Anathema (Causal Enchantment, #1)

Anathema (Causal Enchantment, #1) Evangeline Has Spent Her Teenage Years In Obscurity Her Foster Parents Have The Emotional Aptitude Of Robots And Her Classmates Barely Acknowledge Her Existence About To Turn Eighteen And Feeling Like A Social Pariah, She Is Desperate To Connect With Someone Anyone.When Evangeline Meets Sofie After Literally Stumbling Upon Her Caf , She Believes She S Found That Connection Willing To Do Anything To Keep It, She Accepts A Job As Sofie S Assistant And Drops Everything To Fly To Manhattan, Where She Is Thrust Into A Luxurious World Of Prada, Diamonds, And Limitless Cash.With Such Generosity And Kindness, It S Easy For Evangeline To Dismiss Certain Oddities Like Sofie S Erratic And Sometimes Violent Behavior, And The Monstrous Guard Dogs She S Even Willing To Dismiss Her Vivid Dreams Of Mob Style Murders, Beautiful Homeless People Living In Caves, And White Eyed Demons That Haunt Her Each Night As Figments Of Her Imagination Especially When One Of Those Figments Is The Gorgeous Caden When She Wakes Up With Bite Marks On Her Neck, The Fairy Tale Quickly Turns Into A Nightmare She Slowly Unravels The Mystery Surrounding Sofie And Friends, And The Reality Of The Bites And The Dreams What She Discovers Is Far Mysterious And Terrible Than Anything She Could Have Imagined.In A World Where Everyone Has Motive To Lie For Personal Gain, Evangeline Must Decide Which Deception Is Least Likely To Get Her Killed.

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[PDF / Epub] ✅ Anathema (Causal Enchantment, #1)  By K.A. Tucker –
  • ebook
  • 284 pages
  • Anathema (Causal Enchantment, #1)
  • K.A. Tucker
  • English
  • 11 July 2019
  • 9780986915512

10 thoughts on “Anathema (Causal Enchantment, #1)

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    I bought this book and it sat on my kindle forever, sad to say The description threw me off I thought it was going to be some kind of sarcastic mob style vampire book and the dreams that they mentioned would barely be explored and they d be gruesome and uninteresting Wowza, was I wrong I loved this book and can t believe I waited so long to start it It flowed smoothly I never got bored or stalled or wanted to put it down I ve read a lot of good books, but it s been a while where I ve read a book that was so intriguing that I literally had to make myself turn off the kindle so I could do things I needed to do Like sleep, which I lost lots of last night staying up to finish it The girl, Evangeline is average and normal I liked this I m NOT into novels where the girl is so insecure and broken down but somehow manages to have such a mouth of snippyness, selfishness and stupidity Evangeline was endearing and I enjoyed being in her head immensely She reacted to things normally and didn t fly off the handle at the stupidest things And she didn t try to do everything herself and get in these predicaments where the guy had to save her 8 times She was just a girl who d had a rough life and wanted to be loved by someone And it turned out there was a horribly real reason for all her loneliness and I literally cried with her when she was reliving that.And Caden Sigh. I loved him He tried so hard to get her to see that he was a monster, but he just wasn t He was a sort of monster trapped in a sweet loving guy s body and I fell in love with him And his family in the other world was awesome too, especially Amelie and Bishop They were so down to earth, no pun intended, and normal that I wanted to fall asleep and go live in their cave with them.There was just enough action and romance to keep me interested and on the edge of my seat There wasn t anything in the novel I didn t like.And the dreams where she went to this other world were my favorite part They were a huge chunk of the novel and though they were heartbreaking most of the time for the two main characters, I couldn t wait for Evangeline to fall asleep every night.Eagerly anticipating book 2 and if you haven t picked this book up yet DO 5 stars to Mrs Tucker

