Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage Tania Aebe Was An Eighteen Year Old Dropout And Barfly She Was Going Nowhere Until Her Father Offered Her A Challenge He Would Offer Her Either A College Education Or A Twenty Six Foot Sloop In Which She Had To Sail Around The World Alone She Chose The Boat And For Two Years It Was Her Home, As She Negotiated Weather, Illness, Fear, And Ultimately, A Spiritual Quest That Brought Her Home To Herself From The Paperback Edition

Maiden Voyage is a memoir of her solo trip around the world Upon her return she married Olivier, a fellow sailor she met on her trip Although they would later divorce, she went on to raise two sons with him, earned her BA and MFA, as well as her captain s license, and continued to sail both with her family and leading charters, and continued to write In 2005 a collection of Tania Aebi s columns from Latitudes Attitudes was published as

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  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Maiden Voyage
  • Tania Aebi
  • English
  • 01 May 2018
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    In my GR favorite quotes you ll find the following There s nothing absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing around in boats these words of Kenneth Grahame s from Wind in the Willows were cemented in my mind by my boat building father from such a young age that I can t remember ever not knowing them or doubting them After reading Aebi s memoir, it is clear that these words of wisdom are still worth quoting today If you ever wake up and question whether what you re doing is worthwhile, for god s sake take the day off and get out on the water if you need to take a couple years off and sail around the world or simply around the same little lake every day, I m not sure if it even matters where you go Just get in the boat

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    As a present for her high school graduation, Tania Aebi receives a 26 sailboat from her father with the admonition that she needs to sail around the world to increase her awareness of the world This is the account of this voyage I have read this book 2 3 times because I like sailing books I ve sailed around the world with 4 5 people over the years from my easy chair I will read this again,.March 2015This is a re reading of this book, perhaps the 3rd time An 18 year old girl is told by her father to sail around the world on a 26 foot sailboat after graduation from High School It takes her two and a half years with several stops, but she does sit Why do I like this book I think I like it because it is the human spirit that overcomes adversity A little bit at a time Sometimes she made 30 miles a day We, too, build one day at a time As she approaches New York, she takes down her sails and thinks about she what she has done These are some quotes from the last part of the book She had just sailed 49 days from Gibraltar to New York, during October and November on her last leg of her journey, 2 1 2 years This is what she wrote Now, in the same spot as I had been as an eighteen year old, setting off on her maiden voyage, scared and apprehensive of the future I realized that the future wasn t something to worry about If living at sea had taught me anything, it had revealed the importance of taking each new dawn in stride and doing the best I could with whatever presented Isn t that what life is all about to move forward and keep adding to the memories

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    I enjoyed the book and reading about the adventures of the author s trip around the world That being said, I found the idea that a father would send his daughter out on a boat with the preparation that this girl had, ludicrous That paired with the fact that he was available and able to fly to her aid, or send much needed items at her every request, made this story hard for me to identify with The story as told seemed to come from someone far mature than even the author was when she finished her journey, I suppose one could argue that the trip gave her that maturity The book was an easy read and entertaining Anyone that s ever dreamed of sailing round the world or even round the closest bay, will enjoy reading this book

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    This book is so inspiring I still find it hard to believe that Tania Aebi set out as an eighteen year old to circumnavigate the world And she succeeded Despite the fact that through this feat she definitely earned bragging rights, she is not braggy or boastful at all, but incredibly humble She is very honest about her fears and feelings of inadequacy and, at times, her desire to quit She is truly an inspiration to me Additionally, I found the writing beautiful She knows how to put together a sentence, that s for sure Her language is descriptive and flows well I highly recommend this book.

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    This was a fun adventure book that makes me want to feel the wind and spray on my face This is than an adventure story in that there are practical tips for anyone to learn that is out sailing the ocean Also, there are at times philosophical asides that show Tania s growth from a rebellious teenager into a young woman that is wiser than her cohorts.

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    I never ended up being able to root for Tania, our worlds are just too different I m glad she was able to find value in her journey, though The story did give me confidence in the abilities of sailboats to keep us alive despite ignorance, in the active and passive sense of that word.

