HiddenI ve been trying my hardest to get over the lack of creativity this cover hasahemBack to the point I liked Hidden, it was good But I feel like I m falling back on that it could have been better pillow I felt like a few strands were left hanging, and that things were kinda rushed To start off, Jacinda s time with the enkros was super short It literally lasted 49 pages before view spoiler Cassian and Will come to break everyone out, as was the plan hide spoiler I was asked to do a formal blurb for this book so I m pasting it here The FIRELIGHT series is a rare sparkling gem I delved into the mystical world and discovered a fast paced, gripping story In HIDDEN I was again swept away in a whirlwind of thrilling danger, shocking secrets, and entrancing romance Anytime my readers ask for a book recommendation, I always say, Read Sophie Jordan Jacinda Was Supposed To Bond With Cassian, The Prince Of Their Pride But She Resisted Long Before She Fell In Love With Will A Human And, Worse, A Hunter When She Ran Away With Will, It Ended In Disaster, With Cassian S Sister, Miram, Captured Weighed Down By Guilt, Jacinda Knows She Must Rescue Her To Set Things Right Yet To Do So She Will Have To Venture Deep Into The Heart Of Enemy TerritoryThe Only Way Jacinda Can Reach Miram Is By Posing As A Prisoner Herself, Though Once She Assumes That Disguise, Things Quickly Spiral Out Of Her Control As She Learns About Her Captors, She Realizes That Even If Will And Cassian Can Carry Out Their Part Of The Plan, There S No Guarantee They Ll All Make It Out Alive But What Jacinda Never Could Have Foreseen Is That Escaping Would Be Only The BeginningLoyalties Are Tested And Sacrifices Made In The Explosive Conclusion To Sophie Jordan S Firelight Trilogy Ohhh Cassian sigh You are too good for Jacinda This was my least favorite Firelight book It s not because Jacinda view spoiler doesn t end up with Cassian hide spoiler MY FANTASY ENDING When Jacinda, Will, Cassian, and Tamra go into the hunters stronghold, Tamra uses her special powers and wipes all the peoples mey or whatever she does Then, the four of them get inside to see dozens of cages on the wall i m talking about 1 2 dozen They decide to release all the Draki Will and Jacinda will take the left, while Tamra and Cassian take the right Tamra and Cassian find all the Draki that have been taken from the hunters, including Miram Then Jacinda hears somebody calling her name, a soft call Jacinda finds a man, two cages down and she is shocked It is her father She calls Tamra over as she unlocks the cage and flins herself on her dad They hug, Kiss yada yada they bring back all the draki to the road close to the home of the Draki Cassian ends going with the Draki, and his sister After a week of thinking of what the message the mother hid under Jacinda s pillow they figure it out and find the mom Mom and Dad are reunited and the Mom is so emotional that her inner draki stirs So now, the mom and dad are both draki The mom loves it As the weeks go by, Mom gets better and the Dad and herself are always at eachothers side Tamra actuall finds a normal, sweet guy to love, and he accepts her for what she is Will and Jacinda go all happy ever after so everybody is happy If you aren t team Cassian, you are dead to me And I hope Hidden will be fast paced, action packed, and mysterious than the last two And, also, less angsty and hormones induced I don t know if I m even going to like this book, since Jordan lost a fan here at Vanish I m still counting the calendar for this book, though The cover is beautiful but not so original Who else besides me thinks that Vanish was the best cover out of the series SpoilersJacinda along with her boyfriend, Will and her draki friends take on the enkros, in an attempt to save Cassian s sister from imprisonment and possible death The plot was unimaginative Jacinda and co rescue Miram from the enkros and then get chased by hunters for the bulk of the book It s only in the last few chapters were things of importance occur and Jacinda s pride acknowledge that they need to make changes to the way they live and have a leadership that s fairer unfortunately Jacinda was unconscious for most of it and we re just given a run down about how things would change instead of witnessing it There should have been time spent on Jacinda interacting with her pride and fighting for a change, since that was one of the original arcs The only plot that interested me was Tamra s relationship with Deghan and her finally being content with her draki self Jacinda was still as unlikeable and up herself as ever She thought of herself as strong but she came across as was weak and whiny She spent less than a day locked up by the enkros and she could barely handle that without breaking down she wasn t strong or brave at all.Jacinda had low opinions of other female draki she repeatedly looked down at Miram, Tamra and Lia No other female draki was as clever, as good and as strong as her I hated Jacinda s attitude towards Deghan and the way she disapproved of him and Tamra She was such a bitch she fell in love with a hunter but she got all worked up about Tamra falling for a fellow draki