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    DISCLAIMER I am extremely irritated with this novel No amount of Pringles and Pepsi can pacify me Please proceed with caution And oh There are a lot of spoilers as well.The beginning of this book is promising the prologue, intriguing I admired Evangeline s genuine concern for the homeless person She was portrayed as a nice, naive, lonely girl and I bought it But the moment she arrived at New York with a person she knew less than 24 hours , it went downhill for me Badly.It could ve been a good story, you know Alternate Earth, Vampire Sorceress, Mentally Talking Dogs what s not to like Oh, I don t know could it be the plot holes infodumping pathetic instalove convenient solutions lack of a respectable villain You tell me.I was in physical pain while reading Anathema Probably from too many face palms and headdesks The amount of stupidity in this book is staggerring There are no intelligent life forms in here, especially the heroine So be warned.Our heroine, Evangeline, wouldn t be able to tell the difference between a mammoth and a dog Why Because she is slower than a dead snail no offense to the dead snail.Listen kids, if you are ever in doubt whether you re dreaming or not, pinch yourself If you re in pain, you are 100% awake Go on, try it Don t be like our little miss Evangeline here tripped, bled, bitten, tossed around and still asked herself Am I dreaming The answer is No, dumbass then I felt pain Sharp, stabbing pain as something pierced my exposed neck My mouth opened to scream but only a gurgle escaped I struggled to break free, swinging my arms in defense, but every move sent jolts of acute pain through my body, as if I were snagged on a barbwire fence. Are you okay I will be when I wake up from this nightmare, I whispered I keep forgetting this isn t real. Are you kidding me THIS IS REAL AND YOU ARE NOT SLEEPING Figuring out that something weird is going on is easy when I don t know, SOMETHING WEIRD is actually going on Body parts were strewn everywhere, heads practically decapitated, necks torn wide open And blood pools of it So much blood that it stained the forest floor bright crimson.YES Body parts qualify as something being weird And you know what If people I just met locked me inside a house, with no valid reason whatsoever, I WILL escape and go back homeBut no She didn t question the killing and proceeded to pet the goddamn killer dog How sweet She also never showed any anger which is unrealistic people even for the person who killed her mother Instead, she felt afraid and GUILTY No, just NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO And another There was SO MUCH infodumping it s not even funny And I also learned from this novel that providing relevant details is not that important It was finally time I asked Sofie, how does this spell work She heaved a loud sigh It s complicated And the love story is also complicated well, NOT REALLY just your basic, run of the mill instalove Heroine is human Male lead is vampire Male lead thinks he is too dangerous for heroine Heroine wants to jump him anyway Male lead says I love you but ewww You are too much, woman Seeing this as a vampire novel, I expected some badass monster villain.Preferably like this Instead, we got a Vampire BitchAnd a couple of Only they are 100x good looking and rich.What a disappointment Reading this book had been a slow and agonizing experience for me.

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    My Evangeline and Caden There are two kinds of spells.Little, easy spells that you can learn and do anytime, anywhere start fires, disguise yourself, that kind of stuff But then there are other spells, where you re directly altering fate life and death That s a Causal Enchantment spell Evangeline is selfless, caring, diligent almost 18 years old girl who is always trying to help others But after death of her mom five years ago, noone really paid attention to her Until she meets Sofia, interesting and sophisticated woman who offers Evangeline a deal that is impossible to decline And that is when all suspicious and crazy stuff beginsAnathema is not your traditional YA paranormal novel To be honest, I have never read anything like this There was mix of everything paranormal, magic, dystopian, suspence, action and romance Paranormal world that author created in this book was like one beautiful but dangerous fairy tale Everythings was so unbelievably fascinating that I devoured it in very short time All lovers of paranormal genre should definitely read it.At the beginnig, Evangeline was shy, unexperienced, too trusting but it never bothered me and I got to like her and her lovely personality And Caden He was dreamy loving, caring, passionate but always underestimating himself I loved the parts when he was present in the book the most and his interactions with Evangeline made this story perfect for me Anathema was full of unexpected twists and author kept me in tension all the time Almost till the very end I was not sure who to trust and who not And last couple of chapters They blew my mind and I cannot wait to read next instalment in series More reviews on my blog

