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The SpiritualistIn the end, I was disappointed in this book I was excited about it early on and spent every available moment reading it but by around the middle, it kind of lost its power At that point, I kept reading because it wasn t so bad that I wanted to give up on it but rather I wanted to just get the reading of it over so that I could go on to something I might like The main character, Evelyn Atherton Evie to her friends was a middle class young woman, the only child of an investigator and a woman who saw spirits who wound up in New York s high society when she married Peter Atherton After only three years, it was clear her husband wasn t attracted to her but she was trying hard to make her marraige work even though he spent as little time with her as possible He had been going alone to a spiritualist circle but one fateful day he asked Evie to accompany him She had no interest in such things, especially since she felt the whole idea of spirits speaking had driven her mother mad However, she agreed to go since it was one of those rare occasions when her husband had chosen to spend time with her It was at that spirit circle, held at the mansion of Dorothy Bennett, that she first met the spiritualist, Michel Jourdain She immediately saw him for the charlaton he was but also saw how in thrall the others were, including her husband who was desperate to reach his recently departed mother When Evie and Peter returned to their mansion, Peter insisted on going back out, which disappointed Evie greatly It turned out to be a fateful night because that was the night Peter was murdered In short time, Evie was accused, Peter s family were determined to destroy her, and those whom she s counted on as friends had turned against her Two things then went in her favor, Peter s law partner, Benjamin took on her case and Dorothy Bennett made bail for Evie, which allowed her to be released from prison Shortly thereafter, Evie was living in the Bennett mansion and getting to know Michel Jourdain It was during this pre trial period that I began to lose interest in Evie and not particularly care whether she was exonerated This supposedly intelligent woman began to fall for Michel while clearly suspecting him of murdering Peter I do like books with women lead characters but I want those women to be strong, resourceful, and independent On that score, this book really did not adequately deliver for me I would give no than a luke warm recommendation for this book. This book was downright gripping I knew I was being conned and I totally didn t care because I wanted to know how it ended Okay, so Evelyn Atherton s husband is obsessed with this medium and takes Evelyn to see him That night he disappears and Evelyn s convinced something awful has happened but everybody s telling her she s nuts and in the 1850 s a woman might as well be window dressing or a pretty canary or something if she s in society so she gets wholly ignored Then he actually DOES show up murdered and everybody accuses her Her friends drop like flies and teh only person who wants anything to do with her is the lady who s the patron of the sharlaton spiritualist Well Evelyn goes because she doesn t have anywhere else and come to find out, she s actually a medium herself Oh, and the spiritualist is wicked hot and not above seducing somebody to get what he wants and she s either got to work with him or get sent up the river by him. Sometimes Truth Is The Greatest Illusion Of All In A Cold January Morning In , Evelyn Atherton S Husband Is Found Murdered After Attending An Exclusive S Ance Having Married Up Into New York Society, Evie Herself Is The Immediate Suspect Ostracized And Vulnerable, She Knows That To Clear Her Name She Must Retrace Her Husband S Last Steps And So, Joining Forces With Her Husband S Best Friend And The Only Manhattan Lawyer Who Will Accept Her Case Evie Dives Into The Mysterious Underworld Of The Occult Before Long, The Trail Brings Them To A Charismatic Medium, Michel Jourdain Evie S Instincts Tell Her The Smooth Talking Jourdain Is A Charlatan And Her Only Hope For Exoneration But Getting Close To Jourdain Means Embracing A Seductive And Hypnotic World Where Clues To Murder Come Through The Voices Of The Dead Caught In A Perilous Game In Which She Is Equal Player And Pawn, Predator And Victim, Evie Finds There Is No One To Trust, Perhaps Not Even Herself As Her Powerful In Laws Build A Case Against Her, And With Time Running Out, Evie Must Face The Real Ghosts Of Her Past If She Is To Have Any Hope Of Avoiding The Hangman The Spiritualist is a delightful romp of a story about murder, seances and the supernatural with Victorian Gothic atmosphere Evie has married up when she becomes Mrs Peter Atherton, but not long afterward he is killed and she is the main suspect His influential family is ready to see her charged and punished for his murder and believe she has done it for his money Dorothy Bennett is a wealthy old woman intent on contacting her deceased sons through seances When Dorothy discovers Evie s situation, she takes her into her home and introduces her to the world of the spiritualist Michel Jourdain The book is fast paced and never boring Also, it is adult, realistic and great fun for fans of the supernatural Quotes One could sit in church every Sunday or a circle every Tuesday and Thursday and ask God or the spirits for guidance, but in the end it was like viewing