The Rest Falls Away (The Gardella Vampire Hunters, #1)

The Rest Falls Away (The Gardella Vampire Hunters, #1) Beneath The Glitter Of Dazzling Nineteenth Century London Society Lurks A Bloodthirsty Evil Vampires Have Always Lived Among Them, Quietly Attacking Unsuspecting Debutantes And Dandified Lords As Well As Hackney Drivers And Bond Street Milliners If Not For The Vampire Slayers Of The Gardella Family, These Immortal Creatures Would Have Long Ago Taken Control Of The World In Every Generation, A Gardella Is Called To Accept The Family Legacy, And This Time, Victoria Gardella Grantworth Is Chosen, On The Eve Of Her Debut, To Carry The Stake But As She Moves Between The Crush Of Ballrooms And Dangerous Moonlit Streets, Victoria S Heart Is Torn Between London S Most Eligible Bachelor, The Marquess Of Rockley, And Her Dark, Dangerous Duty And When She Comes Face To Face With The Most Powerful Vampire In History, Victoria Must Ultimately Make A Choice Between Duty And Love

Award winning, NEW YORK TIMES and USA Today bestselling author Colleen Gleason has written than twenty books for major publishers such as Penguin Group, Harlequin Enterprises, Chronicle Books, and HarperCollins as Joss Ware Her books have been translated into seven different languages.Colleen lives in the Midwest United States where she is fortunate enough to be working on her next book.

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 347 pages
  • The Rest Falls Away (The Gardella Vampire Hunters, #1)
  • Colleen Gleason
  • English
  • 09 December 2018
  • 9780451220073

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    So this is about a family of vampire slayers who live in the Regency period where the females had the long gloves with very short sleeves and their boobs out and hair put up with curls and tons of hair product, whatever they used in those days Victoria is 19 and the biggest stress in her life to date is whether her dance card gets filled up at her debut until she has strange dreams and finds out she has been selected to be the next family slayer in a long line of slayers spanning generations So she gets some kick ass training and a special piercing that gives her special abilities and begins her covert life as a vampire hunter, all the while trying to still be the proper girl and fit into society and play by those rules as well As you can imagine, life becomes a lot difficult.This was such a fun read I don t usually like historical fiction, but I do love paranormal fantasy and vampires, and the story and writing totally worked for me It s one of the best freebies I have ever read Did I mention this is free You can t lose.Some things I really liked about it Has an old school vampire vibe These are not nice vampires at least we don t meet any in book one Also, some of the classic vampire myths and rules apply holy water, crosses, etc There are two potential future love interests Max and Sebastian but no love triangle and they are REALLY sexy, there is no insta love, and the banter is intelligent and spicy And feisty I really enjoyed the way Regency society life was portrayed It was funny and not taken seriously whatsoever The heroine is likeable She s only 19, but she catches on pretty quickly and is intelligent She does have a few lessons to learn and D oh moments, but it s not irritating.I think if you are unsure about vampire books, but like historical fiction, you might enjoy this I would call it historical vampire fantasy I guess There is a traditional romance in this one with another male character from society, but it s done well, and the end leaves everything open for the future Do not read the blurb for book two if you plan to read it because there is a HUGE spoiler in it I don t know why they did that I, of course, read it when I bought book two before finishing book one I highly recommend giving this one a try I had no expectations and it was just so damn good

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    I started The Rest Falls Away with some misgivings Away opens with a cheesy ceremony, some clich about destiny, and a series of infodumps through a wise aunt, teaching the audience along with Victoria Gardella, vampire hunter However, once we re up to speed, there seems to be a spirit of, Now let s get to the good stuff as author Colleen Gleason moves us swiftly into plotty goodness, beginning with Victoria s coming out ball, where she begins her vampire and husband hunting careers with youthful certainty and great promise.Naturally, by the end of the novel, things have changed Three, count them, three engaging men have entered her life What s a girl to do I know what you re thinking, but she doesn t sleep with all of them, LOL Gleason s trim, compact scenes allow us to follow Victoria breathlessly as she pits her wits against a vampire queen, weathers her colleague s disdain, and tries to juggle a proper courtship No lengthy internal monologues, no very flowery language Away is written much like any other urban fantasy without the Starbucks references If those books were set in Victorian England Also, Victoria Gardella is not sarcastic, LOL.Though this novel was not a disturbing number overall emotional I liked the surprisingly dark aspects of the vampires I also enjoyed Victoria s juggling act between her secret identity and her public persona, her personal growth, and the tension between her and her men It was fun chasing Victoria through the streets of London and watching her hide lethal stakes in her coiffure She uses an Indian mode of martial arts pretty unique I could have done without the irritating aunt scenes They were pointless as far as I could tell and about as interesting as lesser scenes Why, Ms Gleason Those were only a few pages, and aside from that, I m very interested to learn about what will happen to Victoria after that emotional whopper of an ending.

