Counterpunch (Belonging, #2)

Counterpunch (Belonging, #2) Fight Like A Man, Or Die Like A SlaveBrooklyn Marshall Used To Be A Policeman In London, With A Wife And A Promising Future Ahead Of Him Then He Accidentally Killed A Rioter Whose Father Was A Member Of Parliament And Had Him Convicted Of Murder To Ease The Burden On The Overcrowded Prison System, Brooklyn Was Sold Into Slavery Rather Than Incarcerated Now, He S The Mean Machine , A Boxer On The Slave Prizefighting Circuit, Pummelling Other Slaves For The Entertainment Of Freemen And Being Rented Out For The Sexual Service Of His Wealthier FansWhen Nathaniel Bishop Purchases Brooklyn S Services For A Night, It Seems Like Any Other Assignation But The Pair Form An Unexpected Bond That Grows Into Something Brooklyn Hesitates To Call It Love Such Things Do Not Exist Between Freemen And Slaves But When Nathaniel Reveals That He Wants To Help Get Brooklyn S Conviction Overturned, He Dares To Hope Then, An Accident In The Ring Sends Brooklyn On The Run, Jeopardizing Everything He Has Worked So Hard To Achieve And Sending Him Into The Most Important Fight Of All The Fight For Freedom This Book Is No Longer Available And Will Be Reissued In Due Course

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Counterpunch (Belonging, #2) book, this is one of the most wanted Aleksandr Voinov author readers around the world.

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  • Counterpunch (Belonging, #2)
  • Aleksandr Voinov
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  • 15 October 2018
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    Will the real Brooklyn Marshall please stand up Brooklyn Marshall had a life before, he was a husband, a cop, a boxer, he was free That life was taken away from him, except he can still fight He still WINS, but does it matter Does anyone even care We find Brooklyn at the end of a fight, revved up and buzzing with his win But also knowing that he needs to get ready to go service whatever John his owners have lined up for him He doesn t care, he ll do what he has to, after all that s what he is, a thing To be bought and sold He lost his humanity the day that he was convicted and sentenced to a life of slavery And so it goes with Brooklyn, he trains, he fights, he wins, he gets pimped out It s all the same For the most part he s numb, except for the all consuming rage Until the night he meets Nathaniel Bishop Nathaniel has paid for a night with Brooklyn, and from the very first moment things are different There is something about this man that makes Brooklyn want to shed the anger and the violence Something about the way Nathaniel sees him looks dangerously close to something that could make Brooklyn feel hopeful Nathaniel is rich and has connections, and he s willing to use them to get Brooklyn out of the situation he is in He s willing to fight for it It can t possibly be that easy, can it It never is.Honest That word ran through my mind on almost every page of this book I knew who Brooklyn was from the moment I read his name I knew his struggle to understand where he was, to accept the horror that was his life now The difficulty of living with the guilt he felt for the actions that brought his ruin, but also the resentment of knowing he got a raw fucking deal I delighted in his love for boxing, his raw passion for it For where he could take his body and what he could do with it The frank and fearful steadiness with which he let himself go with Nathaniel, his careful steps towards being able to trust him, and allowing himself to feel with that man what he had to lock down tight for so long.This book was written with impeccable precision Every line delivered got the effect it needed to It was a very different kind of book than what I expected from the blurb It was gritty, but not heavy It was edgy, but surprisingly humorous It was dark, but had bright imagery that let the characters shine It was a simple world, but had incredibly complex implications about people s natures How there are those that despite having been virtually destroyed can manage to maintain a light in their soul to be ignited, but at the same time there are those whose hearts are so tarnished with bitterness that they can turn into monsters without provocation.The boxing I ll just say that was FANTASTIC Those fight scenes were fluid and vivid I WAS THERE.My favorite however was Brooklyn, what a character I KNEW him, so well in fact that I was afraid to hope for him Because as he said himself, too often Dreams could turn to ashes when they finally came within reach And as true as that was for our fighter, I would still say to him, that for the Phoenix to rise EVERYTHING must burn down to the ground firstAnd ohhh Brooklyn, how sweet it was to watch you SOAR I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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    4.5 starsI am ashamed to admit this is my first Aleksandr Voinov novel and thankfully it wasn t as intimidating or confronting as I first thought it is dark and quite violent but wow Brooklyn he is one sexy hunk of a man I love him and I was immediately drawn to him, strong and determined with such a will to succeed despite all the sh%t he has to endure, you can t help but cheer him on, he is amazingly courageous This will not appeal to everyone, all I can say is give it a chance you might be surprised at how much this will effect you and deeply, it certainly grabbed my attention.

