How to Date an Alien (My Alien Romance, #1)

How to Date an Alien (My Alien Romance, #1) Popular Ebook, How To Date An Alien My Alien Romance, 1 Author Magan Vernon This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book How To Date An Alien My Alien Romance, 1 , Essay By Magan Vernon Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You


[BOOKS] ⚣ How to Date an Alien (My Alien Romance, #1)  ⚡ Magan Vernon –
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  • How to Date an Alien (My Alien Romance, #1)
  • Magan Vernon
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  • 16 April 2019

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    Really At first I thought I was going to like it It was fun, different but the I read, seems like a satire.The point of fantasy is to be credible but when a regular teenager, even clumsy, ends up shooting with amazing aim and flying a spacecraft you actually think that someone is teasing you.The characters, on the other hand, ended up degenerating into stereotypes so exaggerated that I was hoping that at some point someone told me that all book was about to make fun about, precisely, those stereotypes.A good effort that went wrong.

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    To see full review click here.I m sort of alien junkie.And I don t know why because E.T is hardly sexy And after watching all those episodes of Ancient Aliens, I sometimes find myself not sleeping thinking some grey is going to pull a Barney and Betty Hill on me but whatever.How to Date an Alien was free on which was probably the number one factor in why I decided to read it that and it involved aliens It s probably one of the better free books from I read, that s not saying much.To be fair, I thought there were parts of the book that were really cute I liked the main character, Alex She wasn t awful as a lot of these YA characters are Though she did seem a bit immature at times Okay, a lot of the time.And she did slut slam a bit too.Okay, so I did get annoyed with her But for the most part we were okay I didn t like the boy toy though, Ace Yes, he was an alien But alien really was a replacement for vampire To say this guy is an Edward wannabe is an understatement A bland Edward wannabe.One of my biggest complaints about YA today is that a lot of characters are just bland archetype characters Typically people try to rip off Bella and Edward Sometimes they might attempt at copying Harry Potter or Katniss Everdeen But for the most part, people tend to stick to the good old Bella and Edward ripoffs in YA.Here is no exception except the Bella character is a little smarter and interesting and the Edward character is even boring than Edward And that s saying something since Edward Cullen is just about the most boring character known to humankind with the exception of the Pillsbury Dough Boy.And now apparently Ace I didn t even really hate Ace I found him weird as hell and annoying But hate him, not so much Because he was too boring and weird ass to hate.I honestly would ve kept reading this one, don t ask me why sometimes I m a sucker for cute fluffy books especially if they involve aliens, if there was a semblance to a plot here other than the lame ass Rome and Juliet retelling I think it was trying to do.I freaking hate that play.Not the actual play because there are relevant cultural elements and some great lines in it But I hate the way the YA world views that play It s not a romance It s about two idiots that fall in instant lust and get killed for their stupidity YA tries to make you think otherwise.Whatever though But Romeo and Juliet plots usually insta ignore from me Unless of course there s something else to the plot which there wasn t here.You have aliens, freaking aliens And there s nothing else to the plot Nothing Just nothing.I mean, aliens You can do whatever the hell you want with aliens But this book, we never do any sort of world building at all Okay, so the planets in the Solar system like Neptune have aliens But Vernon never goes into any detail how life is supported in a non goldilocks zone planet And the quasi Area 51 area, Circe, its purpose is really never fully explained How did all these other interns know that there were aliens there Yeah, sort of a hot mess And there s no excuse for this hot mess because just watch a couple of episodes of Ancient Aliens and hello inspiration.But I really wanted to give this one a try for the longest time because I liked the voice of the novel But voice will only get you so far and eventually.well, you just have to let go Because potential will only get you so far in a book.

