Fog Outside An Isolated Cabin, Winter Fog Caresses Spruce Trees Inside, Two Men, Lovers, Have Enacted A Plan Of Revenge, Kidnapping The Handsome Son Of The Man Who Wronged One Of Them Al, The Accomplice, Has Stalked Rob For Weeks, And His Infatuation For The Young Man Has Grown Deeper Than He Ever Anticipated So Much So That He Finds Himself Drawn To Protect Rob From The Rage And Vengeance Burning Away His Partner Jay S Insides Caring For Their Bound And Gagged Captive, Witheach Passing Day Al Finds His Power Over Rob A Potent And Irresistible Aphrodisiac And His Heart Dangerously Moved But Jay Has No Intention Of Ever Allowing The Young Man To Escape Jeff Mann S Fog Is Brutally Sexy, Crossing That Liminal Space Where Sensuality And Cruelty Meet And Mingle Over And Over Again A Breathtaking And Deeply Erotic Tale Of Violence, Lust And Above All, A Loving Passion That Makes You Ache In Sympathy Simply Fantastic JC Herneson, Author Of Spring Of The Stag God If you ve never read Jeff Mann before either his prose or his poetry then you are likely about to be both shocked and impressed If you have read Jeff Mann, then it will not surprise you when I say that the balances between violence and compassion, eroticism and fear, assault and tenderness and an ever present dance between destructiveness and hope are constantly tipping and shifting in FOG Mann has a facility with binding the erotic with the dangerous and bringing the BDSM to such a highly charged place you can smell the sweat on the page and in FOG, this is so painfully brilliant in its execution that I ended up gobbling the book in two sittings, turning the pages faster and faster and unsure whether I was racing towards a story doomed to disaster, or one where there might actually be some sort of hope for the damaged souls.The narrative s set up will sound straightforward a man wronged by a police officer in the past Jay has his partner Al kidnap the police officer s son Rob and the three men are together in a cabin during a particularly cold and icy winter Jay has a dominant relationship with Al, but Rob s arrival sparks something in Al that threatens all of their safety and futures a possessive compassion.These three men, each broken in their own way, orbit each other in a spiral of assault, imprisonment, beatings, love, sex, blood, submission and domination that is so genuinely enthralling you ll be hard pressed as I was to put the book down As things grow tangled and the emotions of Al become conflicted, the reality that not everyone is likely to make it through this time alive becomes all the apparent, and the tension rises viscerally for the reader As erotic as it is disturbing and it is both FOG lives up to its name The lines blur, and the world around these three characters grows and narrow, closing in around them and leaving them with no clarity to find a way out.I can t recommend this one highly enough It s dark, yes, but it s just so damn poetic and beautifully written that even the cruelest moments are stunning. I love bears Aren t they adorable Unfortunately this book contained rapey, redneck bears No rating for now since, uh, someday I might finish this book It s not terrible Just not my thing, which I knew going in This is how I felt while reading bored, disbelieving, uninterested oh hey, scrapple Thankfully Loco took mercy on me cough pregnancy pity cough and we ended our dual torture HOORAY Original review Visions of furry bellies and chubby hands have already traumatized me, thanks to this review dear friend Loco thought it would be fun if I read this questionable book while she read a book of my choosing I m thrilled to share she is very much looking forward to my selection In fact, she can t contain her excitement She s elated, overjoyed, and filled with love and gratitude for me. Un Fucking Believable Excellent book Will write up tomorrow I was really disappointed with this book I wanted DARK DARK DARK But I got DARK, LESS DARK, then in my opinion FLUFF I just struggled with how Rob and Al s relationship ended up It seriously made me think image error Goodreads says this is my third re read but I m pretty sure this is about 5 Still my absolute favorite of Jeff Mann s books Still five stars So technically my rating for this book would be about 55 stars not 5 and, given the content, I think I am beginning to scare myself My brain is still pinging around in my skull but just to get a few thoughts out there This is an unbelievably HOT and well written book It is extremely dark and gritty, and definitely not for everyone The BDSM is not for beginners throw in the pretty graphic rape scene, the knife play and the musky, manly lovemaking and WELL, you ve counted alot of people out but BUT the prose is so poetic and beautiful, and the characters so vividly drawn that you can t help but become totally immersed in the drama surrounding these three men The book addresses very taboo subjects but, within that, there is a humanizing of the characters, even the bad ones that makes it a very nuanced and three dimensional story I do have a soft spot for big, beefy bears and so I LOVED Al Jeff does BDSM the way I like it, which is with a thoughtfulness and gentleness outside of and sometimes