The glimpses of Tamra and Deghan s romance was far engrossing than Will Jacinda I would have preferred to read Tamra s POV just to see exactly how her relationship with Deghan unfolded Will had the personality of a plank He was also really annoying, he kept throwing hissy fits whenever Jacinda wanted to help her friends when they were in danger I don t know why she didn t call him out on his douchey behaviour.I didn t buy that he became powerful than other draki just because he had some of their blood transferred into him it doesn t make sense Jacinda s romance with Will was dull and her angst over Cassian was boring I ve never liked Cassian, he knew that Jacinda loved Will but he still made her feel guilty about it she didn t owe him anything Sure she was meant to have an arranged marriage with him but she had no say in the matter I m glad she chose Will even if he wasn t the most interesting of characters I hated that Jacinda seemed to forget that Will was a hunter and made out like he was some innocent baby It was dumb how Jacinda got all upset about dragging Will into the draki world She was an idiot Will was already a part of the draki world way before he even met Jacinda Did she conveniently forget that he was a hunter and that he used to capture and kill Draki Jacinda also claims that Will would never deliberately hurt anyone again she just forgot that he used to hunt and kill her species Most of the time it was hard to tell whether Jacinda and co were in human form or draki form In draki form they pretty much behaved like humans, they had hair and they talked it just got a bit confusing I liked Lia and wouldn t mind reading a spin off about her I hope if there are any spin off s that Cassian isn t the hero he s just the typical, brooding, boring love interest.A disappointing read, mainly down to the predictable plot and rubbish heroine This would have been a much engrossing read had Tamra narrated I would consider reading any future spin off s if it s with a decent heroine. ahh yes, yet another one Personally, I think they should leave little brat with the hunters, but whatever missrosey Update after Yay finished it This was good I m teetering on a 3.5 4 stars Hmm.I don t want to list every single thing that happened in this book, so I ll just say a few things I really enjoyed this series The characters never really bugged me, and thank goodness I always really liked Jacinda And Will swoon Honestly, being the coldhearted beast I am, I would have left Miram with the hunters But of course, that didn t happen They did go and save her, and with that they introduced a couple new characters and one character who is super adorable love So yeah, I always liked all of the characters in this series OH, and I call dibs on Cassian Action y parts Yay This book hardly left me bored There was always some kind of craziness going on Don t get me started on those last couple chapters Or the whole book, rather One thing I have to list that s a spoiler sowwy view spoiler So, they save Miram And then she gets killed I m not going to say that was a huge fail, cause Tara s whats his name boyfriend was saved and they also saved like, a bajillion other drakis, but still That sucks I never really liked her anyway but Still sucks For Cassian hide spoiler FINAL RATING 1.35 STARS CATCHALL Firelight had some problems, but it was new and different and despite its unlikeable cast of characters was a fun and awesome read I enjoyed Vanish much, much I gave it five stars Although honestly, looking back at it, at this point in my blogging career I probably would ve given it less Hidden, sadly, just didn t impress me at all I really wanted it to, but I just wasn t feeling it It was an extremely lackluster book for me and an overall disappointment This isn t a nice review at all It s harsh Very I mean, I ended up giving this book one star in the end, so, you know THE HEROINE JACINDAI ve always felt Jacinda was on the whiny side, and in this book I felt it intensely She was constantly second guessing herself to the point where I wanted to slap her and ask her why she has to be so freaking stubborn in the first place She constantly feels the need to rehash her feelings to the reader, as if we didn t get everything the first time she ranted Also, she seems almost obsessed with Will, which is creepy on so many levels that I m not even going to go there THE LOVE INTERESTS CASSIANCassian is the only character than I actually like in these books He s actually very interesting, and he really does seem to care about Jacinda though honestly I don t know what is so desirable about her He s a born leader, but he also is vulnerable And he s just so I don t know, hot I mean, he is, and I really love him for it He ll also sacrifice a lot for Jacinda He s actually very selfless and clearly has a good heart.WILLI hate Will I don t believe in mincing words, so I do I hate Will He s horrible and creepy and I just hate him He constantly feels the need to assert authority and is constantly trying to tell Jacinda what to do, which is not cool at all I feel like he s that kid who thinks he s a hotshot but is really and pardon my language here nothing but shit