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    January is vampire month for me and Karly.I love vampires, but a vampire hunting debutante and a Jane Austen era setting had me doubtful at first I hate chosen ones even than insta love and I one starred Pride and Prejudice However, this freebie quickly sucked me in and it turned out to be quite an enjoyable read For a while there didn t seem to be much of a plot just Victoria going to fancy events and making excuses to leave early so she could stake vampires, all the while trying to reconcile her legacy with her love for Lord Rockley, who has no affiliation with vampires whatsoever.But the story moved along nicely, finally gaining steam and ending in a satisfying conclusion I really, really liked the ending Lilith was awesome Lilith the Dark was not so much dark as she was burning and frigid at the same time All the vampires were pretty awesome, actually, even though they didn t get much individual screen time They were old school style, yet they had a few fresh attributes.To make the story even better, it was full of hot guys Yet there was never a love triangle And I couldn t decide which guy to ship I liked them all Sexual tension was appropriately used and well written.I was pleasantly surprised by this book, and I m excited to eventually finish the series Recommended

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    3.5 Regency set vampire story that surprised me At first, it felt quite a bit episodic, going from one scene to the next, speeding to get us to the point when Victoria takes on her role vampire slayer Once there, the narrative found its rhythm and allowed us to enjoy following our heroine trying to juggle her two lives, often with a good dose of humour, going from balls and the duty to catch a rich husband of excellent social standing, to killing vampires and foiling the plans of Lilith, set upon the destruction of humanity The details of each world were nicely handled, and we get plenty of action, adventure and romance Thankfully, characters are not forgotten either and we are offered a compelling heroine, exhilarated with her newly found strength and freedom, as well as a colorful cast, from Aunt Eustacia, Max and Sebastian, to Phillip and Verbena.All very entertaining, in a light way, until I reached the last quarter and suddenly the story became much interesting, Gleason raising the stakes and leading us into something much darker and satisfying.

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    This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in Books.I liked this book quite a bit I am so glad that I finally was able to get around to reading this book I am kind of ashamed that I have had a review copy of this book for so long and neglected to read it until now I really had a good time getting to know Victoria as she worked to find a husband at the same time she was becoming a vampire hunter This book was a whole lot of fun from beginning to end.I have read a lot of paranormal romances since it is one of my favorite genres I haven t read too many that had a historical setting though and I really liked that aspect of this book I think it would be hard enough to learn to kill vampires without worrying about being a proper lady or finding a husband at the same time I really liked this aspect of the story and found it to be very well done.I love a good vampire story so I do have to admit that I liked the parts of the book where Victoria was battling vampires the most in the book Victoria really has some pretty amazing vampire hunting skills and it was just a lot of fun to watch When she fought alongside Max, it was even exciting because the stakes were usually just a bit higher I liked the characters in this book Victoria was tough and not afraid to try to get what she wants in a period of time where that was pretty unusual for a woman Max was a bit of a mystery but he seemed to always watch out for Victoria I have a feeling that there is a lot to learn about it and I am looking forward to that in future installments Sebastian was a character that I was never fully trusted It seemed like he was Victoria s ally at times but I was never completely sure There were other characters that added to the story and were very well done.I do recommend this book to others It was just a whole lot of fun to read and I had a great time with it I am a little mad that I waited so long to start reading this series and can t wait to read very soon I received a review copy of this book from Avid Press via Edelweiss.Initial ThoughtsThis was fun Victoria is trying to find a good husband while she is taking on the role of vampire hunter It was entertaining watching her trying to balance both sides of her life Of course, I found the vampire parts to be the most interesting but I liked the idea of her living a double life.

