul has never even thought that he could swing that way before Simon So it s the second reason why this is a fresh air that Paul also takes time to see what his attraction means He even tries to check out straight porn and comparing to gay porn I find that fun to read And what other thing that makes this book a winner The whole visciousness of the werewolf pack Somehow, it s great to read about a pack where there are actual fights to claim the position The fight in the end is a climax I welcome Pack is not always just fun, and the whole pack politic reminds me of the fun I read of Patricia Briggs s or Ilona Andrews s series Oh, and even if I don t think Aaron is a perfect Alpha name, dang if he doesn t borrowing Mandy s word here have the Hawke vibe referring to my beloved Alpha on Nalini Singh s Psy Changeling series.I do have a couple of niggles though One, I cringe on the baby and sugar terms of endearment at least the baby thing is not overused And two, OMG, who makes the HIDEOUS cover

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    Full five starsNow, this is a kind of m m romance that I love Let me list the reasons.1 The characters are males with penis Not female with penis Surely no damsel in distress Even Paul, who physically is weaker, doesn t behave like he is dependent of Simon.2 The romance is strong and sweet Paul has doubts Yet, he chooses to work on it He may need time to think, but he does t stop the communication between them or being sulky all the time.3 There is no unnecessary angst created by a reversed deus ex machina Some authors sometimes run out of ideas on how to make their characters suffer, so out of nowhere they make the characters commit stupid action Not here No stupid misunderstanding to create plots 4 No running around evolution One of the main tenet of evolution is survival of the fittest Sometimes, to do so, they have to kill Just like characters in the pack So often our modern minds condemn all kind of violence, even when its needed to minimize the risk of bigger violence That Paul is a vet perhaps helps At least it makes sense to him when Aaron explained to him the reason of the violence.5 view spoiler The author doesn t go on an easy way in explaining who molested Cory It s very easy to make Carl or Frank the perpetrator, since they are already the boogey men in the story, but thanks God, not here Yes, the issue might not be resolved, but that sometimes or often happens hide spoiler

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    I don t really know what to say Its not a bad book, nicely written but didn t hold my attention I never really warmed up to Paul though I mostly liked Simon I didn t really see them going together as a couple Then the first half of the book was boring Like nothing happened besides the same boring thing over and over They would get close, Paul would pull away, we spent the day with both of them at work thinking about each other blah blah it was like that cycle through the first half I got really bored with them at work doing nothing i kept putting this down and i think i started and finished three other books before making it through half of this one Second half was much better but still never really got me that into the storyAlso the very descriptive female porn watching scene could have done without that I think i would have liked it if first half would have had going on besides excessive details of their jobs or if parts of the first half where just cut out of the story.

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    M M Bingo Round 8 Week 2 Best Gay Shifters 3.5 starsSo shifters.I decided to finally take part in the Goodreads M M Romance Group s Bingo game this round For those who aren t familiar with bingo, check out the info HERE In any case, I m trying to challenge myself this year with categories and genres and stuff beyond the contemporary cop cowboy book or my easy to please need for YA This week s round was Best Gay Shifter Romance and I had to select from a predetermined list.Some background shifters just don t do it for me Maybe it s the Twilight thing I don t know I just don t have an urge or desire to read about them and for some reason, my mind always associates shifters with bad odor ha I can t even explain it myself I ve read one M M shifter book that I liked Until Forever Comes by Cardeno C , but that was shifter and vampire I can kinda deal with that.Unacceptable Risk is by one of my favorite authors one of my go to s Kaje Harper Sadly, it starts already with the handicap that I don t like shifters And then, well, it pairs a shifter with a human And then, well, the human meets the shifter in wolf form first the human is a veterinarian and there s some weird bond there already forming And I m thinking blech beastiality So, let s say, this book starts already at maybe a 1 star rating sorry But then Kaje Harper works her magic.The story is about Paul, a vet, and Simon, a gay shifter who is constantly at risk because of a pack who doesn t welcome him Seems bigotry and hate are prevalent in all societies, unfortunately And the book takes us not only through a growing relationship, but it includes GFY elements, instalove, pack politics, danger, and some seriously exciting fight scenes.I found Paul and Simon both really easy to like Paul was just confused and wary and reluctant and stubborn and needy enough to make him believable and charming Simon was just alpha and protective and smitten and proud and determined enough to make him believable and charming The two of them together were HOT, funny, sweet, frustrating and I found myself fully committed to their journey.When the book started getting into the details of the pack, including growing factions, angry youth, challenges to authority, etc I was less engaged I mean, it was all really fascinating and Harper really WENT for it in these scenes I just personally didn t want to go there with her And that goes back to my starting point and my disinterest in shifters.So, I think the book and the writing and the story were all really really really good And if I have to read a shifter book for bingo, I m super glad it was this one I would HIGHLY recommend it to not only fans of shifters, but also those who don t mind them But, since I m just not into it, it didn t resonate or hit the high points for me personally Still enjoyed it and by the way I just realized there are additional books and shorts to the series and I may even go on to read those