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    I must say that I am very happy with this book It actually blew me away You know that they say to never judge a book by its cover and unfortunately, I always do But, I am glad that I had read this one The book starts off with our heroine, Alex, sitting in an interview for Columbia University She is trying to get a spot and the interviewer is not impressed with her extra curricular activities She literally has none Alex has always been the outcast at her school and focused on her studies than joining clubs or sports teams This is about the time that she decides that she would like to do an internship over the summer at Circe, which is the military base that her father works at Little does she know that Circe is just not any ordinary base, but actually houses aliens from all different planets.I enjoyed all of the characters especially Ace Can I say swoooon He is amazing and there is just something about those silent types that gets me every time I think it is because we have to figure out what they are thinking and when they finally open up, we are obsessed already So this ladies, is how I picture Ace I had a feeling you all would like that Anyhoo, there is another guy whom is fighting for Alex s affections and that is Gavin Alex at first thinks Gavin is really cute, but, maybe not boyfriend material This is how I picture Gavin, I have no idea of whom this is, but chose him for the hair As for Alex, she is a very strong willed little lady She is tired of being pushed around by all the bullies at her school and she uses this experience as a chance to make up for it and stand up for herself.I cannot express how much I really enjoyed this book I will try to be patient while waiting for the next book in the series, How To Break Up With An Alien, to come out in June 2012 If you love romance with a little twist of paranormal, this series is for you

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    I stopped this at 49% because it was one of the few books which bothered me I didn t mind the Men in Black idea of an alien super center in the middle of the desert But in the first few chapters the main characters gives her Dad a thumbs up, which is evidently very rude to some aliens Instead of keeping it funny by likening it to a middle finger or something the Hail Hitler motion was compared The alien who assaults her for making the thumbs up is killed off by her upcoming alien partner This should have been a sign We go on to watch a high school junior get hit on by a college kid to the point it makes her uncomfortable, and of all the people there no one takes not she is a non consenting minor Then she gets into a relationship with a significantly older alien He says at one point that his body is 18 right now but he s been on Earth since the 1940s I was yucked out by the extreme age difference and the way it was handled He stalked her and stared at her all the time And she was so naive that she had little idea what was going one She didn t even have the facilities, at any point in the whole 49% of the book, to read up on his kind of alien She was so stupid that he made a joke that laser vision is actually from their saliva and she had taken her glasses off and was going to get spit on, sheesh I ended the book with her belligerent attitude towards other people who were concerned with the fact her alien boyfriend was classified as dangerous due to past violence So many bad factors I wanted to like the Men in Black aspect, but very few aliens where paid much attention and the story really focused on the twisted relationship.This was a free book from .

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    WOW is all I can say about this book This is the first book I have ever read about Aliens Magan has done a great job of weaving a story together from two different perspectives.Alex lives a mundane life and wants to get into a prestigious college but she has no extracurricular activities to put on her college applications She decides she is gong to ask her father for help because he is a Colonel in the army So she decides she will do a summer internship with him at his job.Once she gets there she realizes that her father has a very different job than what he has lead everyone to believe He works in a top secret place where he works side by side with Aliens Alex is intrigued and she finds herself liking one of the aliens It is taboo so she can not tell anyone about her feelings Plus to make matters worse she is attacked several times by aliens and someone unexpected comes to her rescue.What is a girl to do about her feelings Should she be afraid of the aliens Should she follow her heart or should she follow her fathers orders This story was Hilarious at times and sad at others It made me laugh and cry with frustration but in the end I LOVED this book and can not wait for the second book to come out This book has so much charisma it will leave you breathless Come along for the ride of a lifetime where anything goes and people show there true nature Some maybe jealous and others may just be mean Want a quick read a great laugh this is the book for you

