The Gladiator's Master

The Gladiator's MasterWARNING DO NOT READ THIS BOOK WHILE YOU ARE NOT HOME First of all, I can t thank my friend naughty Lyn she said so herself and I quote enough for recommending me this book I have never read any of Fae or Labbie works and I regret that I didn t discover these authors sooner This book is hands down one of the best books when it comes to Roman historical MM romance The book was such a delicacy to me and I reveled every minute reading it We have two polar opposites of MC, Caelius and Gaidres Caelius was an absolute optimist and a hedonist He only saw the goods of the world and enjoy it in anyway he could When his terrible uncle suddenly passed away, he inherited not only his villa but also a Ludus in Fedena When he arrived there, the villa and the Ludus, as well as the gladiators who resided there were in ruin He decided to change the conditions for better and brought Ludus to its former glory And one fierce gladiator who stared at him in hatred, agony and rebellion caught his eyes The guy was as fierce as a lion and as beautiful as Jupiter himself He couldn t control himself for wanting this man in his bed Gaidres was a glorified warrior who was captured by Caelius s uncle and forced into slavery He d lost everything, his freedom, his glory, his honor and most importantly, his love He s only breathing for one reason and one reason alone To kill and finish the cursed Roman family line who forced him into slavery and made him lose everything he once loved Yet, when Caelius sent for him to his chambers, Gaidres couldn t help himself but gave into the bodily pleasures of Caelius While Caelius was slowly falling in love with Gaidres, he still couldn t let go the wish to murder Caelius He thought he only liked Caelius and all they felt between them was just the pleasure of flesh And it took him the disaster of nearly losing Caelius to made him realize that he had indeed fallen in love with the soft hearted, gentle dreamer The book started off very strong and swept me away off my feet along while reading until the end The passion and sex between Caelius and Gaidres was raw, wild, uncontrolled and very very sexy I have read far dirtier books than this one and yet the bedroom talk of these two lovers made me blush blush which all my friends know that this is such a HUGE statement and melted my heart and made me feel butterflies in my stomach Especially the part when Gaidres gave in after a month of refusing to make love with Caelius, sigh that love making part of that chapter was so raw and wild and extremely erotic Gaidres was such an interesting character The man was in constant agony of the battle between his heart and his brain I m so happy that these two lovers got a HEA they deserved And the authors were so clever at achieving the HEA without being illogical or unreasonable The research they made on this book was very impressive and I loved every twist and turns of the plot I ll definitely read works of them Favorite excerpt from the book I love you, too My fear ruined that moment and for that I forever beg your forgiveness I will not allow my fear to ruin any I am yours 5 ecstatic very satisfied stars When Roman Politician Caelius Inherits A Stable Of Gladiators, There Is One Who Captures His Attention Above The Othersone Whose Eyes Gleam With Hate, Pride And DesireForced Into Slavery By Roman Greed, Gaidres Can Barely Conceal His Contempt Toward His New Dominus Gaidres Has A Plan Kill Caelius And End The Lineage Of The Roman Family That Enslaved Him For His Plan To Succeed, He Must Make A Show Of Respect And Obedience Even When Called On To Service His Master S DesiresGaidres Is Shocked To Learn That In The Confines Of His Quarters, Caelius Doesn T Want To Dominate His Slave, But To Be Taken By Him The Sex Is Explosive As They Break Society S Taboos And, To Gaidres S Dismay, They Form A Tenuous Relationship Even When Caelius Learns Of Gaidres S Plans For Revenge, He Knows He Can T Live Without His Perfect Lover Is He Willing To Risk It All To Tame His Gladiator S Heart Update Rating downgraded from 4 stars to 3 3.5 stars, January 17, 2013REVIEW COMPLETED JULY 19, 2012I m glad I took a plunge into unknown waters It was very good and I really liked it Caelius has inherited the House of Laraniia including a ludus from his uncle who had died a few weeks ago As a side note Ludus is a gladiator school The plural of ludus is ludi. The ludi were important occasions for entertainment in Roman society Now Caelius has come to claim his property At the same time he hopes to further his political aspirations However, when he sees the fighters Caelius is very disappointed Despite all the money he sent to his uncle, the slaves are malnourished, very filthy and most of them are in a poor state of health as well There s one man who d caught Caelius s eye though He s got vivid eyes and an exquisite body He is full of pride and defiance It s Argon Gaidres Caelius puts him in charge of all the other men until he can make better arrangements Argon will have to report to Caelius what will be needed Gaidres is Thracian and he hates all Romans because they slaughtered his love Kerses before his eyesCan you give me that undone, Dominus Can you give me my heart backCaelius has a taste for men and would like for Gaidres to share his bed Gaidres tells himI do not bend over for any man, he growled in a low voice, no doubt so the guards wouldn t overhear them EverCaelius is rather perceptive and feels that Gaidres has been hurt in ways far painful than the obvious scars on his body indicated They