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    If this was Review a Vision then you d be blinded by a grin the size of the Grand Canyon because right now I m one very happy reviewer and feeling even so because I know I ve got three books one novel and two interlude shorts to read and review from this brilliant Werewolf series by Kaje Harper What s even better is I get to read them for free Yaay How cool is that I ve been reading M M for just over two years and for some strange reason have only just got around to reading Kajes books I can t believe I waited so long Before striking gold with this series I d not long ago read The Rebuilding Year a standalone contemporary romance that I loved, and then because I enjoyed that so much read the first book in her wonderful series Life Lessons that also wowed me, so I was intrigued to see if she could impress me with a series set around a genre that to be honest I ve become than a little jaded with So, colour me VERY impressed.Loved, loved, loved it Probably the most realistic take on Werewolves that I ve ever come across Nothing over the top or beyond belief, this story almost made me believe that unbeknown to us humans, Werewolves are living amongst us, working alongside us and living their lives quietly and secretly, just hiding below the radar and keeping themselves to themselves It was believable and totally engrossing We re a rare species, trying to survive surrounded by millions of humans We don t have super strength, or immortality, or mental powers like in the movies We survive by not being seen But, on the down side, that means no superpowers If neither man nor a wolf can do something, odds are we can t either If we are magic, there are a few things I wish the wizard had added in The world building around the Were s is brilliant The pack mentality is there and the mate bond that of course we ve come to expect from wolf lore but this has has little to do with full moons or rampant flesh eating monsters with claws and big teeth They heal fast, live quite a bit longer than humans, have enhanced senses and shift of course but Kajes wolves are dangerous to each other than the humans they hide from And the pack lived by rules, fiercely enforced and unbreakable So when Paul stops to pick up an injured Simon in his wolf form one night, little does he know how his life is going to change.Simon is a funny, warm and loving character I adored him His status within the pack is tenuous because he s gay, having talked his way out of a death sentence because of it, he s barely tolerated by the rest of the wolves and although he tries to live his life without getting too involved, is caught up in pack politics, as a faction led by the Alphas evil second and ex enforcer Karl, tries to take over the pack using Simon as a catalyst Falling in love with Paul, who he and his wolf recognises as his mate, puts them both in danger.please read rest f review at

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    This is the story of Simon and PaulOne night Paul, a veterinarian, rescues a badly wounded wolf dog from the road He takes him to his clinic and nurses him back, but the wolf dog escapesA few days later Simon shows up at Paul s practice saying the dog was his and that he is safe now So Paul need not worry about him any.What Paul doesn t know is that Simon is a werewolf, in fact the wolf dog Paul had saved Simon cannot reveal this secret to Paul The pack s existence is guarded fiercely and involvement with humans is regarded as risky and dangerous But Simon can t help but look and for Paul He likes him, Paul seems to like him back and they become quick friends and then much .This book had a lot of elements that were good The world building was kept very simple, but the pack politics and dynamics were certainly very interesting I was glad the author went into detail about how that worked.The characters were certainly likable, specially Simon, and Paul had his moments However I never connected with them There was something that was missing that just kept me from LOVING them.I thought there were some sweet moments, but I have issues with insta love, and I felt there was no time for me to believe in them IN LOVEI dunno might just be me.I think this is a first of a series I would read the next one for sure, I rarely go by a first novel in a PNR series They are always a bit disjointed That was something I felt throughout, writing was not as tight as other books I ve read by this author.In any case, good effort at PNR and Weres, not my favorite of this kind of book But very well above average and with cute romance and interesting pack intrigue to boot.

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