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    Alien life does exist, or at least that s what Alex discovers when she travels to Arizona to intern for the summer at Circe Part Men In Black, part high school romance, How to Date an Alien by Magan Vernon is a quirky young adult comedy It was an enjoyable read, but I have my pros and cons Here s the breakdown.PROS Ace Alex interactions What do you say to an alien that just saved your life, especially when you just found out alien life exists I can tell Vernon had a lot of fun writing the Alex and Ace scenes It shows in the dialog and in the descriptions They immediately have chemistry, even though his DNA is out of this world These were the scenes that had me smiling the most Alex s unwavering attitude in the face of discrimination This was a pro that I thought about for a long time I wasn t sure if Vernon did it on purpose, or if it was a plot device that grew to be than anticipated But, I love how Alex stands up to peer pressure and bigotry when it comes to first defending her friendship with Ace, and then defending her relationship with him The logic behind the naysayers was irrational, built on fear of the unknown and of differences However, it was a welcomed twist to an old problem, and it just goes to show that ignorance breeds contempt and discrimination I m glad Alex gave them all an education You can never leave high school I loved how Vernon broke down the social structure of Circe It s basically high school, with the popular kids, the nerds, and everyone in between Only, it s not based on your interests, but on your extra solar origins I think anyone who remembers high school, or is living it currently, can relate to the social atmosphere at Circe It also gives a boost to the ignorant logic associated with why everyone is against Alex and Ace as a couple.CONS First person POV This has to be my least favorite POV and runs head to head with third omnipotent on my level of dislike I ve mentioned before my issues with it I have a hard time reading it, especially since I want a clear picture in my mind as I read And, when Alex is blindsided for example, it gave me moments of wait, what just happened Because she couldn t see it from her perspective, I couldn t see it This POV always makes me feel like I m looking at a picture that is blurry and out of focus, so I have a hard time in general with any novel in first POV This is my personal preference, so I don t think anyone who likes first will have an issue Typos, formatting, paragraph breaks Most people read over mistakes in this area, but I notice the little things, such as incorrect punctuation, run on sentences, inconsistent styles, and a big one if you have ever lived in Flagstaff the use of University of Northern Arizona when it s Northern Arizona University The errors actually pulled me out of the story, tripping me up and disrupting the flow of action, and then I have to backtrack I few times I also lost my place on my Kindle because of some of the paragraph lengths, but that I managed to fix by adjusting the page settings That one really isn t on Vernon, but definitely something indie authors should consider for the e editions Long paragraphs are not e book friendly, I m discovering.Overall, I had a lot of fun with How to Date an Alien and I think you will, too Check it out.

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    A very believable Story about a human girl and an alien boy meeting by chance The best, it is the first book in the Young Adult Sci Fi series My Alien Romance which will be three books long and is the d but work of Magan Vernon.Alex just got 17 years old and has already a lifetime dream She wants to be a journalist and for that the Columbia University is her College of choice Unfortunately, she is not much of an extracurricular activity person and consequently severely lacking in this department for her college application Good thing that she has an Air Force father working in the classified Circe Operations Center.Circe can be her onetime chance to establish a better impression for the Columbia recruiter but she could really have done without all this alien stuff Because now, she is paired off with this gorgeous alien Ace, with whom she is sitting for hours alone in a closed room and who was her lifesaver from her first day at Circe He happens to look 18 years old but, of course, he is already longer on earth than Alex father When two people spend so much time together than feelings have a way to arise, even when unwanted Alex needs to find out whether Ace really is worth all her troubles So, not everyone is okay with a human dating an alien, especially not Ace s crazy mother who will probably blast the day, literally.Alex is a cute girl of mixed lineage who is still greatly unsure of herself and until Circe felt always out of place However, I found her quite refreshing with her sarcastic and blunt comments She is not beating around the bush with her opinion but rather she addresses problems face on This takes a lot of courage first of all in a relationship and with friends Also until now, noone was really paying attention to her but here in Circe, besides aliens, she is the outstanding one Alex needs to change her timid existence and find her centre Ace is awesome but it is clear from the beginning that he is looking for something genuinely He is older and already secure in his character which stands in stark contrast to Alex This made their interaction convincing considering everything.The setting is playing out in a secret base, called Circe Operations Center The Air Force and various alien races are trying to work together where Caltians seem to secretly hold all the power and of course, Ace is one of them It is easily to imagine that this is not sitting well with everyone and now, the love between Alex and Ace is complicating the situation.The pacing of the story is underlining the action without going in too much detail or adding great gaps in the story flow While Alex is telling the story in first person perspective, there is enough inside into Ace personality since he is quite honestly talking about his feelings.All in all, Ms Vernon delivers a very harmonical plot with comedian elements thrown into and a not always perfect heroine.I was so happy when I came across this Kindle Freebie The romance is awesome, the story is engrossing and the writing so lively When I finished reading this one, I went out immediately looking for volume 2.

