Children of England (UK)

Children of England (UK)At His Death In , King Henry VIII Left Four Heirs To The English Throne His Only Son, The Nine Year Old Prince Edward The Lady Mary, The Adult Daughter Of His First Wife, Catherine Of Aragon The Lady Elizabeth, The Daughter Of His Second Wife, Anne Boleyn, And His Young Great Niece, The Lady Jane Grey These Are The Players In A Royal Drama That Ultimate Led To Elizabeth S Ascension To The Throne One Of The Most Spectacularly Successful Reigns In English History Now this was fun yes yes one can absolutely enjoy oneself while reading about Henry VII, Bloody Mary and that fascinating family Alison Weir may not be a traditional scholar of the Tudors, but whatever she lacks in official credentials she amply makes up for it with seriously good research and, most important of all, a clear approachable style of writing that serves as a brilliant introduction to the Tudor universe and, for those familiar with it, perhaps a pause from the seriousness of traditional biographies This one is another example of such success while, to the best of my knowledge, respecting known historical facts, Weir uses an ample selection of sources from the times to tell the story of the convoluted years between King Henry s death and the crowning of Queen Elizabeth I Starting with the rise to power of the way too young and very easily played King Edward, Weir perfectly depicts the conflicts that immediately arose within the closest circle of men and the power games that led ultimately to the rise of Jane Grey and her 9 day reign From there we follow, always at a very steady rhythm the rising of towns and people throughout England that lead to Mary defeating the armies fighting for Queen Jane and her own rise to the throne as was always her father s intention.Mary, her reign, the conflicts she faced her own and those of a society just about ready to fully embrace the new religion and upon whom Mary wanted to impose the old ways of Rome are also dealt with here, and you get a clear picture of how good a ruler she could have been if fate AND HER FAITH hadn t dominated her in such a strong way.For those interested in Mary specifically i would recommend after this one The first Queen of England by Linda Porter it does a great job of deconstructing the myth and showing the woman behind the Bloody Mary.Then of course, just about anyone who has read a book or watched the movies knows this then Mary sadly dies and Elizabeth is crowned Queen of England About her and her long reign much as been written so i wont go into details here, after all like i have said this isn t a full biography on any of these characters its of a general portrait of what happened with each and every one in the years between Henry and his daughter Elizabeth.My one pet peeve and the reason why i don t give it a 5 maybe its silly to you but it confused me somewhat the absence of footnotes, for me personally they make the reading flow better because i don t have to stop and go double check some piece of informationtiny detail that doesn t take the enjoyment out of it, but stillyou are warned Like i said, not a scholarly in depth biography but still, a great starting point to introduce characters, times and events in a very easy, engaging and approachable way If you love this one, go ahead and researchThe Tudors make any of today s royal families look like the Brady Bunchhonest Happy Readings Best place name FotheringhayBest adjective bedeckedBest phantom pregnancy Mary s firstMost unwelcome death Jane Grey sMost welcome deaths Tie between John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland s and Queen Mary sBiggest asshole of a Pope Pope Paul IIIMost unfit parents Henry Grey and Frances Brandon Duke Duchess of Suffolk and Jane Grey s parents Most scantily mentioned former queen Anne of ClevesBest hunchback Mary Grey On that day a dead dog with clipped ears, a rope around its neck, and its head tonsured like a priest s was hurled into the Queen s chamber at Whitehall.This is history at its best, with utterly intense soap opera plots and weird glamorous characters and all of it true This book picks up where Henry VIII and his collection of calamitous chorines left off and tells the story of the next eleven years And what eleven years they were Heads rolled, the stench of burning flesh hung in the air, and there was a coup d etat, and in the middle of it all, three unfortunate children, one of whom was beheaded.When Henry expired of it is thought type II diabetes he d already laid down what should happen to the crown It should go to his only son Edward, then if he died without any heirs to his first daughter Mary, then if she died without any heirs to his second daughter Elizabeth No one paid too much attention to the back up plan with the girls, since the likelihood of them succeeding was thought remote, but that is exactly what happened The Tudors were really bad at having kids There s a woman at my office who had two sons in quick succession recently I said you would have made a great wife for Henry VIII and she said No, I would have been dead, they were both C section, and one was breech Being pregnant was often a death sentence Extract from Mary s will, 1557 I, Mary Queen of England, thinking myself to be with child in lawful marriage and being at this present thanks be unto Almighty God otherwise in good health, yet foreseeing the great danger which, by God s ordinance, remains to all women in the travail of children, have thought to declare my last will and testament.So Edward VI became King aged 9 in 1547 He sounds like a precocious spiteful arrogant brat, God rest his soul The big shot lords who ran the government were pushing through a religious revolution in his name, and this was the big issue of the day Henry VIII as we know had told the Pope to go chastise himself, and declared Henry himself to be Supreme Head of the Church of England, but that didn t mean he was a Protestant no sir But Edward s handlers, they were.Meanwhile, half sister Mary, aged 31, was a hardcore Catholic she was half Spanish and half sister Elizabeth, aged 