The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling You guys know I hate Hans Christian Anderson s way of ending the stories. I started this with the same expectations But unexpectedly here I got the happy ending HAPPY ENDING As always, his writing style didn t fail to amuse me I totally love him for this For those like me who have read many of his short stories, will see some similarities But I like them This is the story of an ugly duckling Nobody accepts him because of his ugliness He goes through the cruel behaviour of world around him and sees that only beauty has the value view spoiler After a long time, he learned that he wasn t even a duck He was actually a swan who grows from ugliness to beautiful After that he began to enjoy the world hide spoiler For Over One Hundred Years The Ugly Duckling Has Been A Childhood Favorite, And Jerry Pinkney S Spectacular New Adaptation Brings It Triumphantly To New Generations Of Readers With Keen Emotion And Fresh Vision, The Acclaimed Artist Captures The Essence Of The Tale S Timeless Appeal The Journey Of The Awkward Little Bird Marching Bravely Through Hecklers, Hunters, And Cruel Seasons Is An Unforgettable Survival Story This Blooming Into A Graceful Swan Is A Reminder Of The Patience Often Necessary To Discover True Happiness Splendid Watercolors Set In The Lush Countryside Bring Drama To Life Is there anyone who does not know the the famous fairytale story of The Ugly Duckling Originally the Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen called it view spoilerThe Young Swanshide spoiler . I feel like this is one of the most powerful fables told to children It is one of my favorite stories I think it is also one of the archetypes that is really running in todays world There are so many people who don t feel like they belong to their families, who are rejected by their communities They have to find their own communities Being in the world of healing, I have seen many people who have had to struggle against their family and find their place in the world, just like the ugly duckling did This is especially true in the LGBTQ community It is getting better nowadays, but people are still rejected for who they are made to be and must go out and find their own family This little story, which is beautiful illustrated by Jerry, is such a roadmap and a reminder for those people born in the family that rejects them, that there is a place out in the world with people like them where they can belong There is a place of acceptance and a place to gracefully fly I have seen it so many times.I don t know that the kids see how powerful this is The nephew loved the animals He does like this story and he gave this 3 stars The niece has had some issues at school here and there and I think this story made a little sense to her She gave this 4 stars. It s a wonderful story about Self acceptance,The Difference and how it does not necessarily mean a bad thing The Ugly Duckling is one of the most famous fairy tales of Danish Hans Christian Andersen 1805 1875 I am still to read the whole collection but I got a copy of this book as I try to buy a few children s books every payday for our outreach program for child literacy on May 25, 2013 to be held at the Museo Pambata We will spend half a day to read three stories to children aged 4 8 from the financially challenged families of Manila, we will also feed them and give them loot bags that contain school supplies, candies, biscuits, etc Then all the donated books will go to the Museo for their mobile library If you want to donate, please communicate with me Any amount or second hand children s books will do.Well, we all know the story of the ugly ducking Accidentally mixed with a duck s eggs, he it is only now that I found out that the ugly duckling is male is hatched and grows up with ducks Naturally, he looks different so all the animals and people around find him ugly Until he matures and sees a group of swans and so he finds out that he is a swan and not a duck.For me the lesson is to make sure that you segregate the eggs properly How can a swan s egg get mixed with duck s egg It is like in the hospital, in the past the hospitals have loose procedures Now, I guess all hospitals follow a certain generally accepted procedures for newly born babies to be footprinted, to immediately have a name tag, to be photographed with the parents, etc I am not saying that swans and ducks have these too I think what I am trying to say is that the mix up is unexplained and so the ugly duckling suffers from being an outcast and extreme humiliation I am sure that if this happens to an individual, the trauma that the very young ugly duckling from being ostracized would left a permanent damage to his self esteem and psyche.We should love even those who look different from us. A wonderful story of a duckling facing discrimination just because of her appearance Emotional and heart touching Reading it in my school days, I remember getting tearful over this one. I just don t like the message that you shouldn t be mean to ugly people because someday they might turn out to be beautiful What about a story where he stays ugly and that s fine because beauty is a pretty insignificant and temporary thing Yeah I know it s an old traditional story, but it s still not a great message I have similar issues with the story of Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer teaching children everywhere to be nice to weird people because someday they might turn out to be bloody useful. One of the most known and most loved fairy tales of all I loved it as a kid and so did my kids and my grandchildren It is emotional and touching as you see what the duckling goes through, and many kids can relate to that It is a wonderful lesson of self acceptance, and getting through difficult periods in our lives A true classic that everyone should read at least once.

Hans Christian Andersen often referred to in Scandinavia as H C Andersen April 2, 1805 August 4, 1875 was a Danish author and poet Although a prolific writer of plays, travelogues, novels, and poems, Andersen is best remembered for his fairy tales Andersen s popularity is not limited to children his stories called eventyr, or fairy tales express themes that transcend age and nationalit

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