begin a carnal relationship but as time goes by feelings make things a bit complicated Even Gaidres who wanted nothing than revenge for his slaughtered lover begins to reconsider his deadly vows As a matter of fact, it s unusual for Gaidres to find pleasure instead of pain at the hands of a Roman And he begins to harbor kind feelings for a man he wanted to see dead than anything else I really enjoyed The Master s Gladiator. I ve never read anything like this before but I m very glad I gave it a try The plot is good and the characterization is well done too The steam factor between Caelius and Gaidres is off the charts good, and I think the hot o meter was running at its highest level The first sex scene smexytimes against a wall was fanfreakintastic Whew wipes eyebrows Having said that, I think their attraction was pretty animalistic from the get go and their chemistry was utterly palpable Always Boy, the sparks were flying Gaidres keeps everything locked up but anger and desire My oh my, was he ever a stubborn and bitter man and so full of hatred, tooOh, my gladiator, you are your own worst slave master Far crueler than I could ever beSometimes Gaidres just wore me out Frankly, he was difficult to love Then again, I got a glimpse of a different man though A man who is kindhearted and caring Yes, Gaidres has a soft spot Somewhere Just look thoroughly and you ll find it The contrast to the hard man, Gaidres, was Caelius s oh so cute baby boy, Faustus There is something incredibly sweet when a strong man is holding a little baby in his arms And when two men are kissing and one is holding a baby in his arms well, I was just meeeelting away It was a sweet tastic don t know if that s English but I had to write it anyway moment of super loveliness Ah, yes, be still my little heart I know, I know shut it, Baba D Caelius earned Gaidres esteem when he treated him with respect and kindness And Caelius earned my respect and esteem when he put up with a lot of crap that Gaidres dished out when he acted like a stubborn donkey Gratitude, Dominus WHAT I DISLIKEDWhen I hit the 87 % mark something happened that I seriously dislikethe author added a huge cheese factor. It almost ruined the book for me I really don t get it why a story should end up in a gooey mess of syrup I almost fell in a sugar induced coma I don t want cheesy endings any And this particular day can t come soon enough for me If you re on the lookout for a m m read that is a bit different, then give The Master s Gladiator a try Enjoy I strongly advise you to read the author s note 5 plus stars This book was A WORK OF ART I didn t want it to end The writing was beautiful The MCs were well matched, and their chemistry was mind blowing 3,8 Stars great attraction, lust, hatred, dare to believe in new love, to overcome and shape your own destiny all in an ancient Rome Finally, a complete review August 30, 2013Sometimes I don t at all know what I will get and experience when I start reading a new book A love story between two men, a Roman nobleman and a gladiator slave, felt at least very tempting to get to know about I have always loved these stories, movies and TV dramas about the old ancient Rome, and their quite liberated unrestrained lives for the free nobility in any case In these exciting stories we usually also get to meet some huge, large, hard, shapely and very proud men who forgets the movies about these yummy gladiators Never I.With that said, you may understand that I threw myself over thishistorical M M romancebook that takes place on an estate where gladiators are trained to entertain the Roman nobility with bloody battles in the arena It was intoxicating, to drive a man so controlled in other ways to the point of madness with a simple touch, a kiss or a circling thrust.Their tongues tangled, teeth scraping as they feasted on each other like a fine meal This kiss soaked into his soul, filling Gaidres up in a way that made his heart pound with a mixture of thrilled elation and guilt driven fear This is a story about the Roman politician Caelius a few years after Christ s birth who inherits a farm with gladiators Caelius is a liberal man who believes in the new teachings and want to change in Rome s empire He has never had a stable of gladiators and would rather not staying at his newly inherited property One of the gladiators will immediately receive the new owner s attention He is the tall, big, hard and so beautiful slave Gaidres One of the strongest gladiators Gaidres is a man who was born free, and was captured by the previous owner of the stable, Caelius relative, and he is a bitter and very angry man who has given himself the promise to kill all men of the Roman family, he hates so much So begins this beautiful tale about big attraction, submission, hatred, growing to love and two proud men from different social classes His lion would deny it, but he had a gentle soul inside him I ll cheer you, my gladiator I expect you ll hear my voice over all others and when you do, know that I ll be anticipating the battle we will no doubt wage in my bed tonight Gaidres s eyes flashed a wicked blue Of that you can be sure, Caelius I ve mostly good things to say about this book It caught me and I read with amusement all the approximately 240 pages It was both the conflict in that one of them took the other but also of the need for dominance and submission Both characters ended up in my romantika heart and I m sure I will remember their love story for a long time But there was something missing for full marks from me Perhaps it was that the spirit of the times