14, was becoming a hardcore Protestant The salty English soup was coming to the boil.Edward VI started to die when he was around 14 and completed the job aged 15 He probably had tuberculosis For lurid descriptions of lingering vile fatal illnesses, Alison Weir is hard to beat here.After this teenage death the salty soup boiled over THE NINE DAY QUEENThe guy running the government at that point was one John Dudley Duke of Northumberland, Lord High Admiral, blah blah He went just a little bit completely crazy He saw his meal ticket subsided into the arms of Lethe, and his mind was racing if Mary is Queen, I ll be for the chop She ll throw out all the Protestants and bring in Catholics I ll lose everything What can I do to rescue this damnable situation So he came up with a Plan 1 Persuade the dying 15 year old King to disinherit both his sisters2 Persuade him to nominate another child as his successor3 Persuade the regency council and the entire country to accept this insane plan Then I can carry on running the country.The hapless girl he fixed on was a 15 year old called Jane Grey, a cousin of the king and a great grand daughter of Henry VII John Dudley bullied her parents, bullied the council, and bullied her His line was, it s either Jane Grey or the Pope, by which he meant, it s either me or the Pope For a few days after Edward died it looked like the whole thing might work Dudley was like a chessplayer on crack move this here, block this there, swap those off, get that and that round to here but then his great plan began to unravel just like in my chess games As soon as they announced the succession of Queen Jane through England people the nobles and the hoi polloi started spontaneously drifting to Mary s residence in Framlingham to declare support for her Dudley got an army together to go and take Mary prisoner, he realised that would be essential, and he was running around bribing the solders and they were melting away, deserting, shamed by the nastiness of the enterprise Yes, Mary was a Catholic, but she was Harry s daughter Everyone knew that So Dudley was left with a melting posse, not an army, a loutish gang, and Mary arrested him, not the other way round, and that was the end of that.QUEEN MARY S TO DO LIST1 Suppress rivals to the throne by force of arms2 Imprison Elizabeth in The Tower we can t prove anything but just let s make her sweat a little bit 3 Behead Jane 4 Get married to Catholic toy boy5 Convert the whole country back to Catholicism6 Give birth to boy7 Burn heretics by the scoreQueen Jane Approximately was clapped in the Tower of London with her immediate family and fianc Mary was Queen, the nation rejoiced How quickly their songs of love and celebration turned to tears and gnashing of teeth As Catherine of Aragon is the agonised heroine of Henry VIII s reign, so her daughter Mary is the agonised antiheroine of the following ten years.At first Mary was all sweetness and mercy and didn t want to execute Jane or her family Until there was another rebellion, also feeble, which also melted away That convinced her to remove her rivals, so she threw her sister into the Tower, and Jane, aged 16, went to the block.After that, no Mrs Nice Mary She got married to a Spanish Catholic prince She was 38, he was 27.Description of Mary by Ruy Gomez, her husband s best mate rather older than we had been told She is not at all beautiful and is small and flabby rather than fat She is of white complexion and fair, and has no eyebrows Philip treats the Queen very kindly and well knows how to pass over the fact that she is no good from the point of view of fleshly sensuality.Anonymous Spanish courtier What shall the king do with such an old bitch After the wedding and the honeymoon came the serious business of burning human beings alive, however Back to work It turned out that this sweet woman, who pretty much everyone liked personally, who had been sorely mistreated most of her life, called a bastard, rejected and imprisoned by her father and brother, who everyone had such sympathy for, when by a simple twist of fate she broke free from this wretched life and became queen, the first ever English queen to reign in her own name, the thing she really wanted to do was burn people alive if they disagreed with her.HERETICS BURNINGS PER MONARCHElizabeth 5 in 45 years 0.11 per year Henry VII 10 in 24 years 0.41 per year Henry VIII 81 in 38 years 2.3 per year Mary 295 in 4 years 74 per year ENGLAND UNDER MARY I never saw England weaker in strength, money, men and riches As much affectionate as you know me to be to my country and countrymen, I assure you I was ashamed of both Here was nothing but fining, heading, hanging, quartering and burning taxing, levying and beggaring, and losing our strongholds abroad A few priests ruled all, who, with setting up of six foot roods, thought to make all cocksure.Thomas Smith, 1560IN CONCLUSIONMy kind of history book, a great story told with meticulous detail Alison Weir isn t the most personal writer, she keeps her own counsel, refrains from comment, and I would have liked of that, but really, I ain t complaining none, this was hair raising. There isn t any earth shattering information contained in this tome, no new facts unearthed but Weir has such mastery of her research that it s always a pleasure to read her works This is the first time I ve read about all four I suppose you could call them junior Tudor monarchs in succinct, consecutive order I ve always been partial to the nine days queen since I saw the movie starring Helena Bonham Carter in the 80s I think she s been shortchanged by history Here she is given a healthy discourse Overall a great discussion of these rulers

Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Alison Weir is a British writer of history books for the general public, mostly in the form of biographies about British kings and queens, and of historical fiction Before becoming an author, Weir worked as a teacher of children with special needs She received her formal training in history at teacher training

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