A New York City paramedic takes readers to the front lines of emergency medicine for a gritty, fascinating look at the men and women who consider saving lives all in a day s work From a jumper at Trump Tower to a drug overdose at a welfare hotel to gunshot wounds in Time Square, this book candidly

En Route: A Paramedic's Stories of Life, Death, and Everything in Between

Stephen Kelly Grayson has seen the best of us at our worst When hearts stop working, when blood alcohol levels exceed limits we shouldn t contemplate, when bodies are extricated from car wrecks, he s been there to pick up the pieces, save our lives, and watch us slip away His touching stories of

Dial 911

Imagine your worst fear A loved one falls to the floor, unconscious A car hurtles out of control at fifty miles per hour A factory worker suffers a life threatening injury on the job An infant ingests poison, an adolescent overdoses on drugs, a friend collapses in a seizure You dial 911, and th

Manhattan Medics: The Gripping Story of the Men and Women of Emergency Medical Services Who Make the Streets of the City Their Career

This firsthand account of September 11, written by a paramedic on the scene, chronicles the days before and after the collapse of the World Trade Center towers Frank Rella describes the paramedic crew stationed at St Vincent s Hospital in lower Manhattan, the eerie foreshadowing of the coming disa