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    Hello, my name is Jamie and I am free kindle book hoarder I literally download every single kindle book I see that is free and I might, maybe, someday read Does this mean I read them all No Absolutely not Most of the time I just sit there and look at them and then go and buy a book for 2.99 that I really wanted to read or that got rave reviews somewhere Anathema was a book I got for free and it sat on my kindle for awhile I was flipping through my books and saw it and thought hey, that is kind of a cool cover and then I also thought what the heck does Anathema mean So I decided to sit down and read it Thank goodness I did Anathema really is a hidden gem This is saying quite a bit because I haven t read a vampire book that didn t seem trite and boring for me in ages I didn t even know it was a vampire book going into it I was just intrigued by the cover and the title The characters are amazing K.A Tucker has a way of giving details of the characters in a way where it seems natural, not a run down of their history that is out of place and bogs down the story Caden is a great romantic interest I can t wait to see how he adapts in the later books He was mysterious, strong, intriguing and just sweet enough to make you want to hug him Rachel was a heinous, evil wench and the best kind of villain the one you love to hate I seriously had the urge to scratch her eyes out myself Evangeline for me, flip flopped from being a great lead to someone I wanted to shake She is extremely naive and very gullible The thing that kept me liking her though was that she knew she was naive and gullible It wasn t just a plot device It was an acknowledged fault and downfall of the lead character Because of that, I was okay with it even though at times I wanted to yell at her to stop being so darn trusting Anathema really left you wanting from beginning to end It beautifully entwined two separate story lines and brought them together in the last quarter of the book There was so many loose ends tied up and it was like the light bulb moment everything suddenly started to make sense It was a great book and I will definitely be being the second one I can t wait to see how things turn out

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    I don t even know where to begin with this book The storyline was so unique and very creative that this book is devouring By the end of the first chapter, I was not hooked, but so engrosslly enthralled that I could not, would not, put this book down.What got me hooked about this book was the unique storyline Yes, it has vampires in it, but there is so much to the story The history of the book laid out a very chaotic future, with great description I adored the storyline and the way it flowed It didn t confuse you or leave you hanging Instead, if filled you with such great excitement in reading the book As the reader, you fell into this amazing world that Ms Tucker created and you don t want to leave.The characters were very well develop I love reading a book, where you see the main characters come into who they are meant to be All of them play such an important role, not only in the past, but in the future as well Secrets were revealed, betrayals were madeand anathema was created I love that the title of this book, describe the whole story all together It is a curse that not only harmed the past, present, and future, it caused such hatred between people that it dripped off the pages of the book AMAZING The love interest in this book also got me hooked I like how this love was not created right away but dismissed You knew they were meant to be, just to many other factors keep them apart I know this may seem masochist of me, but I like that they struggled in their relationship I can only hope that it will make them stronger.I strongly recommend that you read this book It will give you one heck of a reading adventure It will most definitely cause you anathema It will curse you to read it till the very last page.

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    4.5 stars for a fun, exciting PNR read which is full of surprises I ve been a fan of KA Tucker s for some time now, and I ve been meaning to start this series for a while, and I m so glad I finally did This book is a great start to an exciting and unique YA paranormal series, and I am completely enthralled in the story she has created.Evangeline is a lonely almost 18 year old girl After the death of her mother five years ago she entered the foster care system but has never really made any connections with anybody, and she longs for companionship and a lasting relationship of any kind When she accidentally damages the property of a local caf she offers to work for the beautiful caf owner, Sophie, to repay her, but when Evangeline shows up for her first day of work Sophie informs her that she needs to temporary close the caf , and instead whisks Evangeline away to New York City so that she can assist with her business there Taken in by Sophie s enigmatically charming and exceedingly extravagant friends, she immediately finds herself in the lap of luxury and spoiled beyond her wildest dreams But all is not as it seems Her three hosts seem full of mysteries, and Evangeline starts dreaming of a group of teenagers living in a strange land with terrifying creatures Again and again she returns to her dreamland, accepted unequivocally by the group who quickly become her first friends in as long as she can remember, and increasingly drawn to gorgeous Caden, with whom she shares an all consuming attraction But the line between dreams and reality starts to blur, and Evangeline discovers that not only are her friends real, but they re not human and they are living in terrible danger As the history of her new friends and their world is revealed to her, Evangeline s life in the real world also becomes complicated The she learns about her friends, the she questions her life and the events around her, and she soon discovers a long and complicated story of lost loves, long held grievances, devious plots and devastating betrayals, all with a twist of magic and a supernatural edge And as Evangeline s two realities starts to converge, she is faced with decisions which will have devastating consequences for both worlds There are two kinds of spells.Little, easy spells that you can learn and do anytime, anywhere start fires, disguise yourself, that kind of stuff But then there are other spells, where you re directly altering fate life and death That s a Causal Enchantment spell I really loved this book Evangeline is a great character, and I loved her and the way she dealt with everything she was faced with The story has a great mix of drama, lightness, mystery suspense and romance, and it moves along at a great pace with lots of twists and turns and excitement that kept me captivated from start to finish It s all very involved, with lots of different elements, and I m really excited to see where it all goes from here I m diving straight into the next book.4.5 stars.

