Wizards at War

Wizards at WarNita And Kit Return From Their Wizardly Holiday, Looking Forward To Getting Back To Their Everyday Routine But There S Trouble Brewing A Strange Darkness Of The Mind And Heart Is About To Befall The Older Wizards Of The World, Stealing Away Their Power Soon, The Young Wizards Of Earth And Many Other Planets Find Themselves Forced To Defend Wizards And Nonwizards Alike Against An Invasion Of A Kind They Ve Never ImaginedBut Mere Defense Won T Be Enough To Combat The Evil Afoot With Their Alien Teammates, Nita, Kit, And Dairine Must Race To Search Worlds Known And Unknown For The Secret Weapon The Powers That Be Have Promised Them Before The Minions Of The Sinister Lone Power Find It First And Then, For The First Time In Millenia, The Wizards Must Go To War Diane Duane needs to personally apologize to me for everything regarding Ponch as I feel personally attacked. I cried so much over this book, you don t even know The author does the unforgivable she messes with the dog But then all is put right at the end Yes, this is a SPOILER, but one that I think should be mandatory in all works of fiction where dogs are endangered The dog is all right in the end Doesn t matter if civilization as we know has been destroyed, so long as the dog s okay.Anyway, this book is about all life in the universe coming to an end due to the ever increasing expansion of dark matter Some of the effects in the next stage are planets falling out of orbit, and all older wizards losing their magic So all the younger wizards have to group together and stop this thing Only there s a problem, everything they ve tried so far just increases the rate of expansion.Nita s group has a lead on something that can stop it, and with Ponch the dog on the scent, they re led right to an insect planet where all the lifeforms are inhabited by the Lone Power Massive evil And yet, this is where the thing or person who ll win the battle is to be found Also, at the same time, the primary world gating facility think Grand Central Station is being invaded and the Earth is on the brink of nuclear war.Plus, even if this thing or person can stop the dark matter from getting bigger, what s to stop what s already there from eating the Earth Uh oh But the dog s all right. After my disappointment in Wizard s Holiday and the cliffhanger ending that led into this book, I wasn t sure what I would get or how I would like it Well, I am now officially protesting only being allowed to give a book five stars This deserve every star ever born This was phenomenal, and a definite one to read with a box of tissues close at hand There will be sad tears and happy tears alike I m really impressed with how Duane managed to turn Roshaun s character around Not that he stops being a pompous ass, mind you But withbackground on him and his situation on his home planet, andtime spent with him as he and Dairine become friends, lends a lot to being able to appreciate his character better I even came to appreciate his pompousness D Filif and Skeer ret continue to be great, we get some great character development for Carmela and Ponch, some expected, and some very much not expected That Duane can still surprise her readers this far into the series is a testament to her skill as a writer.This is a long book, with a few different POVs, and it s necessary This is the culmination of the series up to this point We see characters returning from previous books, and we understand the stakes after the various travels we ve seen our main three characters have done over the previous seven books This was tense and the prose was beautiful as ever This series easily could ve ended here most other authors would build up to the Doom Day book and end it Duane doesn t do that She leaves just enough to hint at future stories, maybe not ones that will be as intense or as high stakes as this one, but still stories worth telling And after this long with her, I m willing to go along with the ride.I can t say muchwithout spoiling a bunch of stuff, but I ve decided that this is the secret about dogs the Colonel was going to tell Dean Winchester before the dog talking spell wore off. It s hard to say things about this one without spoiling it especially as the completely unexpected resolution is genuinely heart breaking but farso if you don t know about it.But there are some brilliantly unsettling bits quite apart from that The scene with Tom and Nita is very effective, as are the equivalent ones on the alien planets, and the section in the Throne Room.And not forgetting the enjoyably tense climax which involves no less than three Deus ex Machina although she does cop out a little in the aftermath, which cheats somewhat in resolving things But that s a small niggle in an epic story that doesn t ever feel rushed yes, I know that s not really what they are But they sure feel like it when they are slightly unsubtly introduced at their various points they might as well have been suddenly dropped in with no warning, which is what a proper DeM is OK, apart from the last one.

Diane Duane has been a writer of science fiction, fantasy, TV and film for than thirty years.Besides the 1980 s creation of the Young Wizards fantasy series for which she s best known, the Middle Kingdoms epic fantasy series, and numerous stand alone fantasy or science fiction novels, her career has included extensive work in the Star Trek TM universe, and many scripts for live action and a

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  • Hardcover
  • 552 pages
  • Wizards at War
  • Diane Duane
  • English
  • 04 July 2018
  • 9780152047726

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