Prescription for Nutritional Healing: A Practical A-to-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & Food Supplements

Natural health s number one bestseller for than twenty years, completely revised and updated With than five million copies sold, Prescription for Nutritional Healing is the most trusted, comprehensive source on dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, and herbs A pioneer in the field of

Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies

The original comprehensive guide to energetic healing with a new preface by the author and updated resources More than 125,000 copies sold Explores the actual science of etheric energies, replacing the Newtonian worldview with a new model based on Einstein s physics of energy Summarizes key point

Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field

With the clarity of a physicist and the compassion of a gifted healer with than twenty years of professional experience observing 5,000 clients and students, Barbara Ann Brennan presents the first in depth study of the human energy field for people who seek happiness and health, and who wish to

Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing

Building on wisdom from Hindu, Christian, and Kaballah traditions, this comprehensive guide to energy healing reveals the hidden stresses, beliefs, and attitudes that cause illness Anatomy of the Spirit is the boldest presentation to date of energy medicine by one of its premier practitioners, inte

Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind Body Medicine

Here is an extraordinary new approach to healing by an extraordinary physician writer a book filled with the mystery, wonder, and hope of people who have experienced seemingly miraculous recoveries from cancer and other serious illnesses.Dr Deepak Chopra, a respected New England endocrinologist,

The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy

Welcome to the first comprehensive encyclopedia of the human energetic anatomy Here is a reference that no personal or professional health care library should be without an in depth, illustrated guide to the invisible energies of spirit, psyche, and consciousness that influence every aspect of our

Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner's Guide

Widely recognized as the godmother of modern herbalism, Rosemary Gladstar is renowned worldwide for her inspired teaching and trustworthy knowledge of healing herbs With Medicinal Herbs A Beginner s Guide, Gladstar offers a fresh introduction for a new generation of gardeners and natural health an

Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal

Anthony William, Medical Medium, has helped tens of thousands of people heal from ailments that have been misdiagnosed or ineffectively treated or that doctors can t resolve He s done this by listening to a divine voice that literally speaks into his ear, telling him what lies at the root of people

The Magic Feather Effect: The Science of Alternative Medicine and the Surprising Power of Belief

The acclaimed author of Pandora s Lunchbox and former New York Times reporter takes an enlightening, engaging deep dive into the world of alternative medicine and the surprising science that explains why it may work.We all know someone who has had a seemingly miraculous cure from an alternative form