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    Victoria Gardella is ready to make her debut in society At the same time, she finds out she s a Venator or a Vampire Hunter Looking forward to some action and freedom offered by her new role she jumps in readily to accept the challenge She has her aunt and another Venator, Maximilian Pesaro, to guide her through her new duties But things get complicated when she meets and becomes attracted to the Marquess of Rockley He s innocent and ignorant of her night life and wants to marry her Can Victoria combine both parts of her life succesfully Things get even worse when Victoria learns that Lilith, the leader of the vampires, is in London, seeking a book that will make her even powerful and she must stop her Seeking for information on the book, she stumbles upon Sebastian Vioget, an enigmatic man who seems willing to feed her some clues but with a price Is he an ally or a foe From the momemt I read the description and saw the cover of the book in goodreads, I felt I had to read it, although a couple of my friends tried to dissuade me In the end, although I now understand why they did it, I m glad they failed I ended up liking the book, besides its faults.Its faults are in my opinion, mainly focused on some inconsistancies in the plot and the TSTL heroine Yes, she did stupid things than once Yes, she kept being beaten up and then running out to kill vamps alone because she felt no one could beat her gasp Yes, she kept her mouth shut when she shouldn t She also made a silly, stupid decision that was doomed for the start and eventually brought trouble to others The weird thing is, I didn t hate her despite all that Although she exasperated me, I liked the writing, the plot and the atmosphere so much, that I was able to overcome my problems with her I can hope though, that she learns from her mistakes and acts maturely in the next books or I might have to drop the series at some point But for now, I m not just determined to go along I m looking forward to it

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    Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, meets Jane Austen A lot of frocks, debutantes and dance cards mingle with the undead Funny, entertaining, a little off the well beaten track of the usual vampire romance lit Nice, even with some drama strewn in There are different types of vampires Your run of the mill recently undead, the older Guardians and the very old and scary Imperials The silly bit about it you can tell the difference by the colour of their eyes But otherwise a good read.

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    The Rest Falls Away is all about girl power Victoria is a great heroine who goes through so much and walks through the fire to come out on top Victoria s calling is to be a Venator, which is a vampire slayer who must sacrifice her life to eradicate the world of these evil undead beings Victoria has been waiting for this moment to be welcomed as the newest slayer But poor Victoria has her mother to put up with who wants her only daughter to have her coming out in London to find a husband Victoria s mother has no clue about Victoria s calling and must hide her nightly patrols Victoria is a 19th century Buffy in other words But Victoria is not alone and has her great aunt Eustacia as her mentor and to teach her the ways of being a Venator.Victoria has a lot on her plate At her debut, she meets the Marquess of Rockley and you could say the sparks fly between these two Rockley believes Victoria is his destiny and wants her to be his wife Talk about one lucky girl because she also has some other men interested in her as well, such as the seductive and mysterious Sebastian Vioget who walks on both sides of the fence and Max, another Ventor, who thinks Victoria is too na ve and not skilled enough to take on the bad guys.There is also an evil vampire skank villainess and a shocking surprise at the end that I didn t see coming and had me shaking my first at Colleen for doing what she did But there is a reason even though I was very upset sob but in a good way.If you need your vampire fix and a true kick ass heroine who can carry a stake and still waltz with the best of them, introduce yourself to Colleen Gleason s Gardella Vampire Chronicles and The Rest Falls Away.

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    Vampire hunters in Regency England, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer by way of Jane Austen.Victoria is the latest daughter of the Gardella family to begin having the dreams that indicate that she has a destiny to fight vampires, a destiny that she can choose to pass up, but one that she decides to pursue thinking it a great game As she risks and of her life in the pursuit of this game she begins to realize it s anything but.This was a fun paranormal romance that owes a lot to Buffy than it does the Regency period itself The behavior of the male and female characters don t really fit the time, and lean much towards modern sensibilities, partly in an effort to keep the plot moving along And move along it does this was certainly action packed As this is the first in a series of five, the characters also don t get much attention here, with only the three principals getting much than a sketch I also felt that a fair bit of the drama, primarily around Victoria and her fiance, was all just a bit manufactured.Overall, not really to my taste.

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