during play and with a window into the master daddy s mindset Through it we see how the dom is as dependent on the sub as the sub is on him Apart from all this, Al was just a good, kind, loyal and kinky man who was in a dysfunctional relationship and wanting to please his husbear.I found the ending quite fitting and realistic and this is definitely a book I will read again and again AND AGAIN Will look for by this author ETA Re read Sep 14, 2015 Yeppp, still absolutely love it I would so love a sequel, though I guess the ending here is fitting I just want DNF page 18 of 217 What an absorbing, uncomfortable, mesmerizing read this was Much as I like dark and taboo, the contemporary kidnap held in bondage torture trope is a difficult one for me It rings too close to home for comfort, it s too easy to put myself in the victim s place The element of it being man on man abuse doesn t make it any less easy to identify with the victim in Fog Here is the difficulty and the brilliance all wrapped up in one.Rob young and beautiful is kidnapped by partners Jay and Al burly bears , as revenge for a wrong Jay perceives was done to himself They want to make Rob pay for the sins of his father who put Jay in prison some years ago What I didn t count on was this author s ability to mess with my head while I was reading Is Rob really a compliant victim Does he have his own agenda How would I react in his position Does this feel real How far will Al and Jay go in this orgy of revenge and lust I squirm, I feel for Rob, I m sucked in by the erotic connection between the three men, I find myself sympathizing with one of the abusers, and I never quite know what is going to happen next Jeff Mann gives us a muscly, no frills, homoerotic romance Adding to my squick with contemporary capture abuse is an element of horror too The main setting is an isolated house in the woods, in the back country of a Virginia holler A creaky, cold house forever shrouded by fog or ice, pummeled by rain or sleet Pervasive fog and cold, also an allegory for the three protagonists separate realities.An edgy, difficult subject wonderful writing and a compelling story. 4,5 starsFogbelongs to one of those books that makes you feel wrong to talk about enjoying while reading it The plot is dark, horrifying, painful, disturbing and absolutely NOT for the faint heartedIt deals with emotionally difficult topics rape, kidnapping, abuse, Stockholm Syndrome, hate, vengeance and sexual torture So, yes, take it as a WARNING and don t read it, if all THESE are outside your comfort zone.To your note I M NOT INTO SOMETHING LIKE THIS EITHER NORMALLY But I made make will make a BIG EXCEPTION for Jeff Mann I m going to read EVERYTHING he wrote or will release I LOVE his writing His writing is AMAZING, captivating, addictive and sooooooo INTENSE Even if it will make you feel physically nauseous on some pages, you won t be able to put it down Well, I couldn t Again, I have no idea what it says about me Did I mention that it is soooo DIRTY KINKY HOT Yes, it is I m though glad that my first book by this author was Purgatory A Novel of the Civil War, and my second Salvation A Novel of the Civil War To simplify the story of Ian, a soldier of the Confederate army, and a Yankee Drew Conrad out of The Civil War Novel series have many parallels with the story of Rob, a kidnapped young man, and Al, a partner and accomplice of a kidnapper Jay from Fog, but the background and the characters are very different WHY Because those two books belong to my highlight of the year 2015 AND I got to know the WAY Jeff Mann develops his stories, and I knew that in spite of a violent and rough start I ll be rewarded at the end with a very romantic ending I was right I And I LOVE IT.While reading Fog, I ve been switching between an eBook and an audibleAudible I have to admit that I prefer Mikael Nara as a narrator I don t know if it s because I loved Purgatory A Novel of the Civil War a bit than Fog that he narrated , or maybe because I liked the narrating of Julian Davison a bit less I was surprised at the beginning, because the voice of Julian Davison sounded like a voice of a.erat least over sixty years old man Later I found out that Al was twice as old as Rob, but forty something is not over sixty, right I got used to this voice while listening to it, and I just enjoyed the story a lot to complain, but Julian Davison wouldn t have been my first choice, if I had to decide HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDTo tell the truth, if you won t get a magic and delicate poesy of this extraordinary novel, I m sorry for you This book was dark and disturbing at times, but also tender, emotional and thought provoking A really satisfying book, which I would recommend.

Jeff Mann s poetry, fiction, and essays have appeared in many publications, including Prairie Schooner, Shenandoah, Laurel Review and The Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide He has published three award winning poetry chapbooks, Bliss, Mountain Fireflies, and Flint Shards from Sussex two full length books of poetry, Bones Washed with Wine and On the Tongue a collection of personal essays, Edge Tr

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