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    Loved it I really wasn t too sure about another Vampire book but this was very unique Almost a Vampire Dystopian Lots of twists suspense along with that little bit of romance that a great book needs I am gonna be pulling my hair out waiting on the next installment

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    Kathleen Tucker s debut novel Anathema was an amazing read I couldn t categorize it as a Urban Fantasy YA read alone as there are some Dystopian aspects to it as well The two different worlds she has created are both wonderfully amazing places one set in New York with shopping trips to Prada and extravagant homes The other a world where theres no technology around and people live in caves with warm underground springs with beautiful waterfalls The twist is whats the kicker here and I wish I could tell you all but I can t it would spoil the story so you ll have to read it to find out.I absolutely fell in love with the MC Evangeline and her band of friends Caden, Amelie, Bishop, Fiona, Max, and Sophie Each character had a personality that jumped right off the pages I wanted to shop with Sophie, have girl talk with Amelie and Fiona, go fishing with Bishop, make out with Caden swoons , and cuddle up next to Max by the fire and read.The story itself was beautifully written I admit at first I was like what s going on how could all this make sense Then just as i was scratching my head going WTH the answers to my questions were revealed and let me tell you when you get those answers you ll be like whoa didn t see that coming The answers are well worth the wait and now I want I need book two now I wish I could tell you but I d have to post spoilery and I don t do that so if you want to find out what I m talking about buy the book Thank you miss Kathleen Tucker for the copy of Anathema for review

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    I think I just got my first taste of paranormal, dystopian, urban fantasy, action, mystery, suspense fused all in one epic book I ve always wondered what would happen if vampires couldn t control their hungerand Tucker created just that Anathema is VERY original I haven t read anything like it There was a lot of dystopian elements and fuse that in with paranormal, vampires, and sorcerersI know awesome is kind of an over exaggerated word but it really was awesome Tucker doesn t stray far away from how vampires arethey re beautiful and deceivingTalk about creating characters you love to hate but can t seem to hate lol ahem Viggo and Mortimer I didn t know if I could trust Sophie either at the beginning but she was genuinely in a prickle and really cared about Evangeline s wellbeing Even Sophie told Evangeline she was too trusting, I have to agree That s what makes her human, she s vulnerable and naive Evangeline did prove herself, I mean she has some serious back bone Not that I m saying she can take on two lovesick strong vampires, but in the end I didn t expect the whole twist of events to happen the way they did As for Caden, Amelie, Fiona, Bishop and Max i LOVED them They all had their own personalities, they just shined Caden is so HOT lol I wonder if Tucker will write a story from Caden s POV He is such an interesting characterI want to know him, his story, from being human to turning into a vamp.I m so so anxious to read book 2 A Definite MUST READ Anathema is one of my new faves of 2011.

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    This could really use a good editor beta, given the frequent word misusage and sone continuity problems, as well as overwriting.of the emerald eyes kind For all that, and despite the instalove, this is a terrifically entertaining ride The best way I can describe it is that it s the kind of book you race through wanting to know what s going to happen and if your guesses are correct It s really a fun read.I will warn, though, that Evangeline is quite literally the most dimwitted protagonist I ve ever encountered, with a level of persistent lack of commonsense and wilful blindness that puts a chiclit heroine to shame And, although the other characters keep praising her innocence, it comes across as a mixture of stupidity and sociopathic focus on her own desires I found it funny, and it didn t detract from my enjoyment, but you have been warned.The vampires, though the vampires are fun As are the giant telepathic dogs And Evangeline is fun, too, like watching a puppy tumble over again and again.

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