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    Defy The Stars is a fun, cute and dangerous alien romance Alex decides she needs something on her college application Why not ask Dad if she can intern at his base little does she know it s not just a base It s a place full of alien life There she meets Ace, an alien who is her age Who just so happens to harbor a secret crush They have an almost Romeo and Juliet romance Being with an Alien is a huge no no But you can never tell a teenager what to do That puts them all in a little bit of danger Honestly, danger should be Alex s middle name I did enjoy this story It was full of action, romance, and of course lots of danger But you can deny how strong willed Alex really is Overall, I give this 3.4 Four Boundless Stars It was a good and enjoyable read.http www.boundlessbookreviews.comhttps BBReviews

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    Originally posted on Lovey Dovey BooksHow to Date an Alien brings life, love, and lessons learned to readers of all ages This young adult romance is cute and humorous making it an enjoyable read for any season.Alex Bianchi is the lovable character that always feels out of place and has a longing to be invisible When the opportunity arises for her to intern at Circe with her father, the days of clinging to the shadows of anonymity are over A military base with operations hidden under the surface, Alex stumbles into a world with rules and prejudices, and did I mention aliens Alex is assigned to work with super hot Caltian alien Ace, the very alien who saves her at every and any opportunity Too bad human alien relationships are frowned upon by humans and aliens alike How to Date an Alien is very romantic as it focuses on Alex and Ace sorting out their feelings for one another and standing together in the face of opposition The romance is cute without being fluffy or sappy, which is a very big plus It s easy to see how much Alex changes while interning at Circe It becomes easier for her to voice her concerns, and talk about what she wants for her future, as she feels comfortable at Circe In a way, Alex seems to find herself among the hordes of aliens from different universes.There s than just a romance story between the pages of How to Date an Alien There s adrenaline fueled action, though not very heavy and only towards the ending, but it s enough to know that this is a well rounded story Alex definitely has to make a few tough calls that will affect her future somehow It s a little daunting because she s only in high school, but with Ace the future looks less murky for Alex.Alex and Ace s story continues in How to Break Up with An Alien There are so many questions dancing around that title, but surely the humor and fun won t stop

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    This is a cute and fun story With great action and mysteriousness around every corner, dating an alien is harder than what you think.What I adored most about this story is how much it reminded me of Men in Black but with a high school setting and teens Alex thinking she doing an military internship, she finds herself in a whole new world she did not know exist Alex is quick to accept it with loads of questions I too, feel that I would react the same way Alex is smart and knows exactly what to ask She doesn t fool around but ask straight to the point.The love interest developed just the way I like it Ace is an alien who s mysterious attitude attract me right away The way he answer questions hastily, or answer questions with questions is enough to make me lose my mind and go after him Once Alex learns who he is, the romance sizzles up into pure love.I enjoyed the action, especially at the end With a girl leading the fight, it made me giddy to see Alex fighting for who she loves no matter what the cost Plus, a girl who can fly a fight jet, who wouldn t want to be in her shoes.How To Date An Alien is a fantastic story that engulfs the reader Filled with a burning romance that is actually fought for, I fell for the story Amazing descriptions of the worlds of beyond, How To Date An Alien is awesome

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