was not clear in the story Maybe it was too cute in the end, or too much time in the bedroom and too little told about all the interesting things around It was in my opinion a little bit too sugar sweet sometimes from Caelius , a little too stubborn and obstinate too long from Gaidres but overall a really likeable story His lover watched with avid eyes and cheered as loudly as any of the others Gaidres s heart swelled with pride and he raised his sword, pointing it to him in tribute For you A part of him swore Caelius heard the whispered promise It was steamy and kinky hot in Caelius bedchamber, grand romantic feelings from both, tough gladiators, evil enemies, a nagging wife, wonderful children, family and a wonderful promise of a sweet future, for at least these two men, in the very old and ancient Roman Empire A fine and very readable historical gay romance.I LIKE beautifully antique 4.5 StarsI have owned this book for easily over 5 years and never quite got around to it I put it on a challenge shelf, and it was chosen, but I ve been putting it off for some reason Then, my friend Shin prodded me with a recommendation and despite her review assuring me it wouldn t break my heart like Axios did, I still left it for later Finally, it fit the Pass the Parcel challenge for week 2 and I decided to bite the bullet.And now I m kicking my own ass for having waited so long to read it.Emotional, sexy, seemingly historically accurate if a bit rose tinted which Gaidres POV pointed out frequently I was enthralled I never knew what to expect I d think the story was heading one way, and it would veer completely off in another direction and what I thought would be the climactic scene didn t unfold in the way I thought it would I knew of the view spoiler arena tragedy hide spoiler A gladiator, a Roman noble, and a cute baby What else do you want in M M story The theme gladiator and his master might give us wrong impression that this is a BDSM novel, but it actually is not While there is an issue of domination and submission, it s not done in physical way.Caelius, the gladiator master, inherited a poorly run gladiator house Of gladiators he saw, one with blue eyes captured his attention Unfortunately Gaidres, the gladiator, sees his master as a Roman, the same people who killed the only man he ever loved and forced him to live as a slave When his master wants Gaidres to warm his bed, he obliges He was pleasantly surprised to learn that his master prefers to be bottom But, when the master wants from him, his heart, Gaidres is not sure It would be a betrayal to his dead lover and his plan to kill the master Even when he is offered to be freed, Gaidres declines it Yet, he is tugged between his revenge plan and his growing fond of his master.Caelius has always been a men lover He has indulged himself in wild sex parties in most of his adult life Yet, now he is willing to throw them all and face the consequences of being mocked by the Roman society if only he could realize his dream of being loved by his gladiator Still, he doesn t want to force the issue He wants Gaidres to come to him willingly, not out of duty as his slave.Would a challenge of Titanic or Hindenburg caliber separate them forever, before they both learn how much they love each other I immensely enjoyed reading the book The main characters are very likeable There are tensions between them, which often lead to sex There are plenty of sex, but they serve a purpose in the story line Their love is built slowly, as it has to dance with hate and revenge The authors provide a note at the end saying that they did quite research on the historical events taking place in the book, which is interesting to know The only one that to me may not be realistic is Caelius attitudes, which seems to be too modern for his time Still, it doesn t take much from the rest of the book.This is such a sweet romance book Did I mention a cute baby Recommended. By the gods, he was gorgeous, all of his muscles taut, and leaned back before him A nod to my man, Stuart Reardon Bows headCaptive Prince meets Brothers of the Wild North Sea, with a Nagron flare All my favorites blended I adored this book In a way, it reminded me of the intensity of Love the Sinner I was absolutely taken with this, impressed, dazzled, loved it This is my Dominus,I had trouble with the names, here is my Gay dress, my Gladiator, so pissed offThis book checked all my boxes Well developed likable characters, angsty emotional convos, possessive visceral animal sex, and swords All good stuff Highly recommend.The words subligar and ludus will always remind me of this bookHis lover looked so fierce with the naked sword in his hand, the the blood on his cheek By the gods, Caelius loved him 5 Hits All The Feelz Stars 5 stages I went through whilst reading this spectacular book, in case you haven t guessed it yet, for the entire length of the book, I took a ride on theand was perpetually entombed in athat tore my heart out, made my eyes prickle with tears of sadness and happiness, and that left me satisfied with an HEA that made all the hurt worth it First and foremost, I definitely have to commend Ms Sutherland and Ms Labbe for all the hard work they put into the making of this book because it definitely shows There was some terrific world building This book took place in 27 AD, and you can t just pull information from that time period unless you re Jimmy Neutron out of your ass and make it believable It takes a lot of research and dedication to establish a setting where the way of life for the gladiators and their masters feels