Swallows and Amazons

Swallows and AmazonsThe First Title In Arthur Ransome S Classic Series, Originally Published In For Children, For Grownups, For Anyone Captivated By The World Of Adventure And Imagination Swallows And S Introduces The Lovable Walker Family, The Camp On Wild Cat Island, The Able Bodied Catboat Swallow, And The Two Intrepid S, Nancy And Peggy Blackett They sail around in boats and have jolly good fun I am amazed how little I remember about this book, which I know I read when I was about nine Some of the things I read then I can recall in fair detail, and for many others there are still key scenes or plot elements that stay sharp This one total blank Sorry, Mr Ransome Maybe aliens have operated on my brain. I feel like I heard about this book throughout my childhood I believe that the author wrote the introduction to one of my favorite childhood books, The Far Distant Oxus, which was heavily influenced by this book , but I never came across a copy I finally got around to reading itI do wish I d read it as a child, and I hope that kids today are reading it although they probably aren t It s the sort of book that just doesn t seem to get published today.Four young siblings ask permission to camp out on an island in a lake during their summer vacation They do so, meet a couple of other children, and play at piracy It s an ode to imagination and summer idylls but what s striking about it is its clear intention to inspire I liked all the details that make the reader feel fully equipped to do all the things the characters are shown doing The author accomplishes this without ever being patronizing or detracting from the flow of the story.These are very, very good children They are responsible, thoughtful and obedient I thought they could ve had a little bit mischief or something I think the goody goody aspect is why this didn t quite make it up to 5 stars But most of all, they are self reliant and capable Their parents recognize that for children to learn, you have to let them off a leash and supervise from a distance There is none of the gender bias that one might expect from a book published in 1930 OK, except for the mother asking the absent military father s permission before giving her blessing to the expedition but getting both parents approval for a major undertaking isn t that unreasonable No, not every child has the luxury of having this kind of summer vacation but every child can dream about having their own boat to play pirates with and every child can be inspired by the practical skills that these kids incorporate into their adventures The book doesn t even feel dated with one exception tent technology sure has progressed since the 1930s even since the 1970s I wrote a review of this and it disappeared It was a good review, too, nicely scathing about the tedium and the kids playing with matches and ending with a reference to Heart of Darkness as a metaphor for British colonialism.That it disappeared only solidifies in my mind the idea that it was the finest review I ve ever written, or ever will write Boring bloody slog will have to serve.Library copy. Remember the first time I read this book, it was in reading class when I was about 10 years old40 years ago Man how time flies I distinctly remember about thirty in the class, mixed boys and girls and how exited we were to have our turn to read a paragraph I remember the story was used a lot when I was in primary school We went to Botley camp in Somerset and there must of been 80 children from different schools and only 6 teachers to look after us Oh The nostalgia We actually reenacted the story and dressed up, made bows and arrows, split into two huge groups and had sooooo Much fun How the teachers pulled it off was a miracle I suppose forty years ago life was romantic and innocent back then Oh And at the end of the day we had a huge fire and barbecue Everybody sat around the fire singing camp songsthat is camp as in camping out in the woods songs not this modern take on the English language He He The book that truly made me fall in love with books How I longed to be part of that little gang with freedom, boats, picnics, adventures etc.I vividly recall passing my 11 exam those of you of a certain age will understand and my parents buying me a proper typewriter How I adored that machine I used to sit at my desk typing out great chunks of this book No idea quite why I did so, but I can only assume it was bound up with my love for it. This is a superficially simple tale about four siblings spending a week camping on a small island They meet two local sisters and play pirates with them I m sure if I had read it as a child myself I would have loved the concept As an adult I found it a little hard to get into at first Not much happens actionwise in the first half of the book The kids set up camp and we get a lot of useful information about boating However, as the days pass and the characters personalities became developed, I found myself really liking them and enjoying their immersion in their imaginations They are mature and resourceful in ways that are believable for their ages, and sometimes make mistakes I particularly liked how well the kids get along, something siblings