Godforsaken Sea: The True Story of a Race Through the World's Most Dangerous Waters

Godforsaken Sea: The True Story of a Race Through the World's Most Dangerous WatersDetailed and through book on the 1996 1997 Vendee Globe race that covers not only much of the play by play action, but the visceral feel of the ocean and the challenges and decisions faced by the racers. This is an account of the 1996 Vendee Globe sailing race from the Bay of Biscay, down into the Southern Seas, around Antarctica and back past Cape Horn The race is single handed and the sailor is disqualified if he she enters any harbour along the way It is an epic journey, only 6 boats out of 16 entered finished, one sailor was never seen again I can recommend the book, the intricacies of sailing in the massive oceans of the far southern seas, and the tests of courage and endurance are well described. The Best Book Ever Written About The Terrifying Business Of Single Handed Sailing Lundy Tells A Harrowing Tale, As Tight And Gripping As The Perfect Storm Or Into Thin Air San Francisco ChronicleA Chilling Account Of The World S Most Dangerous Sailing Race, The Vend E Globe, Godforsaken Sea Is At Once A Hair Raising Adventure Story, A Graceful Evocation Of The Sailing Life, And A Thoughtful Meditation On Danger And Those Who Seek ItThis Is The Story Of The Vend E Globe, A Solo Sailing Race That Binds Its Competitors To Just A Few, Cruelly Simple Rules Around The World From France By Way Of Antarctica, No Help, No Stopping, One Boat, One Sailor The Majority Of The Race Takes Place In The Southern Ocean, Where Icebergs And Gale Force Winds Are A Constant Threat, And The Waves Build To Almost Unimaginable Heights As Author Derek Lundy Puts It Try To Visualize A Never Ending Series Of Five Or Six Story Buildings Moving Toward You At About Forty Miles An Hour The Experiences Of The Racers Reveal The Spirit Of The Men And Women Who Push Themselves To The Limits Of Human Endeavor Even If It Means Never Returning Home You Ll Meet The Gallant Brit Who Beats Miles Back Through The Worst Seas To Save A Fellow Racer, The Sailing Veteran Who Calmly Smokes Cigarette After Cigarette As His Boat Capsizes, And The Canadian Who, Hours Before He Disappears Forever, Dispatches This Message If You Drag Things Out Too Long Here, You Re Sure To Come To Grief Derek Lundy Elevates The Story Of One Race Into An Appreciation Of Those Thrill Seekers Who Embody The Most Heroic And Eccentric Aspects Of The Human Condition I was really fascinated by this book I had no past knowledge of or particular interest in ocean sailing, but this story just mesmerized me, and I still feel that way many years later What I noted at the time Very interesting story about the 1996 97 Vendee Globe, a single handed sailboat race from France to the perilous Southern Ocean, around Antarctica and back to France It generally lasts 3.5 months Just fascinating, and requires true courage It made me think of Into Thin Air, another favorite about people who need extremes to be happy. Great adventureBrought the world of solo global sailing into detailed examination Like the great adventure books, this tale is filled with drama, pathos, great jubilation, triumph over adversity, and heroism, all the satisfying because it is all true I enjoyed it very much and would recommend it highly. Another gripping account of sailing, this time of the Vend e Globe a single handed, non stop, around the world race, which must count as one of the most audacious sporting events ever The descriptions of the Southern Ocean are terrifying, and the stories of the participants in this particular race 1996 7 are fascinating and sometimes bizarre I devoured the book over the course of some blustery nights on the coast of Ireland and enjoyed every minute of it. This was not a normal book for me Adventure sailing But it sounded intriguing when I found it at a used bookstore in Grass Valley CA Even though it was technical at times it didn t disappoint I cried, I was hopeful, I cheered the racers on in my mind Racing solo for 4 months around Antarcticawow Very compelling story I would have given it 4 stars, but felt like it could have used some editing for the sequence of events The description of events themselves were riveting I am glad to learn about this race. I am fascinated by people who desire living on the edge, and find experiencing their travails vicariously through books is the best for me, cause you wouldn t get me coming near the top of Everest or, in this case, sailing solo on a four month voyage around Antarctica and back to France Yep, these folks are crazy This book probably would have made a nice long article, and there were parts I just slipped through quickly, but it was still informative and thrilling Just the thought of sleeping in a tinderbox in raging seas with icebergs and flotsam about all alone sends chills down my spine, and in fact, many of the competitors in this race got little downtime The Vendee race is the ultimate in pushing the nautical envelope Nevertheless, there were a lot of fortunate sailors in these pages And despite their harrowing experiences, they all seem to want to immediately get back into the Southern waters More power to them My biggest gripe with this book is that there were way too many typos, possibly gained through the LP process It is almost as if they scanned the pages and went with what they got Please, hire some copy editors. review to follow at a petrol station in the middle of nowhere loved this thoughReview This was one of those books where when I started it I was already sad knowing I d have to finish I love stories about the sea, and I am obsessed with stories about real life adventure and survival This delivered in spades, and long distance sailing is now up there with mountaineering and polar exploration in supplying me with heroes to worship.Godforsaken Sea is about the Vendee Globe, a single handed race which begins and ends in France but which, for the most part, takes place in the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica Aside from being the most dangerous ocean in the world, it is the most remote, and in places the racers were thousands of miles from the nearest inhabited spot Waves dozens and dozens of feet high, storms with hurricane strength winds and icebergs appearing out of nowhere, and these people go there in tiny little fiberglass boats, alone Just blows my mind.This book is about sailing, and I definitely learnt a lot of new stuff, including a few references to other famous books on the topic But it s mainly about the people who undertake this insane journey, and what motivates them and makes them different For the most part they are incredibly disciplined, self sufficient and calm, but my favourite parts were the unavoidable humanity the woman who took a tiny garden along so she could have fresh greens, the French sailors who despite ruthless weight saving measures all took a few bottles of wine along, the English sailor making constant cups of tea There is a reason why I love these kinds of stories, and many of the racers in this book mention how they experienced this themselves they went to a place where control was taken from them, where their decisions had only as much influence as the sea allowed, and where their lives were dwarfed and made utterly insignificant by the devastating, raw force of nature On her return, one of the women said that she found she was calmer, less temperamental than before, because nothing is that important We are so surrounded by a world of our own making that small things can begin to matter so much, and we forget that it can all be taken away in an instant Just calm down.I ll definitely be reading a lot in this topic Can t wait.

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  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Godforsaken Sea: The True Story of a Race Through the World's Most Dangerous Waters
  • Derek Lundy
  • English
  • 27 March 2017
  • 9780385720007

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