something through a cloudy glass every attempt to see clearly only narrowed one s vision, until what was understood was only a moment in a vast and unknowable universe, in which the only absolute was how much was unknown You and I only see one side But that doesn t mean the other side doesn t exist To not see the whole is to not see the truth. Reminds one of Daphne Du Maurier s chillier romantic suspense even the good people are manipulative Nifty historical background and just a touch of supernatural spice the gothic plot. Well written and suspenseful, this supernatural intrigue is quite a seductive little murder mystery in New York Society during the 1850s Evie Atherton is a charming protagonist that kept me reading I really liked her, although at times, she seemed oddly na ve for such an intelligent woman You can really sink into this story moody, haunting, and with the historical set, this read is a true escape While this is not really a who done it the murderer is no big surprise , the best part of this story is the dark and mysterious, and very sexy, Michel Jourdain he drives the plot beautifully We have a skilled writer here with a polished, stylish prose If you like paranormal mystery, don t miss this one. 4.5 Stars The Spiritualist by Megan Chance was not my favorite book that I have read this year I found it confusing and it didn t seem like it made sense in some places I did find it interesting how Megan Chance could incorporate murder, the supernatural, and love all in one short book, however. THE SPIRITUALIST was the fourth story that I have read by Megan Chance and a trip back to 1857 s New York City This was such a hard review to write I was tempted to give it three stars and skip sharing my actual thoughts about the book I will have to be very careful not to give too much away.The back cover indicates it is a cold morning in January 1856 but the beginning of each chapter indicates it is 1857 Evelyn and Peter Atherton s three year marriage was at a stand still A lawyer, Peter spends the majority of time away from home and Evie was not sure what was wrong At the opening of the story Peter had invited Evie to a circle a spiritual meeting where people can hear from those who have passed on Peter wanted to talk to his dead mother Evie had her misgivings but she wants to please her husband At the circle, a gun goes off but no one is injured Peter tells Evie he wants to investigate what just happened but never returns home Days go by without a word and then Peter was found dead murdered.Evie was the center of the story but the many secondary characters drove the plot At times both gloomy and dark, I continually wondered where Ms Chance got her ideas from Who thinks this stuff up There are plenty of twists and turns with lots of trust issues I felt like I was watching a movie rather than reading a book The author s description of the extremely cold weather and dirty streets was spot on I had an idea of what was going on but there were still plenty of secrets to uncover.If you are an enthusiast of the TV show The X Files , a devotee of the director David Lynch or you like Anne Frasier s style of writing, you should enjoy this book It contained some romance ok, sex but was not what I would consider a love story Also, it was not Ms Chance s best book but it was complicated, a little bizarre and edgy I am glad I am done Now I need to go wash my hands Oh, how I love when lit fic marries a trashy historical novel Combine that with classic 19th c sensational themes like murder spiritualism, yours truly was happier than a pig in mud My only real complaint is Evie s book long na vet re the root of her husband s marital issues As a rough side of town child whose father was a PI who kept many seedy informants to assist his work who also raised her rather liberally, at least by 1850s standards it shouldn t have taken the entire book for her to see Peter s true nature The clues were right there, she prided herself on being rational observant I can understand her initial blindness, but not up until the ending chapters As for the rest, well done very entertaining Spiritualism is one of my favorite Victorian Macabre plots, this book portrayed both the charlatan the honest sides of mediumship, weaving them together into a cohesive story I also liked how Evie wasn t some soppy holier than thou who declined any financial reward or ignored her material concerns, because too often utter selflessness is held above a mercenary mindset in leading ladies There s nothing wrong with being pragmatic accepting recompense for services rendered I also enjoyed her ultimate revenge after the in laws treated her like crap Damn skippy, girl My first read by Chance was SUSANNAH MORROW, I thought that one a bit stuffy stilted as the author moved from mass market romance shelves to trade paperback historicals This one feels much comfortable with itself an author who has found her stride marrying the fun OTT flourishes with weightier fiction.

See this thread for information. Megan Chance is the critically acclaimed, award winning author of several novels calls her a writer of extraordinary talent Her books have been chosen by s Book of the Month, Borders Original Voices and IndieBound s Booksense A former television news photographer with a BA from Western Washington University, Megan Chance lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two daughters Visit her at

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