hardly ever seem to do in contemporary stories for children. My daughter Arwen always loved this book, and I found her a copy from 1939 this year for Christmas So of course I read it.It s among the most charming childrens books I ve ever read It has a marvelous blending of real life and imagination and I m sure it was an inspiration to CS Lewis for his Narnia books Though they soon go off into a purely imaginative land, they begin in a world where a wardrobe can be a doorway to another world Swallows and s is like that, about the way that children can wrap a cloak of imagination around their activities.But the book and, I imagine, its sequels are also immensely practical, filled with cleverly inserted information about sailing technique, how to camp out, and how to be resourceful.Truly lovely.Up there with Anne of Green Gables as one of the great childrens books of all time, I think. This was a book that I never took to as a child The sailing, the fantasy of being an explorer, making camps on islands or lake shores were appealing, but maybe too alien and unreal for an inner city child who occasionally got to go out on the row boats in London parks, or maybe it was simply the kind of childhood that I would have wanted as a child cooped up in a flat with no garden and cruelly forbidden from thundering down the stairs like an elephant as my mother would have it, despite her lack of acquaintance with domesticated elephants, but didn t have safer to leave the book on the shelf rather than feel disappointed.However there was a time when I had a compass that I carried about whenever I could view spoiler I still have the compass, it doesn t stop me from getting lost hide spoiler UPDATE Well, it s been nearly a year and we re nearing the end of the series Still going strong and finding the books just as wonderful Because of these books, Logan started taking wilderness awareness classes, got a pocket knife for his birthday, and basically began taking an interest in physical and outdoor things We ve read many, many books, but I imagine these will be a big part of his memories of childhood reading And I must put in a plug for the Brilliance Audio versions read by Alison Larkin We ve listened to all of these books in the car and she s got a wonderful reading style and does amazing, but not over the top, accents We own all the paper books, but I am so glad we went with the audio books for this series They really give the flavor of the Yawkshuh environment Next goal To visit England so we can see the Lake District and the Norfolk Broads Logan doesn t give many things 5 stars, but he really thought this story was something special It has almost all the ingredients he likes A group of friends siblings has an adventure, with all the comradery and loyalty that entails there s danger but not TOO much danger and through independence and self reliance kids manage on their own It reminded him of Swiss Family Robinson, which he has listened to at least twice, except with kids He s almost 10 and I think would like to be able to have the independence that these kids, who range in age from 7 to about 13, have They spend several nights without adults on a desert island in the middle of a lake, sailing back and forth to the mainland every morning to collect milk and eggs, cooking over an open fire, and generally getting along without supervision and constant advice I wish he could too But he d need a group of kids and I doubt very much that in this day of fear and anxiety that I could find any other parents willing to let their kids try that out This book has inspired him to want to learn some survival skills and maybe together, we could try roughing it in the approved Swallows and s way.That s something I really like about these books In a review of a different book, Eric Linklater wrote, It is perhaps, Mr Ransome s happiest gift to dress all his invention in good workmanlike clothes He makes a tale of adventure a handbook to adventure Yep, this series is like a guide book on camping and sailing Ransome doesn t just say, They made camp He describes every detail from erecting the tents, to ensuring the fire stays going all night, to how they made their beds And yet it s effortless, not boring or teacherly We learned what leading lights are, so you can navigate into a harbor at night We learned how to mark a trail We learned that when you scrape the scales from a pike, they pop everywhere and get in your hair The level of detail is fascinating and I think one of the draws for Logan.He liked all the characters, but his favorite was Titty yes, Titty You get used to it , who is the most imaginative and daring, without being as bossy as Nancy Blackett The only thing this book was missing was a ship s cat Can t wait to listen to the next book

Arthur Michell Ransome was born in Leeds in 1884 and educated in Windermere and Rugby His family spent their summers at Nibthwaite, to the south of Coniston Water.In 1902, Ransome abandoned a chemistry degree to become a publisher s office boy in London He used this precarious existence to practise writing, producing several minor works before Bohemia in London 1907 , a study of London s

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