He s gross THE SISTER TAMRAI kind of feel like Tamra is such a random character Honestly, she never really does anything She whines a lot Then complains Then finds some sort of happiness, but of course at some point she ll just descend into whining again Frankly, I couldn t stand her THE PLOT Ah, the plot.Well, it starts off pretty interesting, actually There s this whole thing with the enkros facility, and what s going on there, and what will happen in the future and whatnot I mean, it was actually pretty interesting, and I was looking forward to seeing where it was gonna go I was even willing to ignore the gigantic plot holes that were big enough to hide a dinosaur in.Then it turned ugly real fast.It was clear by the halfway point that Sophie had no intention of answering pretty much all of the questions she raised in this novel And she didn t, so I was right I don t mind some open endings, but if you re going to open a thousand can of worms, you ve got to give something Leaving readers with a million questions generally pisses them off.It just felt so unnecessary Why bother to do something like that Just to be mean Like, seriously It just doesn t make any sense.I just it made me so angry It actually started off well, and then it all went downhill It really did have legitimate potential And then ruined In a moment.If I talk about this any I have the strangest feeling my fist will fly through my laptop, so I am going to top here Now And move on to something that will probably also make me angry, but hopefully in a different way THE ROMANCE Sophie s brand of romance is just gross At least, it s inappropriate for YA in my opinion She also writes historical romance for adults and, um, it shows There s one particularly awkward scene near the beginning that is basically completely pointless and not sexy or romantic at all, though I m sure it was intended to be I m putting it under a spoiler tab, although it won t really spoil anything Better safe than sorry view spoiler Jacinda is about to go into her draki form as part of their plan, and so she gets undressed but then decides that she just has to kiss Will, so she spins him around and kisses him And then apparently he kind of just kisses her It s weird and pointless and just disgusting hide spoiler Sophie Jordan, what the hell Why can t we all write like you.Even when it s completely unintentional, your writing leaps off the page and strikes my heartstrings Even if this book was completely plotless and the characters all sucked and everything about this book absolutely sucked, I would still be forced to give it at least three stars due to its writing.Not to say everything else is bad, because it s not far from it, actually But now you get my point.I went into Hidden without re reading or skimming through the first two books in the series, so I wasn t refreshed on what had previously happened However, I did remember one key thing that happened at the end of the second book, the cliffhanger you know what I m talking about , the massive cliffhanger that left me curled up in the fetal position bawling my eyes out Yeah, that cliffhanger, the one that made all other cliffhangers feel of lesser importance.Yeah, I remember that Jordan shoved that deep in my gut last year Thaaaaaanks With that in mind, I was relieved to see the cliffhanger brought to rest in this book What disappointed me about Hidden was the fact that the its length was totally hidden from me when I took it out of the UPS box I mean, this thing is 260 pages The first one was 320 Why the difference.Because of its short length, Hidden was fast paced and tightly plotted If you re looking for a nice, long book where the characters lounge around and have a lot of conversations and wait for action, this one is not for you, by any means The first page throws you right into the action, right where Vanish left off Everything is super right after the last, and you don t really have time to catch your breath after big action scenes.Lemme just get this over with now I LOVED THE END I would shout this from the rooftops if I could I loved everything about the end, even the fact that view spoiler everything about their mission was put to waste when Miram ended up dying, even though it severely frustrated me at first hide spoiler

Sharie KohlerSophie Jordan took her adolescent daydreaming one step further and penned her first historical romance in the back of her high school Spanish class This passion led her to pursue a degree in English and History.A brief stint in law school taught her that case law was not nearly as interesting as literature teaching English seemed the natural recourse After several years teaching high school students to love Antigone, Sophie resigned with the birth of her first child and decided it was time to pursue the long held dream of writing.In less than three years, her first book, Once Upon A Wedding Night, a 2006 Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Nominee for Best First Historical, hit book shelves Her second novel, Too Wicked To Tame, released in March 2007 with a bang, landing on the USA Today Bestseller s List.

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