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    A SOLID KNOCKOUT More of my reviews and ramblings at PANTS OFF REVIEWS4.5I was excited to read this, not only for the awesmazing cover count those abs but because this would be my first book by Aleksandr Voinov I had previously read a short story by him that was a part of an anthology clearly, it was just a small slice of something big Counterpunch had me freaking out, and I can say I was not disappointed Mr Voinov has just become a must read author by me, I love his gritty writing style and the amazing characters he created Whether you hate or love them, I guarantee you will remember them.Counterpunch is the third book in the Belonging series, I have not read the previous books before but I will be on them like white on rice As you may see this book can be read as a stand alone, and I implore you to read it I guess I should warn you that this book contains slavery, there is dub con no con, and it s violent I won t warn you against it though, why should it matter if you are looking for a great read, and by gawd have you found it.Brooklyn Marshall is a slave, but he wasn t born one An accident while on the job led him to his life of being owned He is a puppet to people he can t see, all he knows is to fight and win He trains, fights and every now and again, he is sold to highest bidder So they can say they had boxing champ Brook Marshall bent over something It comes with being a slave though the freemen have all the power Whether its being f cked or doing the f cking, he is being used He hates it, and the anger shows because he once could make his own choices.In walks in Nathaniel Bishop, looking all businessman and suave Brook thinks its gonna be just another one of those tricks, where a man can say he had boxing heavy weight Brook Marshall at his mercy, but both men get so much There is sex, but with Nathaniel it s a lot than just f cking there is an underlying of I will let you Brook conquer me Nathaniel also comes in the form of hope and equality he treats Brook like so much than property and offers him his life back.The awesomeness is strong in this book, whether you are a fan of boxing or not you will be standing your ass up and cheering Brooklyn Marshal is one of the most snarkiest bastard you can t help loving No matter his I don t give a feck attitude, you can tell he cares deeply Mr Vonoiv really captures the human behaviour quite well the animals some become when they have power over someone Some of these characters are so two faced its ridiculous, but you can t hide behind masks forever They try to break Brooklyn, and it becomes clear that you can t keep a fighter down He always comes back up swinging and its total KO, because my Brook has found his something worth fighting for.For all that is sweet and holy, this book is incredibly sexy without all the fluff and stuff I am in some serious love with Brook, he oozes sexuality and I you just wanna get him naked I have a huge character crush on him, just seeing him naked with some boxing gloves on ah the imagery This book is the Brooklyn Marshall show, no character or situation can outshine him The overall package of this story is a hit, and I recommend you read.What I really want to say is that this book is the shit and so is the cover Funny how the usual niceties like manners and overall courtesy evaporated or become at least optional when slaves were involved .From Counterpunch