real I also most definitely have to applaud them for the wonderful writing It was descriptive but not overly so, flowed smoothly, concise, and utterly attention grabbing I absolutely adored the MCs, and they both tugged at my heartstrings Caelius inherits his uncle s property, including his slaves, when his uncle dies There, he meets the slave gladiator Gaidres, whom he is immediately attracted to due to his untamed spirit and strong will Gaidres hates his new owner, Caelius, as much as he hated his predecessor Caelius uncle who had destroyed Gaidres village, killed his family and his one true love, Kerses When Caelius first asks Gaidres if he would dominate him in bed, Gaidres agrees only to punish and humiliate his master by using him in bed for his uncle s crimes The time they spend together in each other s company, the they, inevitably, start to care for one another When they do start to fall for one another, it is an unsurprisingly painful for both but for different reasons Caelius loves to surrender to his handsome and fierce gladiator, someone who is not willing to bow down to him and who will overpower him He had no trouble surrendering his body into his gladiator s strong hands The difficulty lay with knowing that Caelius heart may follow And surely allowing his foolish emotions to tumble at this man s feet would be the worst idea he ever had. He knows that it would be foolhardy to fall for someone like Gaidres, who despises Romans and carries this burden of guilt for failing to protect his lover when Caelius uncle attacked their village Gaidres has lived in an empty, colorless void ever since he lost his beloved The only thing that keeps him going is his hatred for the Romans and desire to kill the heir Caelius of the man who took everything from him He would bide his time and when the moment presented itself to rid himself of the last Roman master he intended to have, he would take it And then his laughable excuse for a life would be over.But not before he rid the world of one slave monger One person he held responsible for the destruction of his life and those he d loved It was all he had now and he would hold his path. However, Caelius keeps throwing wrenches into Gaidres plans because he proves to be a benevolent man who treats all in his household, including his slaves, as part of his family He believes in being compassionate toward all and not getting others to do things for him through sheer cruelty What was wrong with Caelius Why did he not know the rules of the world when everyone else, even Gaidres, did And why did he insist on trying to make Gaidres play by those rules of his, bent as they wereCaelius undeniably falls for his powerful and wild gladiator Unfortunately, he experiences a lot of heartbreak for it because Gaidres cannot admit to himself that he cares for a Roman Hence, this is when stages 2 and 5 see above come in and leave me constantly sniffling with a lump in my throat I couldn t help but feel sorry and want to hug and comfort Caelius for loving a man who is in so much pain and who cannot admit his love for a Roman Despite all the hurt Gaidres causes Caelius, I never wanted to rail at him because his anger at Romans is understandable, as well as the guilt he feels for the affection he has for Caelius, the heir of the man who killed his lover Thankfully, stages 1 and 3 when these two ultra sexy alphas get it on helped in not leaving me an utterly crumpled mess on the floor, sobbing and calling for mommy I mean, seriously, nothing could help me cool down from these two when they found themselves in a bedroom The question died on his lips as he seemed to recognize the need in Gaidres s gaze and froze The way Caelius s eyes widened with thrilled desire told him that however far above Gaidres he was in status, it was beneath Gaidres that he wanted to be right then Caelius wet his lips, and Gaidres growled as he reached him and tore the sheet from his body, pushing him back on his rumpled bedMouths met hard and Gaidres swallowed Caelius s moan, plundering his mouth and then roughly turning Caelius over. If you want to read a historical fiction novel with great world building, a good heaping of angst, two scorching hot guys getting it on, and an HEA that makes all the hurt worth it, then I am definitely reccommending this one. Jun 17th, 2017 Fourth read Still ABSOLUTELY LOVE PERFECTION Will review later but WOW, I LOVVVVVED this book In terms of the language, it would help if you ve seen the Starz series Spartacus Actually, this book had a lot in common with that series Caelius and Gaedres YUMM Gaedres is a true alpha that just made my toes curl and stomach flutter The love between them is awesome and the writing pretty much flawless Love the inclusion of Faustus which rounded out the family unit I am so happy I stumbled on this book Definitely one I would read again.Added Jan 31, 2013 Ok, so I never did write a review But, I re read this this past weekend and I am still head over heels in love with it Every other gladiator book I ve tried gets compared to this one and falls short TGM stands head and shoulders over the rest in my opinion.

Fae Sutherland is the award winning, bestselling author of 30 M M erotic romance novels co authored and solo She also writes M F erotic romance under a pen name.When Fae s not working on new stories to make her readers sweat, she loves website design, spending too much time on Twitter, and watching oodles of Food Network with her beloved life partner If there s any time left over, it s spent s

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