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    This book is a memoir of the author s trip around the world, alone, in a 26 sailboat, the conclusion of which trip made her both the youngest person and the first female to circumnavigate the world alone.Tania Aebi was 18 in 1985 when she left New York on the sailboat Varuna, and that departure marked the first time she had ever handled a boat by herself She alongside siblings and family friends had served as crew on her father s sailboat before, but he d handled most of the actual work of sailing, so this trip really was, astonishingly, her maiden voyage The whole idea had been her father s brainchild worried that his daughter was squandering her life with no goals or direction, he made her an offer either go to college, or let him use the tuition money to buy her a sailboat on the condition that she spend the next 2.5 years sailing around the world, writing articles about her progress for the sailing magazine Cruising World She chose the latter without any real conviction or excitement about the decision.In a way the book is a chronicle of growing up and coming into one s own, as the author grows from living out her father s dreams to developing dreams and plans of her own Along the way the reader gets glimpses of many different ways of life the sections about islands in the South Pacific were a fascinating supplement to other books I ve read about those places , learns about sailing, and watches the author struggle with her mortality and fall in love It s interesting on a number of different levels, human and geographic and technical Aebi tells her tale well, being personal and confiding while avoiding the tendency toward self absorption that infects so many memoirs All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the book It s engrossing to read and reminds the reader that it s good to break from routine and try something new and scary every once in awhile However, while Aebi was careful never to dwell on or gloat about the fact, it s obvious that her family had enough money to make this kind of trip easy for her from a material aspect family members occasionally flew to meet up with her at different locations, and her father was always ready and willing to fund repair work when Varuna ran into troubles While most of the book can make the reader a bit itchy to try out the same kind of adventures, the occasional financial reminders serve to make the dream a little less realistic most of us, even if we ended up with a boat on our hands, couldn t afford to keep up with all the kinds of disasters and repair work that Aebi faced Even still I never really thought about sailing one way or the other before, but now I d like to give it a try someday because of this book, and I think that speaks pretty highly of the author s passion and writing.

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    My boyfriend and I have been seriously discussing getting a sailboat and taking off to see the world, so naturally I ve turned to one of my favorite hobbies reading to educate and inform myself on what doing something like that might actually be like I was pleasantly surprised by this book Although not instantly hooked in the beginning or even midway through, I stuck with it and ended up really enjoying Tania s story The beginning is a bit choppy and the writing style takes some getting used to as Tania jumps back and forth between past present and many details aren t revisited until later in the book Initially, this frustrated me, but as I made my way through the book things came together .What stuck with me the most was Tania s coming of age and growth during her journey Here s a girl just 18 years old with no real direction in her life given the opportunity to take off and sail the world for 2 years Her father does sort of push this on her, but Tania makes the decision herself to go She has little sailing experience and an incredibly faulty engine, yet she perseveres and accomplishes something many can only dream of doing As time goes on, she has no choice but to confront her past, her relationships and life in general She really matures and comes to terms with a lot throughout her journey and I loved reading about that I guess confrontation with yourself is kind of inevitable when you re in the middle of the ocean all alone.While Tania is alone for much of her journey, she also meets countless fascinating people who help her along the way and provide support when she needs it most She finds romance, friends and family along the way and is exposed to so many cultures and ways of life I loved her description of the islanders during her time in the South Pacific and also her reaction to what it was like adjusting to Western culture again.So why only 4 stars While I loved this I did feel that the story was only told at surface level Tania does divulge some details of her romance with Olivier and her rocky past with her parents, but I kept feeling like something was missing What she discusses is of course very personal, but I felt like the story would have been stronger and I would have connected had things not been so downplayed I also kind of disliked Tania s father for most of the book the whole voyage was his idea and it felt like he kind of pushed it on Tania as a way to live through her it just didn t sit right with me.While this wasn t as good as another sailing memoir I read Love With a Chance of Drowning I still really enjoyed it and applaud Tania for such an amazing accomplishment.

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    Just finished Maiden Voyage by Tania Aebi It describes her solo circumnavigation starting at age 18 from New York in 1985 and finishing 2 years later in 1987.Zipped through the whole book in less than a day Obviously a gripping tale.The stuff I loved She did it at 18 years old holy shiny binnacles, Batman She did it on a boat that was only 26 feet long At the time, she was the youngest person ever to circumnavigate minus 80 km during which she had a friend on board She seemed like a cat lover she took along 2 cats I got through the whole thing in less than a day I was riveted.Concerns She left on an intended circumnavigation of the globe with little sailing experience without even knowing how to anchor without knowing how to navigate without knowing how to fix an engine without fixing simple factory defects in her boat that could easily have been found during shakedown voyages see wiki description and most disturbingly en route, she gave away one of her cats Yikes Who could DO that I found it fascinating, interesting, insightful, and was totally hooked until the unforgivable moment of madness at the end of the book when she gave away one of her cats After that, I did not have the strength to carry on and gave it to a friend who loves dogs.

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    I ended up liking this book a lot than I thought I was going to at the beginning The way Tania matured throughout the process was interesting and her way of giving credit to everyone but herself showed a level of character unusual for one that young or any age I kept projecting myself into her role and wondered how I would have handled the obstacles she faced when I was that age I m certain I wouldn t have done as well as she did and I doubt I would have had integrity to handle the long stretches at sea, the storms, near collisions with tankers and the constant mechanical problems with the boat At the beginning I was a little put off by the romantic and family drama component but as the saga progressed I have to admit that the issues with her family became interesting to read because they were so out there We re not talking typical family dysfunction here The romances with Luc and Olivier seemed like a crutch at times but by the end she displayed so much inner strength that her ability to problem solve and her sailing skills were on par with the boys and exceeded them in some cases Taking on the challenge was not the smartest decision and she was lucky she made it but in the end, she pulled it off and deserves praise and admiration for it.

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