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    Congratulate me I m no longer a Voinov virgin I m also no longer a penis pump virgin That s right, a penis pump but that s an entirely different discussion As my first Voinov, I m not sure how it went Judging from what I ve read and heard about Special Forces I know, I know, I have to read it I swear I will and other reviews of this book I was expecting violence I expected to be wincing, holding my Kindle away from me while reading it out of the corner of my eye That didn t happen and a lot of the violence is glossed over We hear about it, but don t experience it Why am I complaining It s not like it would ve been a good time But since I was expecting physical brutality, the book seems rather tame.What isn t tame is the brutal emotional and mental effects slavery has on Brooklyn He went from a cop and husband to a piece of property with no rights than a donkey He s no longer human The only moments of freedom he experiences is when he s boxing When he s in the ring, he s in control.Applauding a slave might be an indulgence might be, in truth, nothing but scorn but right now, it didn t matter that he wasn t one of them He d bet the women in the audience wanted him rather than the suit and tie wearing sugar daddies they d come with And he knew the men all wanted to be him, even if they were pimps and CEOs and MPs and two bit VIPs from Big Brother Right now, they were off their fat arses and applauding him.A slave.Fuck them all Watching Brooklyn struggling to remain his own person in spite of a dehumanizing situation, against his own need to shut down mentally and emotionally as a way of survival, was brutal It s very well done.But I kept asking myself, why is this guy so special Why is it so important he s freed Nathan, a toff in his own words, comes along and wants to find a way to legally free Brooklyn He believes Brooklyn s conviction for murder was wrong and that remaining a slave will kill him Okay Won t it kill other slaves as well What about the slaves Nathan owns Don t they deserve their freedom Isn t it dehumanizing for them If he objects to slavery why does own them Maybe they were inherited, maybe he bought them himself, but it s never addressed Brooklyn also doesn t seem to think there s anything wrong with slavery for others He hates it but his attitude toward another slave is that he s been born into slavery so he s quite happy being a slave, unlike Brooklyn Ugh I understand that Nathan and Brooklyn have been raised in a world where slavery is a given and that their complicated views on slavery may add depth to their characters, but it didn t feel like that to me It felt like hypocrisy I didn t expect to read a book where slavery in a dystopian society is magically resolved, or a book where they band together and form an underground railroad, but I would ve liked reading about Nathan s view of his slaves and Brooklyn s attitude towards slavery in general whether it changed or not Other than those problems, it is a good book The writing is smooth and the plotting tight and being an anglophile I love the setting I appreciate that the romance isn t overwrought and I was moved by Brooklyn s feelings on the crime he committed I look forward to reading other books by Voinov But Brooklyn and Nathan s apparent unconcern for other slaves kept poking at me and ruined some of my enjoyment I liked the book, I just didn t really like it This is a review of the 2nd ed, published by Riptide Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    I should start by saying I m not sure how to rate this book And, as usual with A Voinov s books, I can t write a proper review too many thoughts coursing through my mind and a turmoil of emotions in my chest My general feeling is that the book should be longer At least I wish it were Brooklyn is an amazing character He comes across with exceptional clarity and almost surgical precision He had me at hello and he already holds that special place in my heart I reserve for the fictional characters I wish were real.But there were many interesting characters in the story and I would have liked to see them developed a bit further Nathaniel and Les Then Cash, the Cubans Even the ex wife, Shelley.I was especially interested in the Brooklyn Les dynamics, at least in the first part of the book Why did Brook fancy him so much Where was that trust if I could call it that on Brooklyn s part based Then Nathaniel Knowing the whole story behind his interest in Brooklyn, I got the feeling he rushed it a little with the L word But maybe that s because, in general, I didn t feel I understood him as much as Brooklyn.The way the story was wrapped up was beautiful and sweet and it was the only time I felt something resembling compassion for Nathaniel But I would have liked it to be elaborate and have Nathaniel explain himself better I may be wrong but my impression is that if it hadn t been for the outcome of the fight with Dragan Thorne and the developments it caused for Brooklyn, Nathaniel would still have kept his distance.One thing is certain, though Aleksandr Voinov is a master in creating dark, strong, tormented and passionate characters and in unraveling their tender and loyal and spirited and committed side.That balance is in itself a tour de force.

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    Fucking intense I know Aleksandr Voinov is insanely good, but it s like my brain can t remember exactly how much, and every time I read one of his books I m amazed all over again.It s not perfect, though, mainly because I couldn t really believe in the romance I simply didn t see the MCs spending enough time together That s perfectly fine, because this is Brooklyn s story than a typical romance, but I wish there wouldn t have been those partially unspoken ILYs at the end they made me feel as if I should take for granted a love story that existed, yes, but was only beginning.I can cope with that, however, because I can never believe in movie love stories anyway, and this book was so kinetic and visually powerful that that s how I saw it as a film It may or may not have gotten me interested in boxing, too.Also, I m trying to sort through some shit in my life at the moment, and reading this gorgeous thing, together with listening to Hall Of Fame on a loop and stuffing my face with chocolate, had me sorted I had no problem at all in relegating my emotions to the darkest corners of my mind and ignoring them completely It may not be healthy, but for now it s working.Summing up even if only for its intensity and captivatingness and believe me, there is much to it than sheer technical quality I loved this book with all of my heart.

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    Smartly plotted Vivid characters Lots of thwapping.First book I ve read in this universe Ample temptation to go off on philosophical tangents but the story is so kinetic it was much easier to allow myself to rush heedlessly to the kick ass conclusion, pausing only briefly to bathe in all the moody alterna London details.

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    Present me with a successful, cunning business man in an expensive suit and a streetwise fighter who can barely control himself, and I ll be as fixated as a cat lurking at a mouse hole Will you punch me Nathaniel didn t smile, didn t mock him, but there was a tinge of humor Or are we done for this time That s your call , Brooklyn said close to Nathaniel s lips, noticing how they parted, ever so slightly For all his nonchalant control, the man wanted him, and wanted him bad Which, strangely, held the urge to fuck him or beat him up or both in check I think I forgot to breathe there for a second But Voinov tends to have that effect on me Anyway, sometimes I try to write really thoughtful and heartfelt reviews And sometimes there are so many awesome reviews out there already that I feel less guilty for just posting a picture, of a model named Carlos I stumbled upon it on Tumblr and my mind immediately zapped to Brooklyn Could he be reading a hot m m romance as well

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    There are not words for how much I love this book Full disclosure I was a beta, and it s also set in my sandbox this story is written in the same world as Anchored and Where He Belongs That said, Aleks wrote such a beautiful novel I m downright jealous of how well he handled my sandbox he built a much prettier castle than I ever did p This is classic Voinov at his finest dark, gritty, morally ambiguous, dangerous, violent, and sexy as hell All that plus a genuine romance If you are a fan of any of these things, I cannot recommend this book strongly enough Also, it s sooooooooooooooper cheap on pre sale at SMP, so go pick it up, and get to read it two days before everyone else Well, almost everyone else p And when you re done, you ll want to read it again, and again, and again Pure love.

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    This story was amazing Set in the same universe as Anchored, it even shares a similar theme A slave with a non sexual day job is leased to a rich guy for sex.Except for this key structure, the story couldn t be different to Daniel s tale in the previous book Where Daniel a bred slave was shy, modest and obedient, trying to please his master in the only ways he knew how, professional boxer Brooklyn Marshall is anything but shy He s loud, confident and a killer in the ring.Most importantly, however, he hasn t always been a slave He was a cop But things went south for him and instead of a jail sentence for life, he was turned into a slave and sold to a boxing organization where he is trained and drilled to become a price winning fighter As seems to be common in this universe where slavery is a given without anybody batting their eyelashes at it, Brooklyn is also used to his owners renting him out to paying fans for sexual services after each fight.Brooklyn is ready to endure everything these creeps do to him, but his appointment with Nathaniel Bishop who looks like an uptight businessman throws him It s different to what Brooklyn usually encounters during those nights.Things become even complicated when Nathaniel books him again and again and finally drops a suggestion that has even a seasoned slave fighter like Brooklyn go weak in the knees What if he could be a free man again I absolutely loved this story It is typically Voinov with lots of dark, slightly oversexed characters who are neither good nor bad, but who you can t help but grow fond of and want to see happy.Nathaniel was an especially ambiguous character that left me as much in the dark about his intentions as Brooklyn The plot, however, is really well constructed And the most astonishing bit is the fact that despite this world being very, very dark and inhuman, the resolution of the story is what I would definitely interpret as a potential HEA that totally touched my heart